9Anime Alternatives: Best Free Anime Sites after 9anime.to

9anime (9anime.to) was a popular anime website and it offered free access/download of anime episodes in excellent quality without the need of registering yourself. After 9anime died, many anime websites have risen mimicking the same name but they are not to be trusted.

To watch the latest shows and get their favorite collections online anime lovers are searching for better options like 9anime. Anime lovers preferred 9anime (9anime.to), which was a popular anime website. It offered free access/download of anime episodes in excellent quality without the need of registering yourself. After 9anime closed down, many anime websites have risen mimicking the same name but they are not to be trusted.

Take 9anime-tv.com for example. This site has all the aesthetics and everything. But it doesn’t provide enough trust that is left to be filled after the closure of 9anime.to.

Live 9anime Mirrors

Here are some 9anime mirrors that are live and you can try:

  • 9anime.to (official site)
  • 9anime-tv.com
  • 9anime.city
9anime website alternatives

But these are not the end of anime provider websites. There is tons of content available on some of the popular anime sites like Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more.

Best 9anime Alternatives

As I said, there are a number of free and paid anime sites apart from 9anime. But here are the best sites for anime lovers which happen to be the 10 best alternatives to 9anime.

Please note that some of the sites may require a VPN in order to be accessed. Here are the VPNs that I recommend for accessing blocked sites and 9anime alternatives.


Like 9anime, AnimeHeros is also a free website that has wide categories of anime. It enables you to download and watch famous shows for free. This site has such an interactive interface which is easily accessible by anyone. Users can watch anime videos for free in subbed and dubbed form or any other language.

These anime are available free in various video formats like, 1080p full HD, 720p HD and high quality. Moreover, this website is so consistent that anime lovers can enjoy it on their smartphones and tablets. Animeheros doesn’t show advertisements while watching the video and that’s the most loved feature of this site.


Amazon PrimeVideo® is the latest hotspot for anime related TV shows, movies and much more. You can register for a 30 day free trial and start watching today. (If you are an Indian user, use this link to signup for a free trial of 30 days.)

PrimeVideo supports up to 4K resolution, english subtitles, additional trivia with their X-ray and plenty more. It has a mobile app that comes along with the web version, Xbox App etc.


KissAnime is the best online streaming website that specializes in anime. It is regarded as the king of Anime websites as it includes the largest collection of videos and consists of all anime genres such as horror, cartoons, adventure, comedy, romance, thriller, magic, war-based, sci-fi and many more.

You can even watch English subbed as well as dubbed videos in HD format and cover all video quality ranging from 240p-1080p. This site is regularly updated with new and latest videos.

It provides such an interface so that you can easily search for your favorite episode and can even play it on your smartphones and tablets. But if you want an interface which is totally ad-free in the page or while watching an episode then you have to register to this website.


The next in the list, GoGoAnime is a high quality online streaming website which offers anime in several resolutions. GoGoAnime offers a discussion platform so that users can put their ideas and feedback.

It has an interacting interface where users can sort their videos on the basis of release date, latest episodes or watch list preferences . Like KissAnime and AnimeHeros it is also a free online streaming site. GoGoAnime has animes available with English subtitles and some episodes are even dubbed in your preferred language. It also supports a mobile friendly interface through which you can easily access videos on your mobile.

If you want to download or purchase your favorite episode then you can do it by paying a subscription fee.


KuroAni is one of the highly recommended online anime sites for cartoons, movies and lot more. You don’t need to register to access the videos available on KuroAni. Users can also download videos in various formats from 240p to 720p and can even download for watching offline which is totally free of cost.

It is definitely safe with few ads, so that you can fully indulge in your favorite episodes. Moreover it is a user-friendly site and provides an English subbed version. Like GoGoAnime, it also supports customer help features through live chat, making it a perfect choice for anime lovers. In this way, KuroAni is one of the best alternatives to 9anime.


Netflix is the most popular and online streaming site all across the world with a wide variety of TV shows, movies and cartoons. Though it is a paid membership, it offers a free 1 month trial for new users.

