image1I am one of those parents who believe in giving complete freedom to their children when it comes to making a career choice. My daughter who is five years elder to my son wanted to pursue fashion designing. Coming from a family where a majority of the children are either pursuing Engineering or Medicine it was hard for me to accept that my daughter wished to tread a career path that was unique and different. However, my initial skeptic was put to rest when she graduated as a top of the line student from NIFT. Today, she is excelling in her career and simply loves her job as a chief designer for a major clothing brand.

For the first time in my life, I realized how important it is to allow your child to pursue what he or she desires. When we were young career opportunities were limited. However, the scenario is very different today and children are spoilt with career choices. So, when my son came up to me expressing his desire to join medicine I was pleasantly surprised.

Choosing the right coaching institute is very important when it comes to preparing for engineering or medical entrance exam.

Traditionally, it’s the parents who wish that their kids choose high achieving careers like medicine or engineering. My son always fared well in academics, but he also loved to read and write. I always felt that we would become a journalist or a writer. In class X he secured 94.2 % in CBSE examination, and he joined PCMB stream in class XI.

I was not sure if he could take the pressure of these heavy subjects, but he was both adamant and confident. He was particularly enamored by life sciences and wanted to start preparing for medicine. Since he was amply clear about his dreams, I felt that he needed expert guidance.

I wanted him to join a coaching institute and found Aakash Institute reviews to be the most positive. The Institute as we all know is one of the premium coaching institutes in India. It offers coaching for medical, engineering and other competitive examination in the country. So my fellow parents, if you are looking for a good coaching institute for your child, below are my reasons why I choose Aakash Institute for my son.

Friendly Admin Staff

As I reached the office of this premium Institute, the one close to my house, I was greeted by a very friendly staff. I had several questions about the faculty, fee structure, schedule of the class and other information about admission. The admission counsellor at the center spent nearly one hour with me and made me go through each and every point in the brochure.

Reasonable fee Structure

For a middle-class family, being able to afford the education of our children is a significant relief. Fortunately, I found that the fee structure was very reasonable. There were no hidden charges and in comparison to the other institutes the one time deposit and other components of the fee structure seemed affordable.

Good Classroom Infrastructure

I was thoroughly impressed by the classroom infrastructure of the institute. The classroom was very spacious, well-lit and adequately ventilated. Several batches of classes are conducted each day so there is never over-spilling of students. Secondly, the Institute maintains the quality and standard of the classroom throughout its branches across the country.

Top Level Faculty

This is perhaps the most forthcoming reason why Aakash Institute reviews are mostly favorable. The coaching center has been offering coaching to aspiring engineers and doctors for nearly 30 years now. They have hands-down expertise in the field which is evident in the quality of the teachers that they have hired. Most of their faculty members are JEE qualifiers themselves and are very experienced.

Rich Study Material

The content material and notes offered by the Institute is par excellence. Compiled together by one of the finest faculty of the Institute, the additional notes and study material provided by the institute is extremely helpful to students.

Assuming you have figured out who you want to attract to your website (you’ve done the work and defined a very specific niche whose problem you can solve best, and for whom you do your best work–because you love, LOVE, working with this type of client/customer), you can make sure that it will. And if you haven’t worked on it yet, make sure it is one of your priorities to make the future steps smooth and easy. An expert like David Faltz of White Rabbit Marketing can help you figure this out, so don’t hesitate to reach out to her if you think this is an area you need to define. Before you can make sure your website attracts the right people, you need to figure out who they are, so make sure you do not do yourself and the future of your business a disservice by skipping this step.

Once you know–really “get”–who you want to attract, the first question is how to attract them to your website. After that, how to drive them on the website the right way once they arrive?

The Right Content


Does this seem obvious? It’s not. You have to think like your perfect, ideal client thinks. What will he or she search for online when they need you–your product or service? Does your website speak to this clearly and concisely? Does every page contain relevant, optimized  content as it relates to your products and services–the value that you provide for your clients? You can learn how to optimize the pages of your website on your own, or tap into an expert like Tami Smith mentioned above to help you with this process.

The key is to ensuring you’re communicating with them in their language so both of you are on the same page in terms of context. They want to be aware of your entire process in order to solve their problem. They do not care about how great you are (yet). First and foremost answer this question: What will you do to solve your ideal client/customer’s problem? You can back it up with your wonderful credentials, reviews, testimonials, but this is for your About page and should not be the centerpiece of your message.

