15 Best Link in Bio Tools for Instagram & TikTok

Many creators and marketers have been finding it challenging to deal with the Instagram & TikTok bio link feature; as of now, you are only allowed to have one link on your Instagram bio or TikTok profile. Previously, to change it, you needed to keep swapping links whenever you started a new campaign. Fortunately, that isn’t required anymore; you can use that one link for many purposes.

An excellent way of optimizing that one link is to use link in bio tools. With the help of these tools, you can make your TikTok and Instagram marketing strategy much more effective. You can also use them to improve sales, measure clicks, and drive more traffic to your website. Most importantly, they allow you to promote more than one link simultaneously.

In this article, I have listed my picks for the 15 best link in bio tools that can help you maximize the links in your Instagram & TikTok bio. Before that, let’s first understand why these tools are so important.

Simply speaking, the link in bio rule on Instagram limits you, the marketer, from adding individual posts links or more than one link in your bio. Instead, you need to manually swap the bio link whenever you want to promote a new product, campaign, or blog post. For this reason, we commonly see most marketers and creators asking followers to check out the link in their bio.

Fortunately, link in bio Instagram tools put all of these problems to rest by helping you link to more pages and content. However, all of them work in different ways. To choose one of them, you need to ask yourself the following questions first:

  1. What type of campaigns do you plan to run?
  2. What exactly are you promoting? Is it a campaign, a landing page, links to your website content, or simply products? What kind of promotional content do you want to post?
  3. If you’re promoting products, how long do you plan to run the promotions? How many products do you need to promote?
  4. Do you intend the links to increase engagement or site visits to your website?
  5. What is the budget you’re working on?

By answering these questions, you will be able to choose the best link in bio tool for your business.

It is important to mention that link in bio tools are not meant for Instagram alone. They can come in handy if you want to promote your brand on other social networks as well.

The 15 best link in bio tools for instagram

Now that we’ve understood the importance of link in bio tools for Instagram – let us take a look at my choices for the fifteen best link in bio tools presently available.

Developed by EmbedSocial, Feedlink serves as a mobile and web-optimized landing page that puts together a clickable Instagram feed in a single place. Using this tool, you can tag every photo in the feed with a special link and greatly enhance your Instagram account’s potential as a sales and distribution channel.

Feedlink gives you the following features:

  • An Instagram bio link page that loads fast by virtue of its AMP version.
  • A reusable link that you can assign to other social media profiles.
  • A highly efficient, mobile-optimized landing page that works great on all devices.
  • Increased conversions, traffic, and revenue using your Instagram profile.
  • A shoppable landing page that directs followers to product pages.
  • An option to transform the feed page without having to change the link in bio again.

Depending on the number of additional features and sources, its pricing plans range from $19 to $99 per month.

2. LinkFolio

When it comes to specially dedicated influencers and brands, LinkFolio is the way to go. Developed by FamePick, it is very much like an extension of your brand. Using LinkFolio, you can share URLs to other assets and monetize your brand with great ease. This powerful tool is well-known for two special features:

  1. It comes with a unique method of selling services to your audience known as Collab Me. Using this feature, you can bill your customers directly through LinkFolio and easily sell everything from one-on-one video calls to merchandise.
  2. It gives you acquicklyo more than 3,000 brands. With the help of their details, you can come up with ideas for influencer marketing opportunities.

Apart from this, LinkFolio also offers the following:

  • Cross-linking to other social media platform accounts.
  • Unlimited URLs.
  • A unique analytics tool known as Folio-lytics.
  • A customizable interface for your LinkFolio page.
  • FP insight – a great collection of influencer marketing industry reports on leading Instagram brands and posts.
  • An inbuilt contact form for lead generation.

LinkFolio comes with a free plan and three different paid plans – ranging from its Basic plan ($5 per month) to the Business plan ($50 per month).

3. Shorby

Using Shorby, you can add multiple links to direct your followers to your blog, website, online store, social networks, affiliate links, and so on. You can also use it to:

  • Add, swap, or change links to your heart’s content.
  • Add text blocks, rich links, catchy headlines, and GIFs.
  • Access analytics and track your traffic.
  • Customize your page with the help of animated avatars, backgrounds, icons, and videos.
  • Retarget audiences on third-party websites such as Amazon and Clickbank.
  • Improve engagement across channels by cross-linking to other social profiles.

Shorby presently offers a 5-day free trial with paid plans ranging from $9 to $99 per month, depending on the features you require.

4. Linktree

Linktree is a helpful tool for optimizing your landing pages using links to websites you want your audience to visit. You can also use it to share these links on other social websites such as Facebook and Twitch.

The paid version of Linktree, priced at $6 per month, allows you to use your own logo instead of Linktree’s. By subscribing to the premium plan, you will be able to:

  • Customize fonts, colors, and button styles.
  • Receive a breakdown of your link traffic.
  • Retarget visitors on Facebook and Instagram with the help of the Facebook Pixel.
  • Add unlimited links.
  • Use icons to conveniently link to all your social platforms and websites.
  • Gain access to priority support.
  • Store your signups directly to Google Sheets or Mailchimp.
  • Time links to go live with posts you’ve scheduled.

5. Lnk.Bio

Using Lnk.Bio, you can create a mobilized landing page that features all your links. Its free plan allows you to add an unlimited number of links along with accompanying images. Apart from that, it has two different paid versions priced at $0.99 a month and $9.99 per month. The latter is a lifetime plan and allows you to remove the Lnk.Bio footer and logo.

