Hi, I am Gaurav Tiwari — CEO & project lead at Gatilab.

I am a solopreneur from Delhi who is also a blogger, marketer & developer by profession. I am known for my work in web development, design and WordPress.

I design performance-packed products, create awesome content, and build conversion-first tools for people who need those, including institutions and individuals.

I currently run Gatilab – an indie marketing agency focused on conversion and quality.


Full NameGaurav Tiwari
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  • January 2018 – Present
  • Worked on building websites, content and marketing plans for clients.
  • Recorded 104% growth in revenue per year on average.
  • Dealt with nearly 700 clients in the last 5 years.
  • And a lot more.
  • September 2016 – January 2018 (see some public works)
  • Created graphic assets for the ministry and the minister himself
  • Created social media campaigns for the ministry and its schemes
  • Also designed various logos, print materials, books and brochures that reached over 300 million people in India.
  • Worked extensively on Soil Health Card, Swachchta Se Satyagrah Tak, Mahatma Gandhi’s Centenary in Champaran Satyagrah, World Soil Day, 3 Saal Bemisaal, and many more.
  • Handled national-level live questionnaires for the ministry from farmers and experts across the country.
  • Prepared several reports and worked as a consultant on some projects’ content material.
  • Set a trend of high-converting social media infographics that are now being followed by various other ministries as well.
  • And a lot more.
  • November 2015- January 2018
  • Continued working with Shri Sushil Kumar Modi (see below) on a consultant basis.
  • Offered high-converting social media infographics with due permission of the current employer.
  • March 2015 – November 2015
  • Beaten Nitish Kumar, recumbent Bihar CM’s online election campaign on a budget with higher reach and more fan following.
  • Organically reached out to 5.6 million people in Bihar state and created a better image of the client for the upcoming election.
  • And a lot more.
  • July 2014 – February 2015


  • M. Sc. (Mathematics) – 2015
  • B. Sc. (Math, Physics, Chemistry) – 2013
  • Course in Computer Concepts – 2021
  • Diploma in Graphics Design – 2010
  • Course in Advanced SEO Techniques – 2009
  • Course in Introductory SEO – 2008
  • Self-taught in PHP, CSS and Javascript.
  • Serval Mini-courses in writing, development and design

Learning Achievements

  • #1 rank holder in secondary schools & Graduation straight for 7 years.
  • INSPIRE-SHE Scholarship for 2009-2014.
  • Math Olympiad participant.
  • AIEEE Rank #6184 in 2009
  • Three times inter-school GK competition winner 2005, 2006, and 2007.
  • NSS Volunteer.

About gauravtiwari.org

gauravtiwari.org is a personal blog and reference guide on important topics related to blogging, tech, education, SaaS, SEO, marketing etc. It has been in existence since 2008 under different names and URLs. The domain name gauravtiwari.org, however, was registered only in November 2011.

It has been a valuable resource for those interested in the digital landscape for the last 15 years. As an educator, designer, and digital marketer, I share my expertise through various formats, such as blog posts, tutorials, and guides. Here are some key areas that this blog covers:

  1. Technology: The blog offers insights into the latest technology trends and news, as well as reviews and comparisons of different gadgets, software, and services.
  2. Education: I have a strong background in education, and that is why and how this blog provides educational resources, tips, and advice for students and educators alike. Topics include e-learning, study techniques, and tools to help improve learning outcomes.
  3. Digital Marketing: gauravtiwari.org also offers practical knowledge on digital marketing strategies, including social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and analytics.
  4. Blogging: I offer tips for starting and growing a blog, along with advice on monetization, content creation, and increasing blog traffic.
  5. SEO: Search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of digital marketing, and this blog contains information about best practices, tools, and techniques to improve a website's search ranking.
  6. Web Development: gauravtiwari.org features articles and tutorials on web development topics, such as coding, web design, and the use of content management systems like WordPress.


Most of the time, I work alone as I am fully stacked with code, content and creativity. But there are still some projects that cannot be done alone. In that case, I use my team at Gatilab to help. Here are the top folks associated with Gatilab:

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V. Ravi Krishna
Chief Content Executive

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Ravi Shahi
Marketing and PR

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Siddharth Sharma
SEO, Sales and Innovation

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Aman Shahi
Support and HR

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Ishita Bhatt
Email Marketing

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Gajanan Nayak
Content Research