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20+ Best LSAT Prep Books

The LSAT is one of the most important exams a law student will take in their career. Therefore, it is crucial for you to prepare well for the exam – for that is what could become the difference between a 155 LSAT score and a 165 LSAT score. The study material you choose for your preparation plays an important role in your end result. Today, hundreds of LSAT prep books are available in the market, all of which differ significantly in terms of quality.

In this article, I have listed the best LSAT prep books for:

  • both beginners and experienced users,
  • both self-studying LSAT students and
  • those studying under a tutor, and different kinds of learners.

Whatever category you belong to, ensure that you use one or two books that suit your needs and learning style. I understand that students are under the constraints of both time and money; therefore, I have listed books that are crisp and essentially affordable. They can help you achieve an outstanding LSAT score to enter your dream law school.

Before we begin, let us have a concise overview of the LSAT itself.

About the LSAT

About lsat test

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized test approved by the American Bar Association that serves as the gateway for admission into law schools. It uses three kinds of questions to measure a student’s skills in critical reading, verbal reasoning, and analytical thinking. It comprises of four sections of 35 minutes each that entirely consist of multiple-choice questions:

  1. Two logical reasoning sections assess your ability to evaluate and analyze arguments.
  2. The analytical reasoning section (also known as “logic games”) evaluates your skills in basic logic, including deductive reasoning and finding structure within organized data.
  3. The reading comprehension section includes scholarly passages and assesses your ability to identify primary ideas and details, draw inferences, and make necessary interpolations.

Another section of the LSAT – the experimental section – resembles the other sections but isn’t a part of your score. As per LSAC, “pretest new test items and to preequate new test forms”.

At the end of the test, there’s the 30-minute writing sample that assesses your ability to argue one position over another. Although it’s not graded, it helps law schools in the admission process.

Best LSAT prep books

Best lsat prep books text with books icon on left

In this section, I’ve listed the choicest LSAT prep books that help you get well acquainted with the unique question format of the LSAT.

Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep

The Princeton Review is one of the most well-known names in standardized test prep, and its LSAT review lives up to that reputation. It comes with detailed explanations of the exam’s logic puzzles, offering background information and similar solving strategies for applying to related problems.

The book includes full-length practice tests and gives you access to the online Premium Portal for video explanations of problems and puzzles. It also features a concise overview of applying to law school, what to expect from that process, and a full sample essay. Although the text is a bit dry and old-fashioned in its approach, it is an unparalleled resource for aspiring lawyers.

The LSAT Trainer

Authored by Mike Kim, the LSAT Trainer focuses on test strategies with pretty easily understandable explanations. It explains complicated problems in incremental steps, showing the reader how to efficiently approach problem sets and “visualize” what exactly the puzzle is asking. If you are a visual learner, then you will certainly like its organized layout that highlights critical concepts using visual cues.

The book covers all three sections of the LSAT and includes more than 200 practice questions throughout every review. However, it doesn’t feature full-length tests; for that purpose, you must buy another resource or take online tests to get an accurate idea of your abilities. Nevertheless, as long as you have that covered, the LSAT Trainer is an excellent choice to go with.

Kaplan’s LSAT Unlocked: Comprehensive Prep with Real PrepTest Questions

Kaplan is another well-known name in the field of standardized test prep. Their test prep bundle features both paperback and online media content that has been meticulously crafted to get the reader acquainted with the basic concepts of the LSAT sections. It includes practice questions along with explanations segregated into smaller steps. It also provides unique strategies for dealing with every type of question.

After you buy the book, you will get access to online practice tests that you can take to assess your level of preparation for the real exam. Although it is a great overview of the test, you require online access to get the benefit of full-length tests. The fact that the LSAT has moved to digital format makes it even more useful.

The PowerScore Bible Trilogy

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The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy
  • David M. Killoran (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This is a set of books that addresses every section of the LSAT separately. It provides stepwise explanations and effective training for approaching each of those sections. Many experts consider these books to be among the most thorough options available in the LSAT prep market. If you have been planning to dedicate at least six months to your preparation, they are a great resource for understanding both the content of the test and strategies for taking the exam.

Students who are having trouble with any of the LSAT sections can choose to purchase the individual books for more support. Doing so could help them tackle the trickier sections successfully and give them greater chances of scoring high.

Mometrix LSAT prep book

In Mometrix’s test prep manual, you will find comprehensive explanations for problem sets for each one of the three LSAT sections. It includes plenty of practice problems, crystal clear explanations, and stepwise instructions. Notably, every section also features links to online videos that have been designed to break down problems and answer questions efficiently. By seeing these problems in action, visual learners will find it easier to master difficulties.

The best thing about the book is that it gives you several opportunities to understand the study material. Many people find it easier and more interesting to re-watch videos rather than return to the text repeatedly. Thus, it could prove to be the ideal book to guide you through your LSAT preparation.

The LSAT Tutor: Exam Study Guide

The LSAT Tutor offers a vintage approach to LSAT preparation, beginning with an introduction to taking the exam. Not only does it provide useful breakdowns of the test, but it also instructs the reader on how to approach it.

Every test-taking strategy provides practice questions and gives readers access to full-length practice tests as well. It features a pretty simple layout, and the explanations provided are thorough enough to give the students a thorough understanding of all the individual concepts involved.

Some of the sections in the book correspond to each of the main sections of the LSAT. The text focuses on breaking down the jargon and providing simple strategies to pondering over questions and what every section is for. Although it’s undoubtedly rather dry, it is quite effective as well.

Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep Quick & Dirty LSAT Primer

Authored by Nathan Fox, Introducing the LSAT gives aspirants an effective crash course on the exam itself. It is an especially good choice for students who have never practiced LSAT questions and require a quick overview of the same. If you are working with a relatively short study timeline (less than three months) and have access to online practice exams, then I recommend you to go for it as well.

Compared to the other books featured on this list, Introducing the LSAT is much more personable. The author candidly uses humor and a friendly, informal writing style to introduce crucial LSAT concepts. He also offers excellent expert advice for acing the examination. It is a great option for students who have a preference for conversational learning styles.

Keep in mind, though, that this book is not intended to be comprehensive. Rather, it is a hard-hitting yet accessible introduction to the LSAT as a concept, complete with tips and tricks to help you understand what exactly is going on. By combining it with a more comprehensive practice book, you will end up with a quality collection.

Official LSAT PrepTests

Finally, the Law School Admission Council’s test prep options include actual LSAT papers from previously conducted examinations. It is a truly excellent study tool for students who are already familiar with the examination pattern and require actual exposure to the real thing.

By taking full-length practice tests complete with timing, you will be able to assess your abilities accurately. After you have successfully solved the simple practice problems, you can pick up this book to take tests that aren’t already available online.

However, if you need a breakdown of more complicated concepts, then you must get a different test prep book. Also, considering the source, it is disappointing that the book doesn’t include any information about application processes. Nevertheless, it is a great way for students who are nearing the end of their study process to give their scores a final boost of support before the big day itself.

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The LSAT is very different from the other standardized tests you may have taken before. It is not contingent upon things you’ve learned in your school days. Therefore, you require the right test prep materials to understand the purpose of this examination. You need to learn what exactly the different sections are looking for and how you need to approach every type of question. I hope this article helps you out with that and enables you to achieve a top rank in the LSAT.

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