Best AppSumo Deals (2023): 95% Off + Freebies

Fan of AppSumo already? And why wouldn’t you be? After all, AppSumo offers some of the best AppSumo lifetime deals for entrepreneurs, business owners and bloggers. It is arguably the best online marketplace for entrepreneurs, and for the right reasons.

The products offered on AppSumo are priced as low as $0 and come with around 95% discount on average.

AppSumo offers hundreds of incredible lifetime deals. But there comes the problem of plenty. As a user, you can get confused with too many offers to pick from.

In this guide, I will tell you about the best AppSumo deals on top products you can get your hands on.

AppSumo, what and why?

AppSumo Homepage Showing Latest AppSumo Deals

For those, who came here unintentionally, AppSumo is an online shop for top software, creative assets, apps and courses for entrepreneurs. It generally offers lifetime deals at highly discounted rates in various categories. They offer some free deals from to time as well. So be sure to at least sign up for an account so that you can get the most out of AppSumo.


5 out of 5

AppSumo is the leading SaaS marketplace offering quality SaaS tools at super affordable rates. Generally, the deals are lifetime deals for which you have to pay once, and you will get the tool forever. And there is an unconditional 60-day refund policy. So yes, highly recommended.

5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Value for Money
5 out of 5
Customer Support
5 out of 5


Value for money

Easy Refund

Highly engaging community

Deals worth the wait

AppSumo Originals


Uncertainty factor

Basically, AppSumo sells four types of products:

  • Software
  • Courses & Learning
  • Templates
  • Creative resources

Also, the deals are divided into various tiers, and with increased tiers, you get increased features, for which you have to pay different prices.

Most deals are lifetime deals, but you will occasionally find some yearly deals as well.

Most AppSumo product purchases come with 60-day refund policy. But there may be some products that are non-refundable. (All products listed here have the refunds allowed.)

How to buy AppSumo Deals?

Buying AppSumo deals is as easy as buying any online product. Just go to the product description page, see if it fits your needs, select a tier and buy it.

There is, however, an extra step involved.

Once you have successfully purchased a product, you will have to redeem the product from the producer of the product. AppSumo merely works as a platform and all your customer support and everything else will be covered by the product developer.

Best AppSumo Deals

Here are some of the best AppSumo deals you shouldn’t miss. Please note that most deals are available for a limited time and once you miss a deal, that will either go out or be available only to AppSumo plus members.

So, without further ado, let’s hop on to the best deals right now. I will categorize these deals by category but at the moment, I have only listed the AppSumo WordPress deals.

AppSumo WordPress Deals

AppSumo doesn’t have many WordPress products on sale, to be honest. But here still are some gems that you must grab as soon as you can.

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AppSumo Marketing Deals

AppSumo is the hub of top marketing tools and apps. There are hundreds of products on sale right now. But out of those, there are some essential products you must try if you have the budget and needs.

AppSumo SEO Deals

There are some great SEO tools available on AppSumo that I have benefitted from. I recommended these AppSumo deals on SEO products.

AppSumo Courses

AppSumo Social Media Deals