Code Snippets by Gaurav Tiwari

Code snippets, hacks, plugins, themes and tools to make your websites shine. These codes are entirely open-source and you don’t need to credit me or anyone else. Feel free to send your questions or feedback to and I will be more than happy to answer it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use these Code Snippets?
Depending on the programming language, the usage can differ. Please refer to the individual article/code snippet for detailed instructions on how to use these code snippets.
Do I need to credit you for the code?
Absolutely not. You can use these codes in your projects whether that’s personal or commercial. But it would be very kind of you if you could provide credit. That will encourage me to do better.
‘This’ code snippet doesn’t work, what to do?
If something doesn’t work, you can report that to me at :) I’ll take a maximum of 12 hours to respond to your email.
How to save these code snippets for later?
You can bookmark the pages or save the URLs to — and visit back later. You can also follow me on Twitter to get regular code updates.