Best Push Notification Services and Apps for Websites

Push notifications are the latest and among the most converted marketing tools out there. Push notification services can help bloggers and digital merchants deliver relevant, targeted content to their users through browser and app notifications. It enables personalized support for users who have downloaded the app or opted to push notification services.

Using a push notification service, users can be easily converted into customers after making sure that they receive regular product updates. Push notifications are highly popular among the mobile platform vendors. These have become a key strategy to keep app users engaged past the installation.

Notifications allow you to speak directly to your customers at the right time at the right place. One can opt for mobile app push notification by using the customized options. Using it, the user will get notifications only for the ones he has asked for. It is now a proven method to reach people about timely updates in your service, product, app or any other in regards. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

In this blog post, I have outlined a personalized checklist evaluating push notification tools to cover the best players in the market and discuss which tools are best for you, depending on the company size and objective.

How does Push Notification work?

Mobile push notifications, if correctly used, give your app a voice and organize a strategy to double or triple the user engagement. Browser push notifications can help you gain returning visitors and make your marketing strategies look good.

Let me explain to you how!

By leveraging the user’s environment, including activities, location, and timing, push technology makes it possible for users to benefit from an enhanced experience.Push notifications are ideal for sending data-driven transactional notifications including targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages.

Push notifications work as the complete packaging service for any of the digital marketers, bloggers or business owners.

Best Push Notification Services, Tools and Apps


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  • One Signal simplifies the implementation process by automating almost all of the backend efforts needed to push out messages to client-side devices.
  • Service offerings break down into cross-platform notifications, real-time tracking, scalability, A/B testing, segmentation tracking and automatic delivery.
  • It provides “RESTful server API” and an online dashboard for marketers to design and send push notifications. This tool is empowered mainly to enable reliable push notification services to mobile apps and websites.
  • Free!

Key Features: Real Time Tracking, Incredibly Scalable, Easy to Use, Segmented Targeting, Automatic delivery

Platforms: Android, PhoneGap, Windows, iOS, Cordova, Chrome Apps, Firefox

Push Whoosh

  • Push Whoosh is a real-time cross-platform service that serves an impressive localization feature which enables the developers to send push notifications in different languages to the customers, in just a click.
  • Marketers can send actionable content to the segmented audience based on their marketing strategies.
  • With unbound cross-platform support and remote API, it has become a proven tool to implement push notification service in relevant apps.

Key Features: Remote API, Multi-Language Support, Dedicated Server, Cross Platform Support

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry


  • This allows marketers to send personalized push notifications to the users. It is exclusively useful in-built analytics.
  • The Ghost Push facility counts the number of users opting out.

Key Features: Friendly Interface, amazing customer segmentation, identifying active/inactive users to deliver push messages, automated life-cycle campaigns

Platforms: iOS, Android, Cordova/PhoneGap, JavaScript


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  • This tool tracks the people’s activities and behavior on their mobile app so that target notifications are based on it.
  • It allows companies to embrace user-retention and engagement by using a wide range of services that include auto tracking, A/B testing and push notifications.

Key Features: Auto tracking, Real time data analysis, precision segmentation, Event tracking

Platforms: iOS, Android

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  • This tool boosts retention and scales up personalization efforts which drive your app to ultimate success.
  • It offers you to run multiple push notification campaigns at the same time.Carnival allows you to create audience segments based on user preferences, behaviors, device attributes, and location so you can deliver messages that reflect the most response from each individual user.
  • It makes smarter decisions by putting analytics into action that is feeding thoughts directly into your automation and re-targeting campaigns.

Key Features: Message Automation, User Behavior Analytics, Time Zone Settings, In-App Messaging Top Consumers: Sephora, Six Flags, Matches Platforms: Android, Cordova, iOS, Unity

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  • This is a mobile analytics and marketing platform on a single dashboard itself.
  • It allows you to send videos and images which boost up open rate and retention of your customers. It covers the major part of smart phone users.
  • Basic plan is free

Key Features: Scheduled Delivery, Deeplink TechnologyEasy set-up, Conscious for content.

