What are Landing Pages and Why do you need them?

A landing page on a website is the page where a visitor arrives or “lands on.” It is a stand-alone web page that is different from the other website pages as its only focus is conversion. Therefore, it mostly does not have any navigation tied with the rest of the website.

While the home page of a website is like a website’s root, which offers a general overview of it. But if you want a specific, short-term goal, landing pages are pretty helpful as they provide an excellent online marketing path that can help reach more visitors.

What is a landing page?

Optimizepress landing page builder

A landing page is a page on which visitors can “land on” after clicking on search results or on an ad (like Google text advertisement or display ad) displayed on a website. Experienced marketers often use this page to direct most of their PPC traffic to keep it away from the homepage.

There are two types of landing pages:

  1. Click-through landing pages, and
  2. Lead generation landing pages.

Click-through landing pages

Buffer homepage

The main motive of Click-through landing pages is to get visitors to click and go to another page on your website or on an external website. You can use this to tell a story or sell your own or affiliate products. You can even redirect your readers to your homepage.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Notion landing page

Lead generation landing pages are mainly used to capture data through a form or email, or contact number. These pages are also called Squeeze pages.

Why do you need landing pages?

A landing page helps you to direct your traffic to the goal. It also helps to control the website and aims at increasing conversion. It is especially good for search engines.

Creating landing pages helps you target your desired audience and offer something precious and convert many visitors into leads while also getting information regarding who they are and other personal data. If you are looking for all these, you need landing pages.

Briefly speaking, Landing pages are very useful beyond simple web pages, especially if you are running a marketing campaign or sales campaign concentrated on one particular action.

There are many more reasons why you need to have landing pages on your website or on hosted sites. The reasons include:

For lead generation

It is a huge mistake to direct all search and social traffic into your website’s home page. Instead of that, you should focus on getting your readers landed on specialized landing pages.

Landing pages are the best bet for any lead generation or customer conversion. These can also form part of a powerful PPC strategy.

An effective landing page will direct your customer to what they are looking for. Thus, the customer will have a satisfying and pleasing experience and will come back for more.

To retarget customers

You can also use landing pages on your page to retarget all your leads. For example, sometimes, the same customer may come and land on your page. Then again, they will go through the process of giving information like email id, contact number, and other personal details. This will help you collect more nuanced data and update your database, and those leads will once again become your satisfied customers.

For better SEO value

To maximize SEO value landing page can become your greatest asset. Landing pages are a prime marketing tool and with dedicated content these can not only boost your site’s rankings but also the conversion rate — thus decreasing bounce rate and improve sales.

Landing pages are the best marketing solutions online

Lastly, since landing pages offer an interaction between you and your page visitor, it is an excellent opportunity to use them as a marketing tool. Use the landing page for advertising campaigns, offers, and promoting your brand to the visitors, so they know what they are getting into. This will help to convert your webpage visitors into leads exponentially.

The landing page also takes visitor information into your database, and thus you know who your targeting audience is. So, run multiple ads and promotions on your landing page. Landing pages are at the center of emails, social media, and PPC ads, so make use of them to increase your website’s overall ROI (Return on Investment).


Keeping landing pages on your website serves an essential purpose. It helps to filter visitors into leading customers and also guides those customers on the page. It is like a dedicated employee who would tell the customer where they can find what they are looking for and, in turn, helps to keep away unnecessary traffic from your page. Also, using it as a marketing ad promoting tool allows you to target and attract the right audience to your website.

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  • Regular tips on blogging, marketing, business and learning
  • Ocassional freebies and hot deals
  • Access to the exclusive articles and assets
  • Bonus: 20+ e-books and templates
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