Web Apps, Generators and Converters by Gaurav Tiwari.

Sales Tax Calculator

Calculate VAT/GST or any other sales tax with this easy-to-use Sales Tax Calculator. Tax Exclusive Tax Inclusive Amount Sales Tax Rate % Calculate Sample Reset Calculated Tax: What is a Sales Tax? A sales tax is a consumption tax levied by the government on purchasing specific products and services. Typically, the vendor collects sales tax…
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Paypal Fee Calculator

The PayPal fee calculator is a quick and easy-to-use tool that calculates deductions/service charges while sending or receiving money through PayPal. Enter An Amount (USD) $ Fee Rate 2.9% + $.30 (via online transaction)2.7% + $.30 (via store location)2.2% + $.30 (Nonprofit)5% + $.05 (Micropayment) 4.4% + $.30 (via online transaction)4.2% + $.30 (via store…
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YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Ever found yourself wanting to share a YouTube video and wishing you could showcase its compelling thumbnail alongside? Well, our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader helps you do so. YouTube Video URL: A YouTube Thumbnail Downloader does exactly what it says - downloads thumbnails for YouTube videos. It lets you generate the thumbnail of any YouTube video…
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Case Converter

Sentence Case Upper Case Lower Case Capitalized Case Alternating Case Title Case Small Text Strikethrough Text Reverse Text Upside-Down Case Output A case converter converts between different case texts. It is an easy-to-use online tool that converts between upper case, lower case, sentence case, proper case, capitalized case and much more. This tool saves you…
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Lorem Ipsum Generator

Number of paragraphs (1-49): Generate Lorem ipsum, called lipsum, is dummy text used as a pseudo-Latin text for print, graphics, typography, layout or web designs. The ultimate purpose of lorem ipsum is to make a natural-looking block of Text (sentences, paragraphs, blocks, etc.) that does not distract from the layout of the design. Lorem ipsum…
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Text to Slug Converter

This tool lets you convert a phrase of text into a URL slug easily. A URL slug is a part that comes at the very end of a URL and is the exact address of a specific page on your website. For example, if a page talks about "What is a kiwi?" its most appropriate…
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