Without any doubt, Android is world’s most popular mobile operating system. Sponsored by Google, this OS has already spread its roots from casual users to hardcore code-maniacs. Bloggers and pro-bloggers are no exception. It’s highly likely to have at least one android device for any blogger who calls him/her a blogging professional. Blogging app choices for Android are fairly limited if compared to desktop counterparts. However if used in a proper combination, an android device can be proved nearly as useful as web/desktop apps are. This awesome article features 10 awesome Android apps which can be used to make your blogging life easier and even more automated. In short, this list conveys almost everything a pro-blogger will ever need while writing a blog post.

0. Official applications

official android applications for blogger wordpress tumblr

Official applications are the first choice if one is looking for a full-featured tool for a platform specific blog. WordPress/WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr – all major blogging platforms offer official android apps for casual writing and editing. All these vary in both features and user interface but are similarly useful in doing on the go blogging.

Some applications like WordPress App for android, offer real time statistics, visual editing and one-touch media-upload. While others, like Blogger app for android, are just deemed to be editors.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”wordpress” color=”000″ size=”16px” margin_right=”” margin_left=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””] WordPress app for Android

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”android” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Blogger app for Android

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”tumblr” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Tumblr app for Android

1. Jotterpad Writer

jotterpad iconJotterpad is an exceptionally brilliant writing tool for all kind of writers, including bloggers. With custom font and markdown support, this simple android has all writing features you’ll ask in an android app. For proof-reading it supports researching words & phrases using trusted web-dictionaries. Not just this, you can edit and save your files both online (using Dropbox)  & offline (to your device memory). I use Jotterpad to plan my articles and stories by writing small snippets before moving to Evernote or Google Docs for rigorous editing.

Jotterpad is free to download and use for basic editing. But by using a $5.00 in-app purchase you can unlock more features in creative mode including custom fonts & .docx export. 


[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download Jotterpad Writer for Android


2. Evernote


Evernote is a cross-platform app for all type of needs a web-user can have. It’s a powerhouse for writers and bloggers too. The Android App for Evernote is feature packed with pk-heading-numbered numerous features like Visual Editing, tagging, clipping, custom formatting, real-time sync, team collaboration and many more that Jotterpad is incapable of. Evernote has been my favorite blogging assistant for last two years. No matter what kind of blogger/writer you are, you must try Evernote before anything else.

Evernote is freemium service, which allows to upload content worth 60MB per month to your Evernote account for free. For for freedom, you will have to buy premium upgrades starting from $5.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download Evernote for Android

3. Google Docs

google docsGoogle Docs is an online word/document processor which enables you to write seamlessly on web, desktop and mobile devices. Google Docs for Android is an ideal app for those who just want to write text content for future use then publish using desktop browser. Google Docs supports all kind of formatting but image insertion. Docs isn’t an app you can solemnly rely on but it fits to all casual needs for those who somehow don’t like any of the pre-listed apps.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download Google Docs for Android

4. Google Analytics

google analytics on mobileGoogle Analytics for Android is an app which you can use to monitor real-time traffic to your website on the go. It’s free, fast and easy to use. All you need to set up the analytics script on your website/blog — download the app and start tracking how visitors interact with your content.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download Analytics for Android


5. Feedly

Feedly is a full featured RSS aggregator which helps you read and share articles from different blogs and connect to other bloggers. It’s a perfect way to be in sync with the latest blogging trends.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download Feedly for Android

6. SwiftKey Keyboard

swiftkey android

Of all keyboard applications in Play Store, only SwiftKey has proven to be my regular typing friend. It supports various intuitive layouts and emoji icons. But best of all, it syncs to your earlier blog articles, evernote notes, e-mails and social networks to provide predictions. In other words, it learns from you to help you write better.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download SwiftKey Keyboard

7. Trello

trello image

While Evernote can be a very good project manager, Trello can also be used as a better alternative. Trello is your cloud based board where you can ‘stick’  and organize your ideas and manage them later.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download Trello for Android

8. Wikipedia

wikipediaStuck on something? Wikipedia is always there for the rescue.  While Wikipedia.org doesn’t need any introduction, The Wikipedia app for android is as functional as web version. You can simply search, learn and copy from the app to your content.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download Wikipedia App for Android

9. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

merriam webster

Merriam-Webster dictionary is the best dictionary app available on Android. With largest and most trusted collection of vocabulary, this app deserved to be in my list.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary for Android

10. Buffer

Published your post, finally? Now, get more traffic to it by buffering it to your followers and friends.  Buffer is a multi-social network sharing app which allows to share your updates on Twitter, Facebook, App.Net and Google+ Pages. Buffer is surely a very helpful app for those bloggers who gain a decent amount of traffic from social networks. With least clutter possible, buffer for android supports one tap sharing, scheduling and tracking in one single app.

[font_awesome link=”” icon=”download” margin_left=”” margin_right=””] Download Buffer for Android


Using these 10 android applications, you can manage your blog anywhere and give your blogging career a boost. This was all from me. I hope you experimented and enjoyed the listed applications. Let me know if you think there is an app capable of being into the list.

  1. I would like to add another one and that is BLOGIT. it is better than official blogger app. First it is fast in loading and another one is user friendly along with it gives you features like voice to text facility.

  2. Thank you Dude !
    Great apps for blogging. Many peoples didn’t know about it but this post make easier for them. And also helpful for me.

    Thank you

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