Best WordPress Caching Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress caching plugin that you can install and use on your WordPress website or blog to boost the site’s loading time? Well then, you have come to the right place.

What is Caching?

Caching 1 1. See: × helps not only in speeding up your website but also helps you rank better in search engine results.

Why is Caching Needed in WordPress?

As you know, WordPress is written in PHP and MySQL databases are used to query posts and other data to show on the frontend. When a page is shown to you or to your reader, it is rendered in HTML. In this process PHP and MySQL are used on each page load. This whole process requires RAM and CPU for each rendering on each page load.

When many readers visit your site, your WordPress installation uses a lot of RAM and processing power. This way your server’s resources are divided and the rendering gets slower for subsequent visitors.

Why Use WordPress Caching Plugins?

Using a WordPress Cache Plugin, you can enable WordPress to skip the whole process of rendering on each page load. Cache plugins create a cache system inside your WordPress installation and generate static HTML files for various pages. These HTML files are saved and served to the readers once they visit a specific URL. In this process, only a few queries are made to the MySQL database. Caching reduces server load, reduces loading time and improves your site’s SEO.

Why is Caching Important for Your WordPress Website?

As I just wrote, caching reduces server load, reduces loading time and improves your site’s SEO. I have already talked about how loading time can impact your website.

Suppose you have an ecommerce business running on your WordPress website. Every extra second that it takes to load will make your customer anxious, disturbed, and even frustrated. He or she may even skip buying your product and may never visit your site again.

Here’s what a slow website can cost you:

  1. Low sales
  2. Low conversion rate
  3. Lower organic traffic
  4. Poor search engine rankings

Well, these are like losing everything you wanted. This is why you’d need a WordPress caching plugin.

Which is the Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

Now, to increase your site’s search engine rankings, get more organic traffic, increase conversion and thus boost sales, you will need the best that there is.

So, which is the best WordPress caching plugin?

There are free, paid and freemium — all types of WordPress plugins available. There are even some lists that name 5-10 or even 20 plugins in a list, including free plugins. Free plugins are good to start with, but as per my experience, you should only opt for a premium caching plugin.

Why Premium? You may ask.

See, there are multiple reasons, but the biggest one is the freedom to use the plugin. All free plugins, except WP Super Cache, have some premium features locked. These premium features are actually the ones that can give you a real edge over others.

Besides Hummingbird — I can’t find any other free plugin that is even satisfactory in features. Hummingbird is a freemium plugin which means you have to upgrade to benefit from its best features. This is why going for a premium plugin is the best. No matter how much you are making from your website, if you are serious about your site, buy a premium caching plugin.

I recommend WP Rocket.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a popular WordPress caching plugin that helps to increase performance. This plugin has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to use than other cache plugins. When compared to other cache plugins, WP-rocket offers some of the best features. Its caching option speeds up the loading process; there is also the option to preload cache, which speeds up the process even more.

WP Rocket - Best WordPress Caching Plugin

It is just $59 per year for a site and renewals can be as cheap as $29.50 per year if you are loyal. I have been using WP Rocket since 2014 (here is my review of WP Rocket) and it has been one of the key instruments in growing my blog online.

WP Rocket comes with a 14-days refund guarantee. Try it, set it up using this guide and if you are still not satisfied, ask for a refund.

In addition to WP Rocket, I also use perfmatters.


Perfmatters is a terrific plugin that helps to reduce the number of server requests on most pages by up to 50% or more. This plugin was built with simplicity in mind. Perfmatters helps your site speed up by disabling scripts that aren’t being used. Emojis, for example, are loaded by default on every page of your website. And If you don’t use them, you’re just slowing your site down.

With Perfmatters, the performance optimizations shouldn’t be complicated, and everything should be easy to be enabled/disabled with a single click. In addition, it costs just $24.95 for a single-site license offering many great features to speed up your site quickly.

Which WordPress Cache Plugin should I choose?

In my opinion, you should go with WP Rocket and Perfmatters combination like me.

Read my guide on how to use WP Rocket and Perfmatters to pass Core Web Vitals Test here.

But if you are tight on budget and have to choose a free alternative to WP Rocket, Hummingbird would be my first choice.

Hummingbird Pro is a not-so-great upgrade as long as you compare it with WP Rocket. So, if you had to pay, pay for WP Rocket + Perfmatters combo.

Flying Pages by WP Speed Matters is another tool that you can try if you are not buying perfmatters.