10 Best Websites that Offer High-Paying Teaching Jobs Online

Teaching has always been one of the most in-demand professions around the world. However, physical classes have become increasingly difficult to hold in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the demand for online teachers and, thus, the need for online teaching jobs has grown significantly in recent times. Moreover, online teaching (or tutoring) allows students to study from the comfort of their homes without the hassle of traveling and at their convenience.

Becoming an online tutor is one of the simplest and most accessible jobs today. It is much more advantageous compared to other contemporary online jobs –the more classes you take, the more money you earn. It doesn’t demand a very high level of qualification either; anyone with deep knowledge of a particular subject can become an online tutor, even if their technical knowledge is relatively limited.

Whether you are just getting started or an experienced tutor seeking to expand your business, there are online teaching jobs fit for your expertise. In this article, I have listed the 10 best websites in 2024 that offer some of the best online teaching jobs.

Best Online Teaching Jobs in 2024

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Online teaching is a rapidly growing sector in the world of education, and it isn’t all that tough to step into. Listed below are some of the best platforms that you can effectively start out your journey with.


Chegg is one of the most popular and reliable educational websites among students and teachers alike. It is reputed for being a platform that rewards instructors with a handsome and timely salary for sharing their knowledge. It might be quite surprising, but Chegg does not require you to give any video lecture to students at all. Instead, students post questions at the website that you will then have to answer.

After you log in, you will have to choose a question you wish to attempt and provide the answer within a limited time. There isn’t any limit to the number of questions you can answer, but your earnings depend on the subject you select and the number of questions you are able to answer. 

Subjects like science, finance, management, and accounts come with rates as high as around $5/Rs. 170 for each question. On the other hand, subjects like English and mathematics have rates of about $2/Rs. 80 per answer.

Learn how to start earning with Chegg


Lessonpal is an online marketplace for lessons and tutoring services. Here you can sign up to either start teaching or start learning. All you need is to go to the homepage of Lessonpal and click on Teach with Us to start teaching and start making money.

Lessonpal is aimed at making education more accessible and affordable. They connect learners with passionate, knowledgeable, and caring teachers who believe in making a difference.

It is the most friendly and reliable platform for teachers and learners. Unlike agencies and other intermediaries that charge high commissions and make lessons and tutoring more expensive, Lessonpal takes a nominal commission to cover the payment processing fees and platform development, hosting, operations, and support costs.


Tutor.com is a popular online platform and a great Chegg alternative that aims to develop a good connection between teachers and students. Also, it strives to help teachers receive a good income. Most importantly, its tuition sessions are available round the clock, allowing you to create your schedule according to your convenience. You have the option of teaching a minimum of five hours a week and a maximum of 29 hours a week.

The platform has its own software for conducting virtual training as well. Several students have taken training from this platform and successfully gotten admission to prestigious universities such as Connell and Harvard. You can easily join the Tutor.com team by filling out the application form and choosing the subject you wish to teach. After clearing an interview and mock training session subsequently, you will become an online tutor for them.


Although TutorME is a great platform to work as an online tutor, it seeks teachers who have at least a decent amount of prior teaching experience. Also, you must have graduated from an accredited university and need to hold a master’s degree in the subject you wish to teach. To join it, you simply need to fill out the registration form, choose your subject of choice, and wait for approval to start your sessions.

TutorME pays about $18 per hour for sharing knowledge with your students and answering their questions. It presently offers four plans that you may choose according to your flexibility and availability. The subjects featured at the platform include science, mathematics, engineering, social science, computer science, test prep, humanities, history, and foreign languages.


VIP Kid is a reliable and genuine China-based company where teachers can take classes in English or basic school grade level English to Chinese students. With more than 500,000 students enrolled, it is one of the most well-known online English teaching platforms today. Recently, it was also featured in the Top 5 of Forbes Top 100 Work From Home Companies list. It offers $14 to $22 per hour to instructors, paid by direct deposit.

