Hello, I am Gaurav Tiwari.

I am a blogger, influencer and designer with expertise in brand regeneration & growth hacking. This blog is the space where I write articles on Tech, Education, Business, Cryptocurrency & Blogging. I am also the co-founder of Gatilab, a digital agency focused on content and design.

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Life, Now and Then

I am 27 years old and my birthday falls every October 19th. (Happy birthday to me, yay! 🎂)

I was born in a village (Google maps location linked) in a poor Brahmin family. I was supposed to read-preach-and-read to live my life, which I did for the first 14 years.

But that wasn’t going to be my life forever. Once I left my village and started meeting new people, my perspective changed and I started thinking big. Sometimes I wanted to be a scientist, sometimes a mathematician and most of the time a civil servant. I am still looking for a suitable career option that can make me happy. :)


Gaurav Tiwari with friends
November 2018. I am in the right corner (white shrugs)
Coca-Cola® or Coffee – I am addicted to caffeine.
I love and live-in books
Macbook – Yes!
Animal Lover. (Specially dogs)

Blogging Life

  1. I started blogging in 2008.
  2. I wrote on static sites, free CMSes and forums to enhance my skills.
  3. I created my first personal blogspot.com blog in December 2008, WordPress blog in February 2009, WordPress.com blog in September 2010.
  4. I bought my first commercial domain in 2011.
  5. I became a commercial blogger in 2012 when I started getting paid for writing and publishing.

So, it took almost 3 years to earn my first dollar.

The reason? I had no guide. And, I wrote study notes. I learned from my mistakes and fixed some of those but still continued doing plenty of those.

Learning is a continuous process. I am still learning. But, unlike those times new bloggers are now guided properly and unless they are really stupid, they don’t suffer from what I did.

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What I do?

I don’t brag.

I don’t appear in interviews.

I don’t even rank over my own name Gaurav Tiwari in Google and seriously I don’t want to. (“Why?” – I will answer that in a post really soon.)

I don’t attend blogger summits.

I don’t do webinars.

So, what do I really do?

I design visually great and conversion ready user interfaces & graphics. I intend to develop content for the most common people in the most uncommon way possible. My designs are more than just perfect and are well-targeted to the purpose. I have designed over forty thousand graphics and crafted over eight dozen websites which have attracted over 430 million impressions worldwide.

These are some of the most popular clients I have worked with. For more, see all my clients here.

I write articles about tech, education, blogging & business at gauravtiwari.org, which you can find on the blog. This journey is now 12 years long since I started writing professionally in 2008. You can explore the whole archive or try a random post.

Here are the latest posts:

I develop mobile apps, web apps, WordPress Themes, Plugins and design snippets primarily for clientele’s purpose. You can find my open source work on github.

Code Snippets

Free and open source tools, articles and other code snippets.

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Free and open source tools, articles and other code snippets.

WordPress Plugins and Themes

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I guide newcomers to blogging and internet marketing in my spare time. This is totally free and an appointment can be easily booked by using my contact form.

Above all, I am a reader and a gamer.

Here are the books that I read recently:

What others say about me.

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Read: April 2020

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Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

This is one of the best and most famous works of Jane Austen which tells us about the marriage market and the maneuvers of polite society that prevailed in the 19th century in England. This novel is among the best ones in English Literature. The plot revolves around Elizabeth Bennet and haughty Mr. Darcy and the beauty of human characters and imperfections are captured in a candid manner. The book teaches us how to love and accept someone in spite of differences and because of who they are. This shows us how Elizabeth tames the handsome yet haughty Mr. Darcy and eventually falls in love with him.


Read: April 2020

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by Paulo Coehlo

Paulo Coehlo is one of the world’s most influential international novelists. In “Adultery” the plot is centered on the life of a married woman who apparently has it all- a stable marriage, sweet kids, good job and a loving husband. Sadly, Linda is not happy at all. In fact, she’s tired of faking happiness and she feels that her life doesn’t have meaning anymore. One day, she comes across an ex-boyfriend, Jacob and falls in love with him. What will Linda do next? Will she leave her husband and kids, or will she make a huge mistake?


Read: April 2020

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Stone Mattress: Nine Wicked Tales

by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood’s “Nine Tales” is a beautiful collection of short fictional stories that will leave readers speechless. Full of turbulent relationships and psychological insight, the book is beautifully tied together by the author’s dark humor. From mental disorders to revenge to vampires, the wide range of interesting topics makes “Nine Tales” a must-read book. Vibrant and terrifying, funny and eclectic, the stories featured in the book give characters an opportunity to put their courageous and revenge spirit to the ultimate test; the methods used are both trivial and exceptional.


Read: April 2020

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Big Little Lies

by Liane Moriarty

If you haven’t had a chance to check out “Big Little Lies” in 2014, when it was released, you should do it right now. The novel is centered on the lifestyles of 3 mothers from a peaceful Australian suburb. They all have kids and in appearance, their lives are perfect. But what happens when one of the main characters is murdered? Between abusive husbands, cheating wives and school bullies, “Big Little Lies” tries to emphasize that sometimes the most innocent lies can have the greatest impact on people. Want to know who the killer is? Liane Moriarty’s book is fascinating, fun to read, and a bit disturbing, but in a good way.


Read: April 2020

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Harry Potter Series

by J. K. Rowling

This is a captivating series of books that both children, as well as adults, love to read. The story begins with an orphan boy who is mistreated by his uncle, aunt, and cousin but leaves us spellbound as we are taken into the world of magic, wizards, and spells. You will also experience great friendships, the pain of loss and fierce battles. This series is not to be missed as movies do not have even half the essence of books.


Read: October 2020

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Deep Work — Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

by Cal Newport

This book introduces the concept of deep work. This is the definition from the book:

Deep Work: Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.

To get to this state, there are 4 rules you should abide by:

a) You should work deeply

b) You should embrace freedom

c) No more social media for you

d) You have to drain the shallows

Wondering what the 4th point is all about?

Grab yourself a copy of the book to find out.