Having 150 million subscribers all over the world, it has an array of exciting features. It is a tremendous app with no compatibility issues which means that you can easily watch your favorite shows on your mobile phones. Often the pop-up ads in between playing videos leave users irritated, but with Netflix you can watch your videos in peace as they are absolutely ad free.

Netflix offers offline downloads and high resolution original videos which will give you a fabulous and anime experience.

If you are opting for a paid membership, don’t worry, your money will not go in vain. Netflix is one of the most appreciated media subscriptions in the world.


Crunchyroll is another appreciated and popular online streaming site. If you are looking for dubbed videos then Crunchyroll is the perfect choice for enhancing your experience. Crunchyroll provides free anime streaming under 480p resolution and ads which is already worth if you are using an adblocker.

It also has its Premium Plan in case you want to adore its extra features. As quality is the prime key for the users, this site provides extremely high resolution videos, which takes its lovers  to the world of imagination. Crunchyroll is quite effective as users can easily navigate through the pages to search favorite anime and can even be used in devices such as iPhone, smartphones, PS4 and Xbox360. 

Crunchyroll is not available in India and other countries as of now. You can use a VPN to access it from a United States server. Namecheap VPN is the cheapest and costs only $12 for one year. In addition to Crunchyroll, this can help you in accessing other sites like Hulu as well. See the list of other VPNs for Crunchyroll here.


If you want maximum entertainment then Hulu is one of the best websites to watch anime videos. Apart from offering some free videos and free 30-days trials, it also provides its lovers with an affordable subscription plan ranging from $7.99 to $33.99 per month as per users choice. It has an extensive library and a wide variety of genres including supernatural , documentaries, horror, romantic all in full HD version.

Hulu has added the ability that users can download up to 25 shows and can watch up to 30 days. Ultimately it runs flawlessly even with five different devices and gives you an amazing experience.

For Hulu + live TV users can buy 200 hours of online DVR storage space for only $15 monthly. This service provides support for Xbox one, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, and Chromecast.


Here is another one of the best alternatives to 9anime. Chia- anime.su is the greatest source of entertainment and is content rich. This online streaming site is totally free, so you don’t have to pay a single penny to watch or download its episode.

Unlike other anime cited doesn’t have a wide selection of genres and extended libraries but has managed to offer outstanding video quality and high speed off show updates. Moreover this site is regularly updated with new episodes and has such an engaging interface which allows easy navigation to its users.


With an extensive collection of anime videos and an interactive interface; Animestreams is also one of the best alternatives of 9anime which offers guaranteed fun and entertainment. It has a user friendly interface which offers easy navigation and fewer advertisements to its users.

The best feature it provides is that if customers are facing any issues or they want to give their feedback, they can always do so by filling out a request form. You can even download your favorite episode for offline watching. This platform is totally safe and allows free streaming of videos in English subbed and dubbed form to its customer’s convenience; making itself more appealing to its lovers. 


“Anime lovers” have got another reason to enjoy their episodes which is Funanimation‘ (Official Website). It captures the massive attention of its users with its excellent features. It has an extensive collection of anime movies genres, series, TV shows, documentaries and many more which will not leave you unsatisfied.

Moreover, if you do not want to get interrupted while playing your favorite shows you can pay a small amount of money and enjoy your shows in peace without any ads. Users can even get their favorite episode in their preferred language along with subtitles and it’s dubbed & subbed version by paying a subscription fee.

Funanimation is known for its various streaming apps which means you can use these streaming apps on your desired platform including iOS.


RankAnime WebsiteOur Rating

There are hundreds of platforms which offer online anime streaming sites. But these are the list of the best alternatives to 9anime and also the best sites for anime lovers. Apart from offering limitless features these sites can also be used in gaining knowledge and learning. These sites are completely secure and don’t contain any poisonous content which may damage your device, you can confidently enjoy the experience of the above given websites.

The word “Anime” is nothing but a Japanese term which means Animation . These animes are characterized as vibrant characters that take you into an imaginary world and are extremely different from that of cartoons.

A number of anime such as Pokemon, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Dragon Ball, Death Note and Yu-Gi-Oh have gained so much global popularity that not only children and youth but elderly people also love to watch it. As anime has become the world’s highest-grossing media franchise, it has been fortunate in gaining more fans from all across the world.

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