Platforms: Android, iOS


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  • StreetHawk focuses on increasing customer lifetime value through engagement. Each push notification is supported by relevant analytics and A/B testing to induce engagement.
  • It is an open source SDK which gives you Drip Sequences for Push and Email.
  • Free plan up to 10,000 users

Key Features: Personalized onboarding, minutes for integration, simple push notifications

Platforms: iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Web, Xamarin


  • It allows you to create limitless customer segmentation to deliver personalization and understand the usage of your app.
  • It offers multiple native channels such as push notification and in-app messaging features to which customers are more familiar and responsive.
  • Adding to this, Batch is considered to be the fastest platform for all your mobile engagement needs to the ultimate mobile marketing automation platform.

Key Features: Auto Tracking, personalized messages, precision segmentation, multiple channels

Support Platforms: iOS, Android,Windows,Cordova,Web,Unity,and Adobe Air


  • Localyticsallows you to trigger instant notifications through Localytics push API & profile data to easily create & define target segments. The key role includes personalized push notifications, automated campaigns, and custom scheduling.
  • It puts effort into different marketing ideas by sending images, GIF, audio or video files directly into push messages that deliver value to customers and keep them engaging.
  • To sum up, it adds rich content to make the content valuable.

Key Features: Email and marketing campaigns, user engagement, personalized push notifications, customized scheduling

Support Platforms: Android,Windows,iOS


  • Swrve offers a comprehensive mobile marketing platform by a deep engagement with millions of personal message interaction in a minute.
  • The tool comes with incredible engagement features that includepersonalization, target & segmentation.
  • It collects every aspect of your mobile user experience against every segment and then allows you to build and adjust message campaigns straight from the dashboard.

Swrve collects and Swrve you don’t just read the numbers—you can act on them.

Key Features: In-app messaging, marketing automation platform, A/B testing 

Support Platforms: Android, Cordova, iOS, Unity


  • It takes the honor of automated messaging whether your system is iOS, Android or any other hybrid app.
  • You can easily get the clear overview of the customers using your app, their languages and increase user-base. To schedule push messaging strategy, PushBots make it really easy.
  • Above all, it provides advanced push insights for every message. You can easily integrate APIs of your choices such as Python,NodeJs, and DotNET.

Key Features: Dynamic push notifications, incredible user-segmentation, user-specific campaigns

Support Platforms: Android, iOS,Web


  • It avails real-time transactional push notifications for applications using XMPP protocol for more reliable and faster message delivery and statuses tracking.
  • The tool is an ideal for including targeted e-commerce and personalized one-to-one messages.
  • Moreover, it is very reliable, scalable and traceable instant messaging idealservice for companies and public entities.

Key Features: Open source and cross-platform service, video calling and messaging, updates

Support Platforms: Android, Windows, iOS,Cordova,PhoneGap

Urban Airship

urban airship
  • Urban Airship comes with a wallet studio that is integrated with Apple Passbook and Google wallet- so merchants can easily proceed with various push notifications process such as coupons, loyalty cards, promotions.
  • The tool performs audience analysis and message campaigns to make the user engagement with your app exponentially effective.
  • Aside from helping you to reach your app users who have opted out to this service, additional tools such as in-app message center, in-app messages, and mobile wallet passes to target customers even if you don’t have an app.

Key Features: High ROI, in-app messaging, predictive insights, user-segmentation

Support Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows


  • Airpush is the first launched push notification mobile ad network. It provides unprecedented performance and real-time push notification mobile ad network.
  • The tool serves as the ultimate bootstrapped mobile advertising platform with a number of options for end users to opt into the service.
  • Airpush offers a higher return on investment than advertisements that appear within mobile apps. Adding more to it, the CTR’s avail 20 to 40 percent offer far above than the average in-app impressions.

Key Features: Mobile advertising platforms, open API’s

Support Platforms: iOS, Android

Winding Up

As per my opinion, the above given list is the best bunch of push notifications tools that drive the customers back to your app. Hence, you can make your best choice to boost your app performance.

That is all for now! See you soon with some more stuff.