My finals’ examinations are ending this June 30th. So starting this July I’ll be available more for the internet stuffs apart from regular studies. This is a summary of plans I have made for the nearest future.

Personally, it is a very big moment for me. With no PhDs in the plan, M.Sc. was the highest standard education I could get. After getting done with the exams, there will be lesser time-restrictions – least classes to attend. Professionally, it is also a big moment to my designer’s career. With more available time, I shall be working more on the blog as well as with my clients.

The key ideas which will be implemented to as the follow:

The domain name says that the name Gaurav Tiwari is an organization and not a single ‘somebody’. But the inverse has been happening since the time all of it was started. I had a small team of three/four members which couldn’t last long due to issues like Skills & Economics. The highest priority will be given on the team so that we could be able to guarantee at least a post a day (on each blog we own). The other reason for expanding the team is the work-load. We’re running late to several projects (8, to be correct) and all is happening just due to the lack of human power. There is a highly likely chance to form a much better team of five members.

  • A TRADEMARK UI: One interface for the rest of future.

If you’re a regular reader of, you might have had noticed the changes in the design of the blog. I have always loved experimenting with themes and plugins, and recently I’ve been more focused on (my own) theme testing(s). These cause my blog to reform into a new look every time I test a thing. Currently I am testing an interface which will be adopted very soon and will be applied on the blog. With slightest changes in inventory, the new template is supposed to last longer than any other template has lasted, yet.

  • NO MATH: New blog for study notes.

Math is long gone from this blog and soon, all the content related to it will be wiped out from the database. Don’t worry, we’re all set to build a new specialized blog for study notes, which will be online since August 2015.

  • FINITE GENRES: Less topics more content.

You see the Archives? This blog appears extremely diverged into many genres and the articles feel scattered. The aim is to build a blog that talks most about internet related techniques. The aim to provide a condensed navigation to the readers so that they will be less confused browsing the content. With new study notes blog coming, categories like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics will be removed from and our main focus will turn to Personal thoughts, Education, WordPress, Designing and Tech.

  • NEW BLOGS: Being busy, online.

A plethora of blogs will be online on or before August 2015 – each focusing on a distinct genre. The following blogs are planned:

  • A blog related to Movie Download
  • A blog related to Viral videos and images
  • A blog related to Wallpapers
  • A blog related to Windows Apps – Including reviews.
  • A blog related to Android Apps – Including reviews.
  • A blog related to Study Notes – IAS, JEE, NET and all.

Also, some old websites like Hindi Cricket will be risen from the dust and will be improved as greatly as possible.


Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
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  1. Good to go Gaurav! Wishing you all the best. You are one hell of the most honest bloggers I have ever read. Keep it up.

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