Best Deals on Online Courses and Certifications

If you are a student or learner looking to enroll in a specific course or certification online, you must already be aware of what online courses and certifications are and where do these stand. Here I have listed some of the best deals on online courses and certifications in 2022.

These deals are updated regularly and are listed in the order of their modification dates.

Coursera plus

Coursera Plus

Unlimited access to 7,000+ world-class courses, hands-on projects, and job-ready certificate programs, for one all-inclusive subscription price.


Learn programming languages and data skills that you need online. Made it exclusively for data science and machine learning students.


Study better and write better assignments with Chegg. You can also borrow textbooks as per your needs.


Build skills with Coursera online courses from top institutions. Lots of free courses, quality material to begin with.


30% Off Annual Membership with this coupon or try first month free. Explore your creativity with thousands of classes in illustration, photography, design, film, music, and more.

Online learning is quickly replacing traditional learning. This makes it possible for people who may not have the time to study full time to learn everything they would be able to learn on campus.

With online learning on-trend, online courses have truly democratized education. Because of the internet and the advances that have been made in communications using it, there are so many options available to students who are interested in learning online.

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