About Gaurav Tiwari.

Gaurav Tiwari is an award-winning educator, designer, digital marketer and developer. He is currently serving as the CEO of Gatilab — a successful marketing agency that he co-founded in 2014. With seed funding from various investors, he has turned his one-man blog into a money-making machine. He has previously served in the Ministry of Agriculture and for various public figures like Sushil Kumar Modi, Harvinder Mankkar, etc.

In addition to gauravtiwari.org, Gaurav’s work has been featured in various ministries’ publications, Entrepreneur Magazine, Khaleej Times, Science Reporter, Symbian Developers, and more. He’s worked with over 500 clients worldwide to help them market their products. His clients include the likes of Konica Minolta, Asus, LPU, Airtel, Aakash Institute— just to name a few. An ever-expanding list of his clients can be seen here.

Personal Life.

Gaurav was born and raised in Kushinagar — the place of Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana— where he graduated in Mathematics and Physics. He had already started blogging under the name MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK on wpgaurav.wordpress.com and then on gauravtiwari.org. Gaurav started taking digital marketing projects in 2012, website design projects in late 2013 and SEO projects in 2014. At the end of 2014 — he cofounded Gatilab with Ravi Shahi.

In late 2015 both Ravi and he moved to Delhi to pursue their dreams and to take their work on Gatilab to a new level. In 2016, he joined as a graphic designer in the Ministry of Agriculture — where he used to design brochures, banners and booklets for the masses. His work covered over 46% of the population of India involved in agriculture and allied services. Gaurav left his position on 1st January 2018 to revive Gatliab.

Gaurav Tiwari
Full NameGaurav Tiwari
Fields of ExpertiseMathematical Sciences, Geography, Business Marketing, Visual Design

Professional Life

Gaurav started blogging in 2008 under a free subdomain (his biggest regret). He wrote on static sites, free CMSes and forums to enhance his skills. He bought his first commercial domain in 2011 and became a commercial blogger in 2012 when he started getting paid for writing and publishing.

So, it took almost 4 years to earn his first dollar.

Gaurav Tiwari designs visually great and conversion-ready user interfaces & graphics. His intent is to develop content for the most common people in the most uncommon way possible. He claims that his designs are more than just perfect and are well-targeted to the purpose. As of now Gaurav Tiwari has designed over 64000 graphics and 81 websites which have attracted over 460 million impressions worldwide. His articles have gained over 6 million reads globally. On gauravtiwari.org, he writes articles about tech, education, blogging & business. You can explore the whole archive here or try a random post.

Gaurav develops mobile apps, web apps, WordPress Themes, Plugins and other code snippets primarily for clientele’s purpose.

Gaurav Tiwari also guides newcomers to blogging and internet marketing in his spare time. Personal guidance is available for talented creators for free and an appointment can be easily booked by using the contact form.


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What others say about Gaurav Tiwari

How did you start out as a marketer?
Marketing has always been at my core. But it took a concrete shape way back in 2012. This was the time I was trying to create a source of income by writing articles on different sites under pseudonyms. These things paid but not that much. I figured this was the time I took the gear into my hands.
Looking back what was your hardest struggle when it came to delivering results?
I come from a village in India, not even a town. We lack resources, aspirations and inspiration. Plus, English is not our first language, so now and then, it disturbed my goals of getting desired results.
How did you get your first client back then, and what kind of service did you do for them?
I was writing for some blogs under pseudonyms. But I couldn’t call them clients. My first client, a real client, conversion was in 2012. It is a local company which wanted to get started in digital marketing and SEO. I somehow picked the project and delivered that way before time. Slowly but continuously, new contacts kept coming and converting.
What do you find most rewarding about what you do?
Money. No matter what you say, money is always going to be the ultimate objective of any person on the planet. Luckily my money comes a bit easy now and I find growing savings most satisfying.
Aside from freelancing how else can someone earn online, and what is your advise?
First of all, stay away from the self-proclaimed experts who guide you into a career that is good for nothing. The world is totally digital now. Quite different than what it used to be two or three years ago. So these experts know no more than you about this. For example, two hot topics like Cryptocurrency, Digital marketing have gained exposure only in last couple of years. If you are trying to figure out a career like this, start with basics and create your own path.
Create a website and stick to it. Build a portfolio and gain clients by showcasing your earlier works. Once you are good in your main niche, you can try alternates like link building, affiliate marketing and lead generation. Link building is currently the hottest thing in digital marketing. Just master it and see the magic.
What tools and software do you use to do your job?
I use WordPress, Notion, Sublime Text, Grammarly and Google Docs to write, code and manage things. I take notes on my iPad using Notability and Apple Pencil. For design purposes, I use Freepik Premium, Canva, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator like tools.
What was your first job as a journalist/blogger?
I reported as an NSS volunteer in pre-college.
How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?
On emails. Email me on gaurav@gauravtiwari.org and I am all ears.
What advice can you offer to aspiring journalists?
Start taking risks in your writing. Be real and don't build a career on copied, cheap or fake content.
What's your favorite drink?
Coca-cola in Summers and Coffee in winters.
Aside from your own, what's your favorite publication to read?
I love Backlinko, Shoutmeloud, Labnol & Neil Patel.