The Best Online Learning and Education Startups

In this article we will list the best online learning startups that are changing education and also the way you learn.

Since the advent of the internet, data has been available at the click of a mouse. However, the information was haphazardly arranged and the huge amount of data was a great put off for people intending to learn from the web.

Now with newer technologies such as mobile and video tools, software to improve edtech security and the all-powerful cloud platforms, the business of learning has taken huge strides as education startups are coming up with novel innovative teaching and learning aids that facilitate all stakeholders including teachers, students and parents.

Modern online learning platforms enable students and teachers to work together using mobile and other devices. These are getting popular among the students and teachers because of the interactivity and time flexibilities they offer.

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Education startups, especially online learning startups, are born out of an idea but are nurtured over time with various other technical and non-technical factors which one must keep in mind. This includes site building, app creation and various SEO tools which are done by professionals.

Here is a list of such online learning startups that are changing the way learning is happening around the world:

Education Elements

It is an innovative education startup that aids school districts nurture each child’s potential by creating personalized and customized learning environments. It is a SAAS provider that helps the school to design and bring into practice Blended Classrooms engaging each and every student, making data-driven learning a more engaging affair.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a website that integrates academic content from a variety of sources to create content that is easy to browse and use. Started in 2009, this website now contains a curated list of online courses sorted subject-wise, making sure there is something for everyone. User contribution enhances makes the content more valuable.


It is an internet-based college advisory platform for high school students, guidance counselors and parents. This platform offers college prep curriculum, enhancing students’ admission chances and also helps them manage their applications. Counselors use the tools to monitor and manage student progress and send relevant reminders.


Unacademy was started as a YouTube channel by Hemaash Singh in 2010 but later it turned to be a famous name in the education technologies market of India. It is now the leading e-learning startup in India. The app has provided lessons to more than 3 million students.

They have tied up with the most famous and well-known teachers for teaching students. You can find over 2400 courses on this e-learning platform. Most of them are free but you have to pay for plus courses. It has a clear goal of providing education in the world for cheap and has ventured into many professional fields that include UPSC, CA, CS, CLAT, Banking, etc. The video tutorials are available in many languages.

Unacademy has now become an online learning marketplace for all courses.


Sutory is designed to appear like any social media site and the content is presented in a format that is easy to comprehend and engaging enough for modern day learners. Teachers help the students discover history by exploring primary sources, creating timelines and engaging with history.


BYJU’S is considered to be one of the best online learning startups in India. It is aimed to provide coaching for the competitive entrance exams like IIT-JEE, CAT, UPSC, GMAT, Engineering, medical, etc. It has also come up with the supplement courses for grades 6th-12th. It offers online courses and tablet classes with various test and assignment solutions, and in-depth analysis. The feedback by the parents is really good; almost 93% of parents marked improvement in their children's performance in grades. 

Currently, BYJU’S has more than 15 million registered users with 9 lakhs taken annual paid subscriptions along with an 85% renewal rate. It was founded in 2011.

Education Modified

E.M. is a great solution for teachers to manage students with diverse needs. It offers research-based, comprehensive special education tools to improve the learning process of children with different needs. Teachers get access to specific teaching strategies to manage the requirements of all students in the classroom.


Coursera is one of the best examples of an online learning platform. They are one of the best online learning startups in the world. It interacts with teachers and student communities across the globe. It is amongst the best online learning startups in the world and is backed by leading venture capital firms.


GreyCampus is a leading provider of training for working professionals in the areas of Project Management, Data Science, Service Management, Workspace Tools, and Quality Management. They offer live-online (instructor-led online) and e-learning (online self-learning) courses.

DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning is a site that uses online games to make math learning more fun and engaging. This tool offers math learning at the elementary and middle school levels. The teaching methodology can be customized to suit each student’s learning and makes learning math real and relevant.

Kiko Labs

Kiko creates scientific adaptive neuroscience-based games to challenge and enhance academic success of children. These games are designed to enhance the learning capacity of kids. These games are developed by UC Berkeley and Harvard neuroscientists and train executive functions such as inhibition, memory, cognitive flexibility and focus by exercising impulse control.

Lingo Live

Lingo Live offers face-to-face online language training for businesses. The curriculum is tailor-made for each organization and languages are taught through live instruction and anytime, anywhere learning modules accessible from across the world.


Edmodo is an online tool that helps enhance collaboration among students, parents and teachers. It is an easy and safe tool for educators to connect and collaborate with students and parents. It allows teachers to create a blended learning classroom, access global learning communities and discover and share valuable resources. The tool helps parents monitor homework, read and review teachers’ comments and view class schedules.

Chegg Study

Chegg helps students with difficult homework and test preparation for a variety of subjects including science, math, humanities, engineering, writing or business. Its resources include textbook solutions and experts Q&A. It also offers online tutors.


One of the leading edtech companies in India, Braingroom is an online marketplace for education as well as lifestyle classes. This startup connects trainers across the globe to niche target segments. The company is already in talks with venture capitalists to raise USD 5 million for the expansion plan.


This online learning marketplace enables college students to sell quality study materials. The Edtech startup is a peer to the peer online learning platform that helps students make money by selling guides, notes and tutoring online.


CodeMonkey aims to teach code skills to kids. It combines education with the games of learning. The course they offer is named CodeAdventure that fosters the development of executive functioning skills that includes problem-solving and planning.


One of the K-12 Edtech companies. The ClassTag focuses beyond helping students in their regular studies and also enhances the skill otherwise. This platform enables teachers to schedule a conference and organize events along with the newsletter campaign.


Another name in the marketplace of education is Simplilearn. It is based in California, San Francisco, and Bangalore. In addition to digital marketing courses, the startup provides online professional studies in disciplines such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, project management, and data science. This online learning source is amongst the best that helps you to enhance your skills.


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