10+ Best Work From Home Writing Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has really left us in deep introspection on what to do rather than just sitting idly at home! Many of us might have discovered our talents in various fields, but today what I am going to discuss with you all is focused on writers who want to work from home — 10+ best work-from-home writing jobs.

Interested in blogging or love to string words together and still sit at home scratching your head on how to showcase your writing skills? This guide will help you out.

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Writing, or more specifically content writing, is by far one of the most legitimate work-from-home jobs because you get to work entirely around your schedule. This can help you gain serious exposure at the same time you’re making some cash? Not just that, it can elevate your future writing opportunities.

Here is the list of some of the best work from home writing jobs for you.

Best Work From Home Writing Jobs for freelancers

Blog Writing Jobs

This is the most popular area of online writing. This is by far the most required type of writing in any business. To find jobs in this area of writing is as easy as pie. A typical blog consists of 800-1500 words that may include certain keywords that might help the blog rank on Google.

You can even increase the word limit as per the demand, but you should have complete knowledge about the niche you are working for.

Ghostwriting jobs

The next type of online writing is Ghost Writing. No doubt this is one of the most decent paying jobs. You can charge your clients pretty high as you are selling your content to be published in the name of the other.

A ghostwriter writes for businesses, brands, magazines and entrepreneurs. You can even ask for a payment of 3 times more than what you ask for a normal write-up.

Article writing jobs

Well, this is the most demanding field compared to other online writing. Both magazines and websites require articles to be published. If you are interested in article writing, then make sure you gather immense knowledge and train your brains for good imagination power as Article writing is usually journalistic.

If you are looking for a genuine-paying job then you can surely rely on article writing for a living if you have good writing skills.

Press release writing jobs

You might have heard this term already. A press release is a written statement to the media. It can be related to anything be it announcing company's achievements or launching a new product in the market, both require dexterous press writers.

So if you are talented enough then it is a steal deal for you. Press releases follow a particular pattern, so once you do one, you can use the same template in other press releases.

Technical Writing Jobs

For all the tech savvies out there, this might interest you! You have to have an excellent technical background, and then you are good to go for this niche.

This area of writing is in great demand. Technical writers are required to write manuals for companies, policies and procedure documents, technical guides and handbooks, evaluation reports, and research reports. You can try your hands on with this type of online writing if you trust your technical knowledge enough.

SEO Writing Jobs

So the next type of online writing is SEO or rather Search Engine Optimized writing. SEO writing, most commonly known as SEO copywriting, is a very useful and highly paid job as it is conversion focused and as a writer you help your clients earn more.

A person specializing in SEO copywriting can make a huge amount of money by working for clients. You can try SEO writing if you're a newbie in the field of online writing this will give you some experience in writing.

Course Writing Jobs

Online courses are on boom. You can write content for online courses, ranging from digital marketing to education and beyond. If you are proficient enough in course writing, then you will make a decent living by working for clients. These types of projects are usually long term and will be profitable for you.

Case Study Writing

Next on the list is case study writing. Many companies require case studies to grow their businesses. They are used to tell the success of their clients by using the products of the company. In a nutshell, case studies are used as a business tactic.

It can include the strategy adopted by the company to expand its business. Thus, case study writing has a good scope in the marketing area.

Copywriting Jobs

This is mainly used for promoting brands or products. You need to basically develop a marketing psychology and write landing pages, web copy, sales pages, call-to-actions, marketing campaigns or any type of content used to convert a user into a customer.

You have to be the best salesperson when you sit down to write articles for promoting products. If you have developed this skill, then no one would be able to stop you from achieving good.

Social Media Writing Jobs

Social Media Writing is one of the most dominating areas of online writing. Many companies completely rely on social media for their presence. It is very important for the company to regularly update their social media, on the other hand, it is extremely time-consuming.

So the companies hire freelancers to handle all their social media. Hence, this is undeniably the most reliable platform to work from home.

Editing Jobs

This is an add-on to your freelancing career. If you need to top up your earnings with some extra bucks you can surely go for editing jobs. This may include Proofreading, Basic editing, and Developmental Editing.

You need to add some new concepts to already existing content to make it more presentable. You will love this job if you can edit new pieces for your clients.


Hope this article would have helped you to find the best work from home writing jobs for you. Just sit down and realize the area of your interest, polish your skills and you are ready to go. Happy Writing!