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With new malware alerts, data breaches, DDOS and phishing attacks constantly in the news, it’s no wonder everyone is gotten a little paranoid. That paranoia isn’t necessarily bad, but it becomes a problem when people don’t do anything about it. Now what to do exactly? A lot of advice has been swirling around the web

Features of a Cloud Database System The salient features of any cloud database system are as follows: The database service is built and accessible through a cloud-based operating platform, End users can easily host the database without having to buy the necessary hardware components, End-users can manage the cloud database themselves using a web browser

The invention of location-based apps has completely transformed the interaction between customers and brands. Companies can now reach their clients at the right time and place. Geolocation has introduced new business services plus marketing tactics. Plus, customers can easily access whatever they want through their smartphones. Understanding the Basics of Location Based Apps Location-based apps

We will guide you about how to use WebM to MP4 converter with the use of three types of software. But before that let’s understand the difference between the two formats. WebM is the latest video format that has been developed by Google as an alternative to MP4 format. You will have to install a