The Right Appearance


If you had an office and were taking clients in for appointments, how would it need to look in order for them to feel relaxed and comfortable? Your website is no different. It is your base of operations online and the way it looks and feels matters to your visitor. In fact, it matters so much that it will influence their decision (in under four seconds) as to whether or not you are credible.

Your website visitors are not going to hop over to your about page and read your impressive bio or cv and think, “Well… they don’t know much about presentation, but they sure have a lot of great credentials…I think I’ll work with them even though they made a bad first impression on me.” It’s just not going to happen. Well…unless you are in an industry where scarcity rules and you are the only one out there who can service your market. If not, they will find someone else in one click. Harsh?

Ask Yourself if you would rather do business at Kmart or Target? Why? Think it over and believe me when I tell you that your brand image matters. The way you present yourself and your message matters–a LOT. Don’t neglect it: if your website is not user friendly and doesn’t leave the right impression to your visitors, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

Who do you want to attract and how you want them to interact with you once they’ve found you will deeply inform the appearance of your website. Are you selling to a large base of people who want what you have to offer at a low price point (Kias)? Or are you selling an exclusive product or service at a high price point (Cadillacs)?

If you are unsure about your brand (“Gosh…what is the right appearance for my ideal client/customer anyway?”), and serious about your business (business is for gladiators…so I’m assuming you are serious), you need to contact an expert like Maria Ross of Red Slice for a Slice Session or BootCamp Workshop. In one day, she’ll help you get your brand and messaging on the right track–and your business, and future clients will thank you for it. Actually, you’ll thank her because you’ll be taking your business to the next level by making sure your website has the right appearance and messaging for your perfect client/customer. Now they will know they are in the right place when they land on your website, and be able to get the help they are looking for–the solution that you can provide for them better than anyone else in your niche!

Focused Inbound Strategy


sasint / Pixabay

Where do your potential customers hang out online? This is where you need to be; sharing your content, advertising your solution (not your product or service…your solution), establishing yourself as an industry expert, meeting people (online networking), etc. Keep link back pointing to your website, probably to a page that contains the most relevant. A big part–especially in the beginning–of making sure your people will find you online is getting out there and in front of them. Some of the major platforms are:

  • FB Page and Groups
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • YouTube Channel
  • Google+ Communities
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • Email Newsletters etc.

The more links you have going back to related content on your website, the more Google will determine your relevance and enable your website to be more easily found in organic search for related search terms. Your social media profiles establish not only important backlinks to your website, but also enable you to begin building community around your brand–all important for your overall online visibility.

With the right content strategy, you stay on top of the competition that speaks and communicates to your clients how you’re going to ease their work. And finally, with the right inbound strategy, you make sure you are getting in front them by spreading your content across the online places you know they will be likely to congregate, making your solution visible to them and providing links back to related content at every stop.

Social media is undoubtedly a great platform to gain traffic and prosper in terms of popularity. Whether you are making advertisements for promoting or just trying some other ways to reach to the clients, it is essential to have a great content along with it. You must make sure that your content should be powerful enough to attract the traffic. It must be meaningful and versatile, neither too explanatory, yet it should hold all the necessary detail. The contents or the blogs must have the potential to grab readers’ attention and they should be convincing enough to appear before the readers. It is predicted that more and more blogs will be created in the year 2017. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the blogs are read and they should serve the purpose for which they are meant to be!

Make sure that the blogs do not fail to stand out amongst the crowd. It should not drown in the sea of familiar blogs. It must be interactive and inspiring. The potential bloggers must know the customizations in the trend which would help them in attracting followers and readers at ease. Creating a blog worth following means, it must consist of all the on-going practices and trends.

article writing planning

Publishing only Quality and Unique Content

This is the ultimate thing that would connect you to your readers and they will return to you for more of it. Try to make a fantastic post rather than uploading loads of subpar posts. If your content is worth appreciation, it will automatically fetch the shares. Your blogs must pave the exposure for your business, thereby helping you to get more and more clients.

Having a streamlined website is a common recommendation of bloggers

A clean and sleek website is often preferred by expert bloggers as that would help readers to spot out all that matters at ease. In the current cascade of online marketing, it is important to show some real time uniqueness.

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Rumor mills are abuzz again. It is the time of the year when speculations are rife about what will Apple unveil at its famed keynote events. A new iPhone, obviously; but it will not be the iPhone 8. Did we stop you in your tracks?

Yes, you heard it right!

Apple may ditch its numerical nomenclature in favor of an alphabet (or jump numbers and adopt Roman denomination – take your pick). It is said that the iPhone 8 will be called iPhone X to mark its decade long presence in the smartphone.. err… iPhone industry.

