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Dynamic Month & Year Into Posts

Add dynamic month and year to post content, title and meta using shortcode

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Manual Sitemap Submitter

Manually ping and submit your sitemap to Google in one click for free.


Free Domain Lookup Tool

Domain Name & IP lookup for verified registration information. 100% accurate


Is My Site Down or Not?

Check if your site is up or down with this simple-to-use tool — ad-free, fast and 100% accurate.

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One Click Screenshot

Free One-Click Screenshot generator that simply works. Use it now for free.


Comment Spam Cleaner

Remove links & other spam from comments in WordPress. (Code Snippet)

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Marketers Delight

Making Marketers Delight (MD) 100% Accessible. MD is the theme I use.

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Add minimalistic Cookie Notice. No need for a plugin.

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Block Editor

Enhance WordPress Blocks with custom styles.

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Shortcode Creator

A simple shortcode creator snippet.

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Manually Load CSS

Load CSS delayed on button click.

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Dynamic Month and Year Support in all CodeSupply Themes

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List of Child Pages

List Child Pages or Subpages of a Page in the page with a shortcode

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Add SVG Support

Add SVG file format support to WordPress

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WordPress Thumbnails

Add Post Thumbnails in WordPress and to the Block Editor/Gutenberg

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Optimize WooCommerce

Load WooCommerce Scripts only When Needed

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Revision Limit in WP

Limit the maximum number of post revisions stored on Database

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How do I use these Code Snippets?

Depending on the code snippet, the usage can differ. Please refer to the individual article/code snippet/plugin for detailed instructions on how to use these.

Do I need to credit you for the code?

No. You can use these codes in your projects, whether personal or commercial. But it would be very kind of you if you could provide credit. That will encourage me to work more and better.

‘This’ code snippet doesn’t work, what to do?

If something doesn’t work, you can report that to me at :) I’ll take a maximum of 12 hours to respond to your email.

How to save these code snippets for later?

You can bookmark the pages or save the URLs to — and visit back later. You can also follow me on Twitter to get regular code updates.