13 Best AI Writing Tools and Software for Content Marketers

I regularly work with brands, businesses and bloggers to create content online. Along with my team at Gatilab, I plan, research and write conversion-first articles to make them rank and convert better online. But there comes a time when hundreds of thousands of words in the content are needed.

Such content is not entirely dedicated to making something exceptional; even generic content can work if properly presented. For such needs, I suggest my clients use AI writing tools instead of wasting time and money on content writers.

AI writing and AI writing tools are a trend nowadays. Ever-growing applications of Artificial Intelligence and GPT-4 (and "Hello ChatGPT!") have made AI writing tools near-perfect. While they cannot reach the humanistic experience, AI writing tools can analyze your writing styles and all sorts of content available online and suggest you (and even write) some great content in bulk.

While even the best AI writing tools cannot beat what great writers can write and may not replace professional content writers, they are still at almost the same level as general human writing.

There are various AI writing tools available for different needs. I have already compared the writing assistants (Grammarly, ProWritingAid and Sapling) – which you can use to improve your writing style and grammar. Almost everyone uses such a writing assistant.

In this article, the focus is not on writing assistants but on content writing tools and software which are able to generate a huge chunk of content as per the instructions offered by you.

These possess the ability to create original content that is almost impossible to differentiate from human-written material.

They can even adapt existing writings to suit multilingual purposes and perform translations if needed.

I must reiterate that AI tools can't actually replace experienced writers or copywriters. But, they can be highly efficient for making your content professional and more appealing. You can use them to review and audit grammar, auto-complete sentences, suggest better sentence outlines, and much more.

best AI writing tools

Most of the AI content generators mentioned in this article use the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) technology by OpenAI, an AI & Machine Learning solution for natural languages that has gathered a portion of the content available on the internet and helps generate text when specific text phrases or sentences are provided as model content.

The Best AI Writing Tools

Let's review my picks for the best AI writing tools to help you create high-quality content. All these tools are powered by GPT-3.5 & higher, ChatGPT API and Machine Learning.

Jasper AI

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Jasper is the gold standard and the original AI content writing tool that revolutionized content writing under the name Jarvis. Jarvis, due to copyright issues with Marvel/Disney had to change its name to Jasper.

With Jasper, you can successfully write high conversion copy for your ads and landing pages in seconds.

Jasper gives you an AI-generated copywriter assistant, giving you the power to generate quality content copy for any ad, email or article that can help save you thousands of dollars in hiring a full team of content writers. It is so easy to use that all that is needed is a headline, a paragraph, or even a single word to get started.

As usual, Jasper uses the GPT-3 AI algorithm for the natural languages platform by OpenAI to help generate high-quality content.

Jasper offers 2 paid plans, Starter (starting at $29/mo) and Boss (starting at $59/mo). It is priced for businesses and have higher pricing than others but since it's trained and customized to be the best AI writing tool - you must opt for this Jasper if you have sufficient budget.


image 3

WordHero is a powerful AI writing tool that helps you produce professional blog articles, ads, emails, social media captions, product/SEO descriptions, sales copy, and much more in just clicks.

WordHero comes with a massive suite of over 50 writing tools, with new ones being added regularly. You can also use this tool for marketing, startup, content ideas, and even song lyrics and poetry.

Many users consider it a good alternative to other popular tools such as Jasper. It is certainly a worthy addition to the AI writing software in your toolkit. It is available as a one-time purchase of $89. It is ideal for bloggers and can be considered one of the best AI blog writing tools out there.


LeadScripts – The Best among AI Writing Tools

LeadScripts is an effective AI copywriting tool that combines powerful AI with a proven copy strategy framework. It has proven frameworks to generate the content required for emails, sales letters, funnels, and more.

Most importantly, LeadScripts doesn’t require you to deal with long forms, brain freezes, and so on.

You just need to enter a few details about your service or product; LeadScripts will generate a unique marketing copy for your emails, ads, and pages seamlessly.

Thus, you can be assured that you are following a proven strategy and save yourself from the hassle of writing from scratch repeatedly.



AISEO.ai is a powerful writing assistant that can create, optimize, and rewrite content or blog posts for you with great speed and almost ten times more efficiency. It allows you to generate an SEO-optimized blog post with just a few clicks of your mouse.

With the help of the long-form assistant, you can generate a paragraph with just one click, thus speeding up your workflow greatly.

AISEO.ai’s writing assistant also enhances your blog's readability with a click according to the Hemingway style. It allows you to improve, rewrite, optimize, and summarize your blog posts – all in one place.

It comes with numerous copywriting templates and allows you to create unlimited custom templates.



Frase is a powerful and easy-to-use SEO productivity AI tool that helps you optimize content for Google. Simply plug in your target keyword phrases, tap into your writers’ expertise, and get the perfect recipe for optimization that pushes your content to the top of search results.

Frase offers 2 plans:

  • Basic Plan – For individuals just getting started with SEO and content optimization, 30 document credits and one user seat a month.
  • Team Plan – For SEO or content marketing teams that need more advanced features, unlimited document credits, three user seats a month and $25 for extra seats.

Earlier they also used to offer a Free Forever plan with one user seat, and 5 Frase Content documents credits per month.

SimilarContent Pro

image 4

If you fail to use the best keywords when writing your “SEO copy”, then it’ll end up being irrelevant to your audience and old news to search engines.

By using SimilarContent, you can find the best keywords to use for your content by analyzing what users have been searching for and what your rivals are using. It puts forth the choicest keywords that will prove the most beneficial to you.

Thus, you can produce engaging content that works well for both search engines and your audience.

Using a special content scoring solution, SimilarContent Pro rates your content against the top ten results that turn up when you perform a Google search for certain keywords. Its Google Rank Predictor tool lets you know how Google could see your content before publishing it.

