How to Use Content Marketing as a Winning Promotion Strategy on Instagram?

Today, Instagram is a priority tool for doing business. On the platform, a solvent audience is concentrated, as well as a huge range of tools for the formation of sales funnels and advertising settings. In this article, we will consider one of the effective promotion strategies and disclose how to effectively promote your project with content.

What business opportunities does content marketing provide for Instagram?

business opportunities does content marketing provide for Instagram

In the last few years, Internet users have developed banner blindness, people have stopped perceiving advertising messages, and the effectiveness of direct advertising has significantly decreased. Because of this, promotion tactics have changed, and now to retain customers, it is important to provide value and gain people's trust. This task can be realized with the help of content marketing.

Content marketing has a significant competitive advantage because people trust personalities more than companies. When you provide useful expert information, as well as argue your results with successful cases and testimonials, people trust you, become more loyal to your brand, and convert into customers faster and easier. 

When the brand loyalty is higher than price loyalty, the interpersonal format of the relationship is activated and your customers will not go to your competitors. 

With the help of content marketing, you can make up sells. According to statistics, attracting a new customer is 5-10 times more expensive than keeping an existing one. So you need to bet on the customers you already have. With the help of content, you will save resources, and sales to the existing client will be much easier and more profitable.

Content marketing is a tool that has a cumulative effect and brings results in the long term. Therefore, the more and longer you invest in the development of the blog, the higher its return. 

How to write engaging texts?

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Before writing any text, define its purpose: to sell a core product, build loyalty,  reinforce expertise, inform, etc.

Do not write for everyone, but for specific people. To make your messages personalized and encourage potential customers to respond to your offer, it's important to understand your target audience's key concerns, pains, needs, and objectives. 

80 percent of your text depends on the headline. So, create a headline that will talk about the value or benefits to the reader. Saturate your headline with different triggers and bright adjectives that subconsciously provoke stronger emotions. 

Before you start writing, train your watchfulness: peer into the texture and notice the peculiar features of objects. That way you'll turn on your visual perception, which will have a big impact on the text. As a result, the reader will see vivid visual images and juicy adjectives. 

Use the format of storytelling and package key ideas, messages, and insights into interesting stories. This technique will not only attract and hold the reader's attention but also make your text memorable and the key idea very clear.

Instagram is constantly evolving, the competition is gaining new momentum and it is no longer enough to provide quality content. It is important to confirm the content value by a high level of popularity and involvement. That's why in the first stages of promotion, entrepreneurs strive to quickly get Instagram likes, comments, and views to create the effect of demand and to keep the attention of new users.

How to create an effective content plan?

How to create an effective content plan?

A content plan or content marketing plan is a useful tool for organizing your work properly. It allows you to publish information on time and without long pauses. Moreover, it's easier to keep the balance and the right ratio of key topics. With the proper chain of posts, you'll create an effective funnel from acquaintance with the brand to repeat purchases.

Before building a content plan, it's important to analyze the actions of your competitors and see, by the degree of involvement, which topics are in high demand and which ones are less interesting for the audience.

To keep users' attention, generate varied content that performs different tasks. For example,  build trust with testimonials and successful cases, interact with your subscribers with surveys and quizzes, show the inner workings of your business, and dilute useful content with motivation and humor. 

In social networks, a brand is a specific person who makes a certain impression and has its energy. So, it is very important to generate not only expert content but also one that reveals you as a multifaceted person. So, post your lifestyle, travel, insight, hobbies, etc.

To reach the maximum number of audiences, pack your competencies in different formats: posts, video content, Stories, Reels, and live broadcasts. This way you engage different channels of perception and increase people's involvement.

How to promote content on Instagram?

Before you take any marketing steps, it's important to package your profile well. To do this, form a good positioning in the description, fill a profile with quality posts, and don't ignore the opportunity to get real Instagram likes, followers, and other activity metrics. The quality of your account preparation will determine the retention level of new audiences and the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. 

The most flexible and versatile tool is targeted advertising, with which you can more specifically find your target audience, and make more personalized offers.

A key factor, necessary for the success of advertising, is an understanding of your target audience. It is not enough to set up a minimum set of characteristics such as geography, gender, age, etc. It is important to realize more deeply the psychology of your potential client: his fears, pains, problems, tasks, and show how your product or service can solve them.

Targeted advertising is not an algorithm, but constant testing. This tool provides detailed statistics, which allows you to constantly analyze strategies, strengthen successful mechanics and stop those that are ineffective.

Use video content in your advertisements. This format is trending, so you'll get more reach and the price for the results will be cheaper.  


To sum up, by publishing quality content you will lay a strong foundation for your brand, which will have a unique character and will attract a larger number of loyal customers. Moreover, with the help of content marketing, you can build trust, which is a key factor for long-lasting relationships and stable sales.