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Zerodha Kite, popularly known as Kite, is an advanced yet simple online trading platform by Zerodha with a number of trades on a daily basis and thousands of clients.

Kite is considered one of the best trading apps in India. It is ultra-light to use and is available to use anywhere using a web browser plus using Android & iOS apps as well.

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Kite allows users to trade on BSE, NSE and MCX. It is a complete package of all technological features including customer service so that you can experience smooth & fastest trading experience.

Zerodha Kite comes with HTML5 technology along with the web version , so there's no need to install or download any kind of application. Moreover, there's no need to have a high internet connection for extensive charting as it utilizes very little internet bandwidth. 

One of the major features of this application is that it offers continuous upgradation and offers its users to invest and trade in various sections with ease and comfort.

Hence, this is the reason why it is regarded as the most powerful trading platform.

Features of Zerodha Kite

Zerodha kite app has some of its fascinating features which one should go through to have a detailed view about this , Which are:-

Variety of trading products

Unlike other trading platforms, Zerodha Kite has a huge number of trading products which includes stock, commodities, indices and currency pairs. 

It also provides customers with a 'search' feature through which they can also search for a wide range of stocks and derivative products, financial products, contracts across various indices and trading sections.

Integrated tools

As soon as you start using Zerodha kite, you will be immediately able to integrate with tools such as Zerodha sentinel, Zerodha smallcase or Zerodha streak.

Customers can access fundamental analysis through behavioral analytics as Zerodha kite has in-built integration with Quant.

Zerodha Account Opening

You can use Kite by Zerodha to signup and open your Zerodha account on the go.

Browser notification

It is another excellent feature that Zerodha Kite provides through which all the important messages, updates and information related to your market movements, demat account is showcased in your web browser.

Instant order placement 

This feature can and turns out to be a blessing for traders and investors as they can quickly place orders with a single touch across multiple order types. As a result it will save time for the traders and can earn them profit.

Other features

Apart from other given features, some of its special features include:

Shortcut keys

Zerodha kite comes with a wide range of shortcut keys which is very effective and useful for the customers so that they can easily navigate through this application.

Multiple order types

Limit (LMT) Order

Purchase or sell order at a fixed price.

Market ( MKT) Order

Place an order to be purchased or sold at its best price.

Stoploss or trigger orders

Stoploss orders is a case where customers are placing a fixed loss booking order at a trigger price. Whereas, using trigger orders when the trigger price is hit, in order to visit a new buy above the current market price or sell it below the current market price.

SL- If limit orders are to be delivered when trigger is hit

SL-M- When Market orders are to be delivered when the trigger is hit. It is not the same as the limit orders.

Zerodha Dashboard

Zerodha Kite Dashboard
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The Zerodha kite dashboard of your Zerodha account will give you rigorous information and analytics of your investments and trades. These analytics are multi dimensional intuitions and  have such visualizations which can be easily understood by anyone. Kite dashboard can determine the exact profit and loss statement for your file. Through this dashboard you can get a clear picture regarding your trades with per- trade charge breakdown presenting brokerage and STT. It shows Tax Reports including everything such as gain capital for a whole financial year so that you can directly submit this report.

Zerodha Kite Charts

Besides several order types, zerodha kite offers charting with 6 chart types including bar, line , candle, mountain and 20 different drawing tools. This chart compares various scripts and is used to showcase the profit from each script or the money invested in it. Customers can place orders directly from the chart and can even access up to 4 charts in the same windows. A user can draw charts as per their choice as well as they can search on the chart.

Multiple Fund Transfer

Zerodha Kite offers various payment gateways to their investors and traders so that they can put in and withdraw funds from their respective trading account as per their convenience. These payment gateways include NEFT/ RTGS / IMPS and can cost you GST for each of your transactions also may consume some of your time. You can also use UPI from your registered bank account to transfer funds instantly.

According to this feature, a customer can have a link with over 20 banks for a quick fund transfer. 'Q/backoffice' which is integrated with Zerodha Kite, hence it permits all its withdrawal requests under this tool.

Zerodha Kite Apps

Discussing further, Zerodha Kite has developed its application which is totally free and can be used both in smartphones as well as in the web version.

Zerodha Kite Mobile Apps

This is really a recommendable feature introduced by zerodha kite for its traders and investors so that they can easily use this app on their mobile phones by installing it from Google Play Store for their convenience. Once you have installed this app you need to log in using the proper credentials. This app is available both for Android as well as iOS users. Some of its fascinating features include:-

  • New and unique designs
  • Dark mode theme
  • Fingerprint for login
  • Face recognition for login
  • Upgradation in search options like NSE, BSE and MCX
  • Excellent feature for order types such as bracket order, Cover order, AMO etc.
  • New filters added
  • Provides free historical charts along with several years data
  • Multiple market watch
  • Provides options on quick buy, quick sell, market depth etc in case of kite web

Zerodha Kite Web

Zerodha Kite web can be used in trading across several devices and can be used from any browser devices like laptop desktop mobiles or tablets. This application is totally hassle-free and doesn't provide any kind of hindrance .

Apart from this application, there are many other applications that can be used based on the taste of your trading, such as Zerodha Pi, Zerodha Streak and Zerodha Coin.

Zerodha Kite Google Chrome extension

If you are a zerodha client then you must be cheerful to know that zerodha kite has also come up with Google Chrome extension as well through which you can directly buy and sell listed stocks with a single click. Moreover you will be also able to access Market feed from the top sources. This extension can be easily installed and downloaded on chrome browser.

Note: Looks like the Chrome Extension has been deleted. You can still log in to and start trading.

Download Kite by Zerodha App for Android (APK)

Benefits of Zerodha Kite

Some of the merits of Zerodha Kite are mentioned below, which you can go through:

  1. Zerodha kite is the fastest trading platform with the feature of online trading and net banking, so there's a need for traders and investors to spend long hours in trading as it can be done with greater speed.
  2. With the enhancement of technology , trading has become so much easier that it requires no middleman like before and it can be performed independently.
  3. As Zerodha kite has given the features of online trading and net banking, so with these opportunities and transactions have become very fast and effective for traders and investors.
  4. Zerodha kite offers ultra-smooth user experience as well as easy navigation to its traders and investors.
Zerodha Kite

Zerodha kite is one of the fastest trading platforms with the feature of online trading and net banking, so there's a need for traders and investors to spend long hours trading as it can be done with greater speed.

Price Currency: INR

Operating System: Web, Android, iOS

Application Category: Finance, Business

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