12 Best Websites that Offer Free Online Short Courses

Short courses are a great way to improve your skills whenever you can. And thanks to the internet, enrolling in a short free course and getting certified is even more convenient. With the internet on our phones, it is essential to realize that we have an extensive library of information and knowledge in our hands.

So, why not utilize it?

Wee, if you are curious and use the internet to get some extra skills, then short courses are the best option for you.

12 Best Websites that Offer Free Online Short Courses

You can find many free courses online on platforms like Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy, and edX to help you get informed. It can be an educational thing, a self-improvement course, or even just a small course on cooking- whatever you desire.

Now, what you desire to learn is something only you know, but we still want to help you conclude. So, instead, we have made a list of 12 popular platforms where you can find free online short courses on a plethora of topics like science, arts, cooking, music, philosophy, business, sociology, and even more.

So, without further ado, let us look at the names of the websites that will help you explore the world of free online short courses.


Coursera India Online Courses Credentials From Top Educators. Join for Free 2024 01 003816

Coursera is our top pick as an online educational platform that offers free short courses for you to learn and grow. It is a place where you learn anything you want from the comfort of your home. All you need is a stable internet connection and the will to learn.

Coursera offers short courses on a variety of topics like "What is the Metaverse?", "Materials Science: 10 Things Every Engineer Should Know", "Feminism and Social Justice," and "Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy." etc.

You can see the diversity of the courses from the names we mentioned above. These courses can range from as low as 45 minutes to 16-18 hours in duration. The courses are designed by professors from top global universities and are effective even if they are short. You can use them to develop your skills in certain areas of life without damaging your wallet.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Free Online Courses Lessons Practice 2024 01 003814

Known for its user-friendly interface, Khan Academy is a great place to take up short courses and upskill yourself. Khan Academy is specifically known for its educational convent and is a go-to place for students to get additional help in physics, math, biology, and more. Various small courses are available on the platform, and you can pick and choose which one you want to take. The courses also come with interactive exercises that help you understand complex concepts. Overall, Khan Academy is a great place to take courses to learn educational topics.


The Complete Personal Development Course 22 Courses in 1 Udemy 2024 01 003757

Similar to Coursera, Udemy is also known to provide short courses on miscellaneous topics. You can get courses on topics like "How to Start a Podcast," "PowerPoint for beginners," or "Program and Animation Basics," making it a platform that offers versatile courses. Whether you are a beginner in any subject or an expert wanting to polish your skills, Udemy caters to everyone. And the best part is that such courses are entirely free of cost! So, if you are curious, get on Udemy and start learning online.


Build new skills. Advance your career. edX 2024 01 003798

EdX is another top online learning platform known for storing excellent courses that will help you gain knowledge. EdX provides its courses from top universities and institutions around the globe. You can get programming courses from the world-renowned university MIT and language lessons from Harvard, all in one place. The courses are primarily dedicated to technology, science, business, and philosophy, and if any of these are your areas, be sure to check out edX!

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare Free Online Course Materials 2024 01 003800

MIT OpenCourseWare is an initiative by the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to educate anyone with a curious mind. Just imagine accessing materials and lectures by top professors from your home! All the courses available on the platform are free of cost. However, visitors and learners can make donations to keep the platform thriving. From courses like "Introduction to Probability and Statistics" and "A Vision of Linear Algebra" to "Theoretical Environmental Analysis" and "Global Warming Science," MIT OpenCourseWare is designed to help graduates and undergraduates strive for a finer and more defined education.

Stanford Online

Home Learning for a Lifetime Stanford Online 2024 01 003802

Stanford Online is another great place to get a hand on self-paced, short, free online courses. It offers courses on various topics like Education, Health and Medicine, Engineering, and Arts and Humanities, making it a platform where anyone who wishes to gain knowledge can benefit. From courses like "Computer Science 101" to self-discipline courses like "Becoming a Resilient Person - The Science of Stress Management," Stanford Online is your go-to place to get quality education. And let's not forget the fact that you will be instructed and guided by Stanford professors and tutors, making the experience even better. All in all, if you want to embark on a learning adventure without breaking the bank, Stanford Online can be your solution.


Alison Free Online Courses Online Learning 2024 01 003804

Known for having a user-friendly interface and interactive platform, Alison is an excellent place for you to learn new skills free of cost. Alison offers a variety of short courses with only 2 to 6 hours of duration, making it the perfect platform to get knowledge on diverse topics. A few of its top courses are "Principles of Academic Writing," "Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults," "Diploma in Financial Accounting," and "Diploma in Graphic Design." The platform is like a valuable mine for learners; the courses even come with a certificate of completion, making the experience even more fruitful.

Harvard Online Learning

Courses Harvard University 2024 01 003806

Harvard Online Learning is a platform by Harvard University to make quality education and knowledge more accessible. It offers short free courses in various fields like Art and design, business, computer science, humanities, mathematics, social science, programming, and even theology. There are more than 100 free courses available on the topics mentioned above. The courses reflect Harvard-level quality education, so you bet that the courses will be worth your time. Whether you want to increase your career skills or simply learn new things, Harvard Online Learning caters to all needs. The platform ensures an interactive learning experience and provides course completion certificates with every course you complete.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning Online Courses for Creative Technology Business Skills 2024 01 003705

LinkedIn learning is a popular platform for people who want to upskill themselves to advance in their professional careers. LinkedIn Learning has small free courses that you can take anywhere, from technology and science to arts and humanities.

Some popular courses on the platform would be "Time Management Fundamentals," "Digital Marketing Foundations," "Learning Python," and "Photoshop CC Essential Training." The courses offered are simple yet effective, making sure that anyone can learn and understand the topics. It is thus great for novice learners to start their learning journey.


FutureLearn Online Courses and Degrees from Top Universities 2024 01 003808

FutureLearn offers thousands of free online courses on one platform under a diverse range of topics from top universities. A highly interactive platform that ensures that learners of all levels and interests can use the platform to grow. From courses like "Harnessing AI in Marketing and Communication" to "How to Succeed at: Interviews," FutureLearn has a lot of good courses that you can check out for yourself. The courses are also divided into short video lectures, making it easier for learners to pick up and learn at their own pace. Overall, the platform is especially great if you want to learn new technologies like Python programming and AI or soft skills and personality development.

Academic Earth

AcademicEarth.org Free Online Courses From Top Colleges 2024 01 003810

If you are looking for a vast selection of quality short courses, then Academic Earth is the perfect place for you. Known to collaborate with top universities, Academic Earth offers well-curated and interactive lessons on various subjects like arts, science, technology, business, and more. You can get courses from top places like Harvard, MIT, and more. You can be a beginner looking into a new subject or an experienced professional looking for expertise; Academic Earth has got you covered.

Google Digital Garage

Training Tools to Grow Your Business or Career from Google 2024 01 003812

Google Digital Garage is an initiative by Google to provide free online education to people who want to learn. The platform is accessible to all and covers various subjects and topics. The courses are well-curated for beginners and experts alike so that both can benefit from the platform. Lessons are short, compact, and highly interactive, so studying never gets boring. And obviously, everything is free of cost. From digital marketing to Java programming, Google Digital Garage carries exceptional courses. So, if you want to learn and grow, it is the perfect place for you!


In the internet era, education is available to anyone who wants to search for it. Top platforms like Coursera, EdX, Udemy, and more offer various courses on various topics, ensuring anybody can access education online. You could want to develop your communication skills, learn a new language, or get professional assistance in complex topics like AI and business - These 12 platforms have got you covered! These courses are short and interactive, making it easy for learners to learn on the go. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, check out the abovementioned platforms, and boost your skills!