To join VIP Kids, you must submit your application and appear for a one-on-one interview and a mock class. You also need to hold a bachelor’s degree and possess a laptop with a camera (inbuilt or attached) and a headset. If you’re cleared, then you can sign a contract of six months whenever there is a vacancy. It is an excellent website that can truly help you turn your passion for teaching into a rewarding profession.


Unacademy offers entrance exam preparation for students in India. If you are an Indian teacher with experience in certain fields, you can apply to become an educator on Unacademy and start earning loads of money.

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Brainfuse offers jobs for tutors in a wide range of subjects, including those aimed at advanced and college students. It aims to provide effective one-on-one teaching customized to every student’s specific requirements. Therefore, it expects the very best from its staff and tends to be rather stringent and specific when it comes to hiring tutors. You are required to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in your chosen field and preferably have at least some amount of prior tutoring or teaching experience.

One of the standout features of this site is its virtual office environment, which includes a virtual whiteboard for conducting classes. This eliminates the need for a webcam and microphone setup, making it ideal for individuals who may be camera-shy or those with limited internet connectivity. This approach is particularly beneficial for those who prefer a more discreet participation in their learning experience.

PrepNow Tutoring

PrepNow mainly focuses on test prep tutoring instead of simply offering it as one of many options. It covers three main subject areas – high school math, ACT prep, and SAT prep. It is a dedicated and genuine tutoring job with an admirably straightforward setup. When you are approved as a tutor, you are matched with students seeking help in your area of expertise. You will then work one-on-one with these students on a regular, instead of whoever happens to be online at any given time.

Tutors who apply for a job at PrepNow need to have at least two years of tutoring and/or teaching experience along with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree (however, a teaching degree isn’t needed). The scheduling at the platform is pretty flexible, but every tutor needs to dedicate at least six hours to their work every week. It is very much like a traditional tutoring job for test prep, except that it’s online.


Skooli isn’t just another platform for language teaching; it offers a wide range of teaching jobs in subjects from K-12 up through college. Nevertheless, there are some pretty good options for language teaching here. Skooli’s greatest strength lies in the plethora of language selections it offers. Unlike most other platforms where tutoring jobs for English-speaking tutors mainly deal with teaching English to foreign students, Skooli has options for tutors in other languages as well – such as Chinese, French, and Spanish.

Skooli offers higher pay rates than some other leading tutoring platforms (about $25 per hour) but has some stringent requirements as well. It prefers teachers with at least a bachelor’s degree in the field they’re applying for, along with professional or specialized certification such as TESOL for ESL teachers. Applicants are subjected to a verification process, including a background check before they are recruited.


Studypool comes with a rather unique setup that allows newly starting tutors to gain some experience in a relatively relaxed setting. Instead of having to take up regular classroom sessions or one-on-one tutoring, you can work with students on individual assignments or questions. You may choose questions, put up a price, and provide a turnaround time. The tutoring session begins if the student happens to accept your offer.

Since rates are set by the tutors, they tend to be higher than other websites. However, Studypool claims a percentage of tutors’ earnings. Also, you need to ascertain whether students are actually seeking your assistance or just looking for someone to do the work for them. Nevertheless, Studypool is a flexible and low-commitment choice for tutors who are willing to pay due attention to students’ needs. If you want to learn and build your business, then the option to set your own prices is most welcome.

Elevate K-12

Instead of tutoring online to different groups of students, tutors at Elevate K-12 have to teach the same group of students every week. After joining the website, you will receive a pre-prepared schedule for a week, along with free training for your benefit. The only downside is that only US residents are eligible to become tutors on this platform.

Subjects that you can teach at Elevate K-12 include science, mathematics, reading, ELA, social studies, coding, foreign language, and robotics. To become a tutor, you must hold a bachelor’s degree and over a year of experience in your subject of choice. The timings for tutorials on the platform remain between 8 AM to 5 PM EST.


Extensive teaching experience isn’t strictly necessary to become a good online tutor. Rather, you must be assertive and passionate about performing your job well. You also need to put in the effort to become proficient with the basics of teaching (aka pedagogy). I hope this article helps you find a satisfying and high-paying teaching job online.