Best Grammarly Alternatives that You Should Switch to Today!

If you have been searching for Grammarly alternatives, you’re in just the right place. I have written a lot about Grammarly recently, including Grammarly deals and Grammarly reviews. In fact, I am a Grammarly Premium subscriber as well. But as I said in my Grammarly review, Grammarly Premium wasn't worth the investment.

Why do I need a Grammarly Alternative?

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See, every writer makes mistakes. Grammarly is supposed to be a tool helping you correct those mistakes. But rather, it persuades you to write in their writing style — in which you feel that your own writing style is lost somehow.

It's no doubt that Grammarly is a good tool for spelling mistakes and typos but it sucks at formatting and optimizing content.

Grammarly is the most popular writing assistant online but it not the best. Here I have listed some of the alternatives that are better than Grammarly and are also offer a free premium trial, to begin with (which Grammarly doesn't).

There are more drawbacks in Grammarly Premium than you can imagine:

  • You cannot get a trial. This means you won't be able to understand how the premium version will behave with you. Even a 7-days trial would have been brilliant but no. Rather they charge at least $30 for a month if you opt for a monthly subscription. This one-month fee of $30 is nearly half of $64.99 per year (the rate at which I bought Grammarly Premium during a sale). Instead of a free trial, you enter a 'paid' dark cave that's unknown to you. The free version has all premium features locked, so you can't even have look at those in the free version as well.
  • Talking about the free version, Grammarly's free version is as bad as one can get. It's a simple spelling checker and nothing more than that. Modern Operating Systems have better spell checking than this.
  • Often, Grammarly shows red underlines even if there aren’t any actual errors.
  • You cannot get a refund. Either Grammarly is too confident about their product or they just want you to get trapped but they do not offer any refund.
  • Grammarly is slow. Not premium but every version, every app of Grammarly is slow. I used to turn off and on Grammarly in Chrome while I was writing and editing respectively. Plus it takes plenty of time to receive feedback on a mistake from its server, making it even slower.
  • It is not a replacement for an actual human proofreader. Well, this is true for every proofreading software but Grammarly advertises like they can make your writing better. Only proper learning and practice can make your writing better — nothing else. That's a false advertisement.
  • The Grammarly team’s advertising strategy for their premium plans is rather too aggressive.

Because of these issues, I switched to — an incredible AI-based writing assistant with autocompletion support. One more tool that I use to proofread blog articles is ProWritingAid. These two are way better than Grammarly and both come with free trials. So use these while you are in need, and choose not to pay again.

Best Grammarly Alternatives

Here are some more Grammarly Alternatives that you can use, including Sapling and ProWritingAid.


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Sapling is an AI-powered grammar checker software that was originally built for enterprises but is now also available for individuals.

It catches more errors than Grammarly and more language problems than all of the tools combined. It works on all the text-based web apps like Gmail, Docs, WordPress, Salesforce Lightning, and Zendesk and helps improve writing ability.

Plus it comes with an autocompletion feature in its premium version.

The pro version can be used for free for 30 days by clicking here.


ProWritingAid is one of the best, if not the best, Grammarly alternatives in the market. It is a feature-rich editor and grammar checker that is much more economically priced than Grammarly. 

It offers more than 20 content reports, including basic metrics like a summary and overused phrases or words. You will also have access to advanced analytics like diction, sentence length, and clichés.

ProWritingAid can be readily integrated into Google Docs and allows you to edit content as you write or copy-paste from an application or website. It also gives you appropriate vocabulary suggestions arranged in order of relevance.

As of now, ProWritingAid is priced at $70 per year (half of Grammarly), with occasional seasonal discounts available.


This is a great spellchecker and grammar editor that is straightforward to use. It is available in the form of two different plans – free and premium. The free plan supports 40 languages for translational purposes. However, you will have to buy the premium plan to gain access to most of its advanced features. If you pay yearly, you will be able to purchase Ginger for $12.48 a month.

You can readily add Ginger to Firefox, Safari, or Chrome for editing your material online. Ginger also allows you to maintain a customized thesaurus with industry-specific terminology that you don’t want it to flag. If you aren’t keen to load your system with Ginger plugins, you can visit their site and paste the text you need to edit. Keep in mind, though, that there is a limit to the number of characters you can paste.


LanguageTool is a free-to-use, open-source online proofreading platform that efficiently checks your content for spelling, style, and grammatical mistakes. As its name suggests, it is the only tool that can check your text in over 28 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more.

LanguageTool is available as an add-on for MS Word, Google Docs, and LibreOffice, and also for browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.

This powerful multilingual tool underlines errors in different colors depending on the severity of the mistake. Thus, you will be able to identify and correct them with greater ease. You can add words to your personal dictionary so that the tool doesn’t flag them in the future. LanguageTool is so similar to Grammarly that people accustomed to the latter will be able to adapt quickly to it. It works remarkably better for Google Docs than Grammarly, with lesser glitches.

LanguageTool comes with a free plan for 20,000 characters per check, and the following paid plans:

  • Premium - $4.92 per month (40,000 characters per check)
  • Enterprise - $39 per month (More than 40,000 characters per check) 

Feature Comparison

Grammar Checkyesyesyesyesyes
Plagiarism Checkyesyesnonono
Sentence rephraseyesyesyesnoyes
Sentence formattingyesyesyesyesyes
Style editoryesyesyesnono
Tone Checkeryesyesyesnono
Engagement Metricsyesyesyesnono
Enterprises basedyesyesyesyesyes

I could have listed 100 Grammarly Alternatives and tools that are available online. But only these 4 tools can beat the competition out of Grammarly as of now. Feel free to try any of these and start proofreading better.

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