You can use its readability checker tool to improve your site’s SEO and its content rewriter tool to rewrite your content in more than 40 languages.

SimilarContent Pro is available for a one-time purchase of $79.


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ContentForge is an AI-powered copywriting assistant that aims to make copywriting fast, smart, and easy by allowing you to write, edit, and manage content efficiently. It lets you generate content for blog posts, ads, products, and more than 21 other use cases.

Moreover, you can conveniently organize all your content within the different available Tools, edit everything that gets generated, and add them to your favorites.

You can write long-form content using Documents with AI support. ContentForge helps you write everything from blog posts to books. If you’ve found your copywriting work difficult and time-consuming, look no further than this amazing tool!

I have used ContentForge for months now and I can say it has the best interface out there. At once, it was of the best AI tools for content writing but lately the innovations seem to have slowed.


image 7

Blogely helps you write high-quality original content in any language and publish it to WordPress and other blogging platforms easily and quickly.

Designed as an alternative to Upwork and Contently, Blogely helps you increase traffic by optimizing written content for SEO without any prior technical knowledge.

It seamlessly simulates the vintage writing experience by having your notepad on one side and research materials on the other. Moreover, you’ll stay in the app for your entire workflow.

Blogely is an excellent resource for content teams, bloggers, and online creators who’re hoping to produce quality content that generates traffic. It is available as a one-time purchase of $79.

CrawlQ AI

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CrawlQ AI is the only writing and research tool that effectively combines AI, proven marketing frameworks, and customer insights to produce completely unique and customer-centric content to increase your conversions up to ten times. Essentially, it is a powerful AI that researches your audience and automatically writes excellent content catered specifically to them, including personalized insights, questions, and answers.

The CrawlQ AI also uses state-of-the-art technology to produce niche-targeted content to increase leads, retention, conversions, and community engagement. You can use its research and writing tools to quickly test product-market fit and business ideas, running as many target audience tests as needed before you build and scale your content appropriately. It is a great tool for product designers, marketers, coaches, copywriters, and high-ticket agencies.

CrawlQ AI is a little costly and is available as yearly subscriptions.

Flacked AI

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Flacked AI is yet another all-in-one AI writing tool that comes with a robust AI-powered Summarizer and Writer.

The Flacked Summarizer can digest any document and summarize it into a comprehensive and informative summary. On the other hand, the Flacked Writer produces interesting and highly optimized web posts and blog content that closely mimics your writing style. It also comes with two other tools – Flacked Communication for handling your email writing tasks, and Flacked Canvas for writing everything you need under one hood.

Flacked AI is available as a one-time purchase of $59.



Texta.ai is one of the best article generators available in the market. Available in eighteen languages, it helps you automatically generate articles for your social media pages, blog, website, SEO, ads, and much more.

As surprising as it may seem, it can generate each article within five seconds! Its automated content generation technology outperforms traditional copywriters by up to 400% and helps you save up to 90% of content creation costs.

The development team behind Texta.ai aims to produce high-quality, SEO-optimized original content that ranks on the first page of Google. They acknowledge how frustrating the process of copywriting for your client or business can be.

Whether you are a copywriter, marketer, business owner, or blogger, you can produce engaging copies within seconds using Texta.ai.

It is a great way to enhance your content strategy and leave a good impression on your clients and users.

Texta.ai is available as a one-time purchase of $69.


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Katteb is an AI copywriting tool that allows you to create high-quality, accurate, and relevant content within seconds. Its AI has been appropriately trained on high-performing copies from leading brands. Thus, it knows exactly what drives conversions and how to produce engaging content that resonates with your audience.

As a marketer, you can use Katteb to automate your copywriting and get more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

If you’re with an agency, you can use Katteb’s robust set of tools to draft ad campaigns, emails, and website content to quickly turn projects around for clients. It also comes with efficient tools to help e-commerce brands make their business look amazing.

It will help you grow your customer base and make more sales using everything from Google and Facebook ads and Ai-written product descriptions.

Katteb is available as a one-time purchase of $29.



Many content-generation tools in the market can help you create essays, ad copies, taglines, headlines, outlines, and more. However, what they cannot offer is to bring a human touch to the content they create. This is where Instoried comes in handy.

Its emotional tool helps you analyze the tones and emotions of your content. It also provides you with real-time phrase recommendations to enhance the quality of your content. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to target your prospects with the right emotional content.

Furthermore, Instoried also provides readers with headline analysis, grammar, and plagiarism checker features. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Instoried can be your go-to platform for all your writing requirements.


In the modern digital age, technology has been expanding beyond places that were hard to comprehend previously. AI writing tools have truly been taking the human skill of writing to a whole new level of quality and excellence. All the tools listed in this article use state-of-the-art technology to improve your text.

Some of them are better for bloggers and writers, whereas others focus more on marketers and so on. I recommend you choose a good one based on your needs and produce error-free and polished content.

Please note that all the products listed above are paid for a perfect reason - you have to pay for quality products. If you are looking for the best free AI writing tools, I can suggest you some:

  1. ChatGPT: OpenAI's own ChatGPT allows you to create content based on your input and interacts with you to improve your content further. There is one problem though, you will have to learn how to use it perfectly and how to use the proper ChatGPT prompts. If you know these, you are good to go.
  2. Bing: New Bing, which is powered by OpenAI, can be used to browse the internet, summarize pages and even create new content by using the same prompts as the ChatGPT. It's ideal if you are looking to create shorter content outlines and then want to expand that content on your own.
  3. Notion AI: Notion AI is free to some extent and can be used to create emails, copies, blog posts, summarize notion pages and much more.
  4. Bard: Google's Bard is a new AI-based answering tool that offers high-quality information summarized for your needs. You can use it to create new articles, research the internet and do more.