Physical Chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with the principles of physics involved in chemical reactions and examines the following: How do chemical reactions take place? How does matter behave on a molecular and atomic level? The discoveries of physical chemists are based on understanding chemical properties and describing their behavior with the help of physical theories and mathematical computations. Physical chemistry plays an

Inorganic chemistry deals with the chemical properties and reactions of all non-organic compounds, including metals, minerals, and organometallic compounds. These compounds find widespread use in the form of catalysts, pigments, surfactants, fuels, coatings, medicines, and much more. The field of inorganic chemistry overlaps with various other disciplines such as organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biology, agriculture, geology, etc. After pursuing a degree in inorganic chemistry, you can

Organic chemistry is one of the most important branches of chemistry that deals with the structure, composition, properties, preparation, and reactions of carbon-containing compounds. It is a highly creative branch of science that allows chemists to develop new compounds for human welfare and find better ways of synthesizing existing ones. Organic chemistry finds application in a wide range of industries such as plastics, cosmetics, agrochemicals, dyestuff,

Looking for the best websites to download free eBooks? In the modern digital age, eBooks have been gaining a lot of popularity. Gone are the times when we needed to scramble around shelves in public libraries looking for books we needed urgently. Today, nearly every title you want is available to download in digital format with a click of your mouse or a tap of your

Are you looking for an algebra book that can carry you in your school or college life? If you are, you are at the right place. In this article I have listed the best algebra books for beginners as well as school and college students. These books are categorized in three sections: Beginners, High School and College Algebra Books. The purpose is to take you from

Books are essential no matter what your field of study is. Books are the epitome of knowledge. We know practical applications are more vital while coding, but one can be good with coding without explicit theoretical knowledge. Before trying to code and find a solution to any problem, reading and understanding the problem is essential, which is also a good coder or problem solver trait. Thus,

Python is a translated, communal, object-oriented programming language. In recent years Python has become widely popular among programmers and has also been incorporated in schools and colleges as a major language to learn. The primary reason for this is that Python includes modules, exceptions, and simple, hassle-free syntax, which makes the language very easy to incorporate. A simple program, which may take 20 to 25 lines

Obviously, whitecoat and stethoscope is a dream of many since their childhood. It’s so fascinating. Many students want to pursue medical science as their career. And the gateway for the medical colleges is NEET. If you want to take admission in MBBS or BDS or AYUSH courses in top medical colleges in India NEET is your only way in. NEET is a pan-India medical entrance examination.

If all goes well, CAT 2022 will be organized in November 2022 as usual. So, you must be looking for guides, tutorials and the best books for CAT Preparation 2022? If you are, you are at the right place. If you are new here, please read my guide on how to prepare for CAT from home. I have shared some insights, ideas, tricks and even a

Looking for recommendations on the best statistical mechanics textbooks? In this article, I have listed some of the best statistical mechanics books for Statistical Physics majors. In this list, I have collected only those books that are loved by both teachers and students. These books are considered the top textbooks in all the colleges and universities around the world. What is Statistical Mechanics/Statistical Physics? If you

Looking for the best Real Analysis books? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, I have listed and reviewed the top 10 real analysis books sorted by their popularity and content quality. These books are not just the best real analysis books but these also create a solid foundation for you going ahead. What makes me eligible to say which book

Fresh into Calculus? Are you looking for the best calculus books that you should start with? Well, when I was your age I had tried several books from library, borrowed books from friends and purchased over a dozen from Amazon. But not all books were effective and most of these only wasted my time. Going over too many books can be harmful. So , you should

To assist you in your journey of self-improvement, I’ve listed 10 productivity books centered mainly on personal development and productivity.  The research, tips and case studies found in these books are simply mind-blowing and I have summarized those in one or two paragraphs. Books Focusing On Habits The Power of Habit — Why We Do What We Do and How to Change by Charles Duhigg Cue –>

Are you looking for the best General Relativity books to start your studies in the Theory of Relativity? Relativity, Spacetime, Gravitational Theory, Quantum Mechanics and String Theory, etc., are some of the most important branches of advanced physics. If you are looking to have a career in these, these General Relativity books for beginners may be the perfect spot for you. Here is my pick for

This is in continuation of my article on getting started with measure theory. As a measure theory student, you may have gone through the trouble of selecting the best books on measure theory. I had the same troubles once. That’s why I have collected the 15 best measure theory books for graduate students. Here is the list: Photo Title Buy Measure Theory and Fine Properties of

Cryptography or Cryptology is an interesting topic in mathematics and related sciences. It is a branch in math that mostly relies on the practical application of the subject. In 2011, I came to know about this while reading the Elementary Number Theory by David M. Burton. It has a little chapter on Cryptography focused primarily for number theory students. But this whole idea of cryptography opened

The subject mathematics itself sends a chill through our spine. But it is not that difficult if you understand the fundamentals of all the concepts from the beginning. To do that, you need to refer to a good book such as NCERT textbook especially if you are studying in Class 9. As a CBSE student, Class 9 is a very crucial part of your life as

The named publishers are nowadays suffering because they tend to promote a few books by even fewer celebrity authors. This leads to serious financial problems, such as when they give a famous politician a major cash advance and that person’s book fails to sell. The issue is compounded by publishers aiming for the widest possible audience while the audience is seeking content that suits their exact

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