Both the paid versions offer the following features:

  • Unlimited links
  • Email support
  • A custom URL
  • Link stats and analytics

With the help of Sked Link, you can link followers to your website, blog posts, products, email newsletter groups, and much more. It presently offers three different plans – the Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans. The Basic and Pro features allow you to:

  • Access link analytics
  • Alter links
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Customize as per your needs or select from existing themes
  • Include UTM parameters

If you subscribe to the Enterprise plan, you must pay a custom price to host your Sked Link on your domain name. You will be able to add other advanced integrations as well.

7. Milkshake App

The Milkshape App has been designed to help users build an Insta website (simple website) on their devices. It’s quite a simple process – your link in bio becomes an Insta website where you can put up your offers for followers to check out.

The app has been optimized for the mobile Instagram browser and allows your followers to browse through your content just like they swipe Instagram stories. After clicking on the Milkshake link in your bio, they will be able to view your brand’s products and other content.

You can use the app to:

  • Customize cards and themes
  • Share your Instawebsite to your Instagram stories
  • Invite followers to call or message you with the help of a link
  • Access insights and analytics
  • Add a “buy” button that directs users to a purchase page on PayPal

Unlike other link in bio tools, Link in Profile enables you to add links to Instagram images that your followers can then use to direct traffic to your website. Pulling content from your feed, it uses a specified photo to take users to the linked content. As of now, it is priced at $9.99 and offers a 30-day free trial at no risk.

Features of Link in Profile include:

  • Zero effort management
  • Stats and analytics
  • A dedicated landing page
  • Enabled commerce links for shop pages, affiliate links, or Etsy
  • A branded landing page for you to put up your Instagram name and profile picture

9. Tap Bio

Tap Bio is a link in bio tool that enables you to personalize and brand smaller websites that contain all the links that you need to have on your Instagram account. These websites feature a user-friendly interface where you can create mobile-optimized landing pages.

Tap Bio is notable for using cards that serve as extensions of your landing page, each of which can have a different function where you may highlight several links. You can do so without losing your single call-to-action advantage, which increases the chances of your followers clicking on the link.

The tool comes with the following plans:

  • A free Basic account gives you access to one profile and a card to add one unique link.
  • The Silver plan for $5 per month with three extra cards and analytics to your links.
  • The Gold plan at $12 per month gives you access to infinite cards and stats. It also lets you use three different IG accounts.

10. ContactInBio

This link in bio tool allows you to connect your followers to other links and content such as images, text, videos, contact forms, and much more. It also lets you customize your username and, with the link in bio, help customers contact you quickly. The free plan gives you access to:

  • The ability to connect multiple accounts and switch between them swiftly
  • A custom profile URL
  • The ability to customize color, texts, and links
  • Link analytics
  • An “Add Contact Form” option and social media buttons
  • A user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop editor

The paid plan is priced at $7 per month for businesses and $28 per month for agencies. It comes with extra features such as:

  • Branding
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Video and image uploading
  • Email signup and collection
  • Mailchimp integration

11. Campsite

Campsite has numerous premium features to help you deal with the “one link in Instagram bio” issue. You can use this tool to:

  • Add unlimited links
  • Add social accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more
  • Archive and restore links
  • Access analytics
  • Customize colors and fonts on the landing page
  • Alter the title and include a brief introduction
  • Conveniently switch between multiple Campsite accounts
  • Schedule when links should stop appearing or go live
  • Retarget visitors with Facebook or Google AdWords

The tool offers a free account and provides additional features with its Pro account ($7 per month).

Taplink is a state-of-the-art link in bio tool that presently boasts over 275k active users. It has been optimized for social media influencers and small businesses to promote their services and products. It features more than 300 readymade templates that are readily customizable according to your needs.

Unfortunately, the free version of Taplink is relatively scant when it comes to features. The premium account is priced at $2 per month and offers extra features such as:

  • Map blocks
  • HTML blocks
  • Videos
  • Pictures

13. InstaBio

When it comes to celebrities and social media influencers, InstaBio is an excellent choice. It is a pretty simple tool that you can easily use to link all of your social media handles on a single platform. Its free version comes with basic customization options to change the color of your website, but doesn’t have advanced options. The premium plan is priced at $4.99 per month and gives you access to pro themes.

14. Solo.to

If you happen to be an artist, streamer, or creator, then Solo.to could be the perfect option for you. Like InstaBio, it comes with basic functionality to help users and small businesses link all their social media handles on a single platform. Doing this will make it easier for your followers to interact with you.

The free version of Solo.to has some limitations that the Premium plan ($1 per month) does away with. It gives you access to additional features such as basic analytics and a Dark mode theme.

15. Bio.fm

Bio.fm is a popular tool that helps you share your social media handles and content with your followers. It includes numerous customized blocks that you can use to make your link in bio website more engaging. It is pretty similar to Linktree in terms of functionality, but also allows you to display content from social media websites. Moreover, it is compatible with all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Medium, Twitter, and Spotify.

Bio.fm is an excellent platform for linking your social media handles and displaying your content.


This article featured the fifteen best link in bio tools for Instagram presently available in the market. Most of them feature at least one free version, and you can opt for the premium version if you want additional features. You should choose an apt tool from the list that fits your budget and serves your needs well.

Each of these tools will help you do away with the “one link in bio” limitation on Instagram. Moreover, you can use these tools on other social media platforms as well. I hope they help you create effective marketing campaigns that help you resonate with your audience.

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