Best Free Punctuation Checker Tools Online

It doesn’t matter how strong one’s grammar is. The possibility of making errors due to stress, negligence, overconfidence, and various other factors is always there. If there are silly punctuation errors in your content, it can be a very embarrassing and awkward situation for you. Incorrect use of punctuation marks seems like a very tiny mistake to make, but it can actually change the entire meaning of the sentence. See the example given below:

“Let’s eat children!”

“Let’s eat, children!”

A simple comma checker tool could have prevented this error from happening. Although this is obviously a hilarious example, such punctuation errors can actually harm you in certain circumstances, especially when it comes to readability and thus, SEO optimization. That said, you don’t need to worry too much because it is a common human tendency to make such mistakes.

If you put effort into keeping your content free from punctuation errors, you can actually get a significant advantage over your rivals. That is because content writers and bloggers generally tend to ignore these errors. You can even get an SEO advantage if you are writing for Google. Today, there are a variety of online punctuation checker tools to help you correct such errors in your written material.

In this article, I have listed my choices for the best free punctuation checker tools available online. All of them are free for use, and will easily correct common punctuation errors like the inappropriate use or omission of full stops, commas, semicolons, and so on.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is, by far, the best punctuation and grammar checker tool presently available on the internet. Nearly every professional journalist, content writer, copywriter, and blogger uses this tool to fix grammatical and punctuation errors in their work. Grammarly, which is available both as a free and paid version, can recognize and correct more than 250 grammatical and punctuation errors when you write on the internet. For this purpose, it uses state-of-the-art technologies like A.I. algorithms and machine learning.

Grammarly  has One of the Best Free Punctuation Checker Tools
  • Grammarly is notable for being able to identify even minor punctuation errors that are rarely detected by other platforms.
  • Apart from that, it closely analyzes your text’s reader engagement factor, clarity, and delivery to help you maintain professional standards in your work.
  • Unlike most other proofreading tools, Grammarly allows you to customize its scoring algorithm according to your goals.
  • If you need to write an informal article instead of a formal one, it will give you the corresponding set of tools you need.
  • Its core proofreading facilities are available for free. 
  • You will be able to use Grammarly on nearly all browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • The Grammarly extension can be smoothly integrated with your Facebook account, email creator, WordPress post editor, and various other platforms.
  • It is also available as a separate app for MacOS and Windows and an add-on for MS Word. The app actively analyzes your writing style when you are typing any text, and keeps a tab on grammatical errors that you make.

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2. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke offers a number of useful features, and is widely considered a fierce rival to Grammarly. It efficiently identifies and highlights grammatical and punctuation errors in your text. It has a significant advantage over Grammarly – unlike the latter, it is available as an iOS and Android app. You can use it in the form of browser add-ons as well.

However, WhiteSmoke tends to be poor at identifying content-specific grammatical mistakes at times. Apart from that, it is of great help to non-native English writers in particular. It is also easy to use regardless of the device you are operating.

  • It is supported on all web browsers, Windows 10, MacOS, Microsoft Office, and Gmail.
  • WhiteSmoke also offers free document templates to help users work with documents they might be unfamiliar with, such as business letters, contracts, and legal documents.
  • It is also available in the form of a handy app with all its vital proofreading features. You will be able to access its grammar checker, punctuation checker, and vast library of learning resources on any compatible mobile device.

3. PaperRater

PaperRater is one of the most user-friendly punctuation checker tools you will ever come across. When using it, you simply need to copy and paste your content into the editor window. Alternatively, you can upload the written material to the editor in the form of a document file. After you click the “Get Report” button, PaperRater will start analyzing your content. It will then highlight the punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors in your text.

  • You can pay for the premium version of PaperRater, which offers a plagiarism detector similar to the one in Grammarly.
  • You can check and compare your text with over 10 million online documents to ensure that the content does not feature any duplicate text. This ability has earned it a lot of popularity among academicians. That said, you should still use Grammarly to make an advanced analysis for plagiarism.

4. Ginger Punctuation Checker

Ginger is one of the most widely used online punctuation checkers in use. It detects a wide range of punctuation errors with remarkable accuracy, and also offers accurate translation support for more than 65 languages. It has an inbuilt text reader to help you hear what your text sounds like when read aloud. You can use this feature to notice strange wordings and inconsistencies that many non-native English speakers don’t immediately recognize.

  • For people who are interested in improving their writing skills, Ginger Software offers a useful Personal Trainer feature. This will give you access to a number of practice sessions to help you work on specific writing skills.
  • However, it is important to mention that Ginger has a limit of 120 words on the size of the text you can check on its web interface. Thus, it will be difficult for you to use the Ginger Punctuation Checker for a full-length article. However, you can buy a premium Ginger account to do away with this word limit.

5. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an online cloud-based proofreading platform with a number of excellent features to help you produce truly professional-quality articles. When it comes to proofreading tools, ProWritingAid is as good as Grammarly. Non-native English speakers will get to learn a lot while working with this tool. Admittedly, its user interface isn’t as organized as that of Grammarly. However, that is largely compensated by its vast library of learning resources.

ProWritingAid has a number of other useful features as well.

  • For example, its Repeat Checker will automatically identify the most frequently used phrases and words in your text.
  • It will then suggest alternative words or synonyms to add more variety to your writing.
  • The Clichés Checker feature does what its name suggests – helps you remove embarrassing clichés and redundant words from your article.
  • The free version of ProWritingAid allows you to check a maximum of 500 words at a time. You can get this limit removed by purchasing a premium ProWritingAid license. Fortunately, it is available at barely half the cost of a yearly Grammarly subscription. However, it is rather too expensive if you only have to use ProWritingAid for a short-term project.

6. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is an open-source spelling and grammar checker for over 30 languages. It has a very user-friendly interface and can be used on most online platforms, and some offline applications like MS Office. It also encourages both business and individual users to add valuable inputs to improve the error detection techniques.

LanguageTool enjoys a lot of popularity among contemporary users, because it identifies many more mistakes compared to other online proofreading tools. For example, it uses a proofreading engine of over 1,700 patterns to detect errors. It can readily identify grammatical and punctuation errors made by both native and non-native English speakers. You can use its customizable dictionary function to add word exemptions in accordance with your writing style.

It is compatible with various browsers (including Firefox and Google Chrome), word processors like MS Word and Vim, email clients like Outlook, and many applications of similar open-source platforms like LibreOffice and OpenOffice. You can also run it as a standalone desktop program if needed. The free version of LanguageTool has a limit of 2,500 characters per check. You can subscribe to its premium version for $19.00 per month to do away with this limit.

LanguageTool supports various languages like Ukrainian, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, and Catalan.

7. is a free online grammar editing tool which enables you to proofread your material thoroughly enough to produce flawless content. It can identify and fix errors that most simple spell checkers are unable to detect. With its help, you can easily proofread any English text using a simple Copy & Paste function. Also, protects your privacy by refraining from saving your text, or keeping your log files. Text material is immediately processed and is deleted right after that.

Sometimes, you see colorful underlined prompts in the tool’s space. Each of these prompts indicates a separate spelling or grammatical mistake, style suggestion, or grammar suggestion.

8. Grammar Checker

Scribens is a truly powerful punctuation and grammar checker tool which is ten times as efficient as Microsoft Word in identifying errors. It can help you rectify pretty much all kinds of mistakes, including common spelling and grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, typographs, and more than 250 other mistakes that both non-native and native English speakers tend to make. is very simple to use as well. You just need to visit its official website, copy and paste the text you want to proofread for punctuation errors, and press the Check button. The tool will now start showing various suggestions, along with the steps you need to take to fix your text.

9. Virtual Writing Tutor

Paid tools can be difficult to access for students and financially weak individuals. In that case, Virtual Writing Tutor is an excellent free-to-use app which allows visitors to have immediate access to its proofreading tools. In fact, it does not even ask users to go through a stressful registration process. The proofreading tools will be shown to you as soon as you visit the Virtual Writing Tutor’s homepage. You can enter your text in there and click the “Check Punctuation” button to get started. 

You will receive a detailed report of your text’s punctuation errors within a few seconds. It consists of three sections – an exclamation mark tracker, a collection of statistics, and a list of identified punctuation errors. Exclamation marks are supposed to be avoided in academic texts to keep the tone formal.  The statistics are meant to track the progress of your proofreading work. Virtual Writing Tutor successfully detects most of the punctuation errors in your text, and displays them neatly along with relevant explanations and suggestions.

To help you improve your writing skills and reduce the incidence of errors, Virtual Writing Tutor has two more features – a random error game, and a vocabulary analysis tool. It also has text-to-speech and voice recognition facilities to make your work easier. Most importantly, the Virtual Writing Tutor is completely free to use. There are no limits that you have to worry about. However, it does suffer from a few minor technical issues, such as internal server errors and login issues.

10. After the Deadline

After the Deadline is the punctuation and grammar tool used by the driving force behind the WordPress CMS, Automatic.  It can be used as a command-line interface tool, OpenOffice extension, and an add-on with browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. As of now, the add-on for Microsoft Word is not available. However, that might change in the future. Most of the tools are defunct as of now and only a web interface is working.

The web interface can be found at You simply have to enter the content and click on the check writing. The tool will then highlight punctuation and grammatical errors in the text and correct them.

Another tool to check for punctuation is which I have discussed in detail in an earlier article. For writers and bloggers, writing flawless content free from punctuation errors is a necessity. I hope you will be able to use the best free punctuation checker tools I have listed here to yield better results for your hard work.