2017 is the 10th anniversary of Apple. Steve Jobs would have been mighty happy at the way Tim Cook has taken over. (But then would he have relinquished control if he were with us?)

The buildup to Apple’s annual event is as secretive as ever, with Apple revealing nothing but not putting a stop to the floating bits and pieces of information about the latest iPhone launch.


Figure 1

Here’s a peek-a-boo at some of the ‘leaked’ features:

Face Recognition

Touch ID is passé (well, not really). Apple is all set to introduce iPhone privacy setting using your face as your biometric signature, rather than the tedious process of providing your fingerprint every time your iPhone needs unlocking.

Face Recognition - macobserver

Figure 2

This will be achieved by high powered laser/infrared beams to trace your face, identify the unique features and log signs of gesture (to ensure that you are really there and not an imposter trying to open your phone with a photo/video). It would be interesting to see how the face recognition feature will match up to security requirements, as users were once skeptical about fingerprint recognition too.

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Everybody wants to have it easier. People keep looking for ways to get through their day faster. And if you’re looking for some too, we have the perfect compilation of 10 hacks you can employ to improve your smartphone experience. Here they are!

Make a stylus with Aluminum foil and a pencil


Pick up some Aluminum foil and cut a nice, neat sheet of it. It need not be perfect in geometry. Take a pencil or a pen, and wrap the foil around it. The best way is to place the pen at a corner, parallel to the diagonal, and roll it. You can fold the excess foil back and use some tape to hold it in place. Your pen is now a shiny stylus and it didn’t cost you more than a dollar to make! Use it to type, swipe or doodle on your Snapchat photos like a pro!

DIY lighting with a bottle of water and flash

flash waterDo you need to have a little light in the room but the bulb’s broken? Or perhaps it’s a blackout. Just grab hold of a bottle of water. Turn on your flash torchlight, and place it facing to the ceiling. All you need to do is put the bottle on top, and the bottle will disperse the concentrated torchlight into the room for some mild lighting, enough to find your way around without stumbling.

Use a Drop of water as a magnifying lens

water drop on cameraCorrectly placing a drop of water on the lens will make your phone turn into a microscope! The usual zoom function makes things shaky and also pixelates the content. Instead, just lay a tiny drop of water on the lens to make a temporary zoom lens. The tinier the drop, the bigger the zoom.

Speaker in glass

For a quick boost for the music at house parties, just put your phone in a whiskey flask. The repeated reflection of sound amplifies the sound, almost like a loudspeaker cone. Keep your speaker at the lower side for better results. This can work with metal glasses and china cups too, but plastic cups might ruin the sound quality. This works great for parties in the lawn or out in the open.

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Getting a new design for your website is both time consuming and expensive.  There are many great options for free themes but too often these themes do not have very many features and require a lot of extra work.

Purchasing a theme from premium theme designers or paying for a custom design can not only give you many extra features but also allow you a unique and useful user interface. Getting a design is much more than choosing colors, uniqueness and price.  There are a lot of important design elements you should know about before getting a new theme.  Here are your most important areas of interest as well as a buyer’s checklist.

Fundamental Design Elements

There are a few important things to consider when evaluating the design of a potential theme.  Some of these elements are often misunderstood so I will point out what is usually left out of posts about theme design.

We all know that features are important and themes with jQuery or admin panels add extra customization to your blog theme, but lets go back to the fundamentals.

White Space


In the image above all you see is the words.  The “whitespace” is exactly what the name implies… the area around the image that is white.  Now to categorize as whitespace an area in design does not have to be “white”, just clear of any text or images.

Whitespace is important in design because it focuses the eye on to what is important.  A good example of how this doesn’t work is when you go to a site and the design’s background is intense with a collage and millions of colors.  The text or image you are trying to highlight never even gets any attention.

Your eyes are taking in all of the background and trying to work out the text from all the other interesting images.

If you had an entire pack of with no whitespace then very easily you could find your blog with no readers, little click-through, and no brand.  Actually you would have a brand.. you’d be the blog everyone remembers not to go to. Avoid any design that does not have enough whitespace around important areas like the logo, navigation menu, and content area.  Trying to make your theme busy only leaves your site empty.

Eye Tracking

You’re a blogger, NOT a crackhead! Its about finding a design that highlights the things that are most important to you.

The number one thing is your logo which brands you and should include near by your navigation menu and then your conversion tools.  Your conversion tools are your subscriber boxes, products, ads, etc.  Whatever your goals are for your blog is what your conversion tools should be pointing too.

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