The Best Chegg Alternatives in 2021

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The Internet is becoming a boon for students’ education and so are the online education platforms. Chegg is one of the most dominating names which is known for the extensive services it provides to the students.

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Although almost everything is perfect, you may need to find Chegg Alternatives from now and then. These alternatives also provide a similar experience to the learners and are giving a tough competition to Chegg.

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So in this piece, we have shortlisted some of the best Chegg Alternatives. You can choose the best alternative as per your requirement.

What is Chegg?

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Chegg is an American educational company. It assists students worldwide with their studies and offers them a variety of assistance that makes their learning hassle-free. The student has to pay in order to get access to its services.

Not only does it help students with their homework but it also provides them with a variety of other opportunities like internships and scholarships.

Services Offered at Chegg

Some of the noteworthy services that Chegg offers are

Help with assignment homework and research papers

Chegg takes a monthly fee ($14.95 a month) from students to review their homework assignment and research papers for any mistakes including grammar.

Additionally, it also helps students who are struggling with maths to solve their problems.

Textbook Rent

Chegg also aids students to purchase new or old books as per their preference. It even provides a huge discount on the purchase of old books. students can also sell their old books and get cashback.

Moreover, it also allows students to rent a book for a semester.

Tutorship Faculty for Students

Chegg connects the students with personal tutors. Teachers charge their fees as per the help required by the student and their expertise in the field.

The students can either purchase a plan or can take individual tuition from the teachers.

Top Chegg Alternatives

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We have handpicked some of the best Chegg alternatives and listed them below:


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PaperHelp is one of the best Chegg alternatives. Its stunning services are worth appreciating. It offers students the freedom to choose the type of writing they want for their assignment.

Additionally, PaperHelp aids scholars to produce original content that has not been produced earlier.

Everything depends on the student’s preference. Students can add a deadline and PaperHelp will make sure to submit the work before that time.

The student has to pay depending upon the type of preference he has adopted.

Moreover, PaperHelp assures privacy to students. All data and information is absolutely safe from third party interference. What else do you need?

Book Finder

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BookFinder has set a benchmark mark in the field of providing educational assistance to students.

The company was started way back in 1997 and since then it is known for the services it provides the students globally.

BookFinder has modified the way of finding books. Learners can search over 100,000 inventory booksellers around the world. Name the book and BookFinder will make it available to you with the exact edition. The price range varies as per your request.


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99Papers is a blessing for those who are starters at writing content. They provide complete assistance by reviewing your content. It checks the content for grammar, spelling and tone of writing.

It also helps the students to write plagiarism-free content. If you are fearing copyright issues, then you must try your hands on 99Papers.


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If you are looking for an experienced tutor then you should try Grademiners. Grademiners is a paper writing service and it makes the completion of assignments and homework easy by providing students with special assistance from the subject matter experts.

The tutors will guide you on how to write a perfect piece. You can subscribe to their monthly plan and or you can pay as per the time you spent with the tutor.

Their customer service is worth paying attention to. Some of the best features include good video and audio, digital whiteboards and good messaging facilities.

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BiggerBooks is a popular online textbook and e-books seller providing up to 91% in discounts using their core technology. With BiggerBooks, you can buy or rent textbooks for all your needs and focus on studying by saving more.


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Want to earn some money by selling your used books? You can do that by using Sell used books and textbooks to using their easy-to-use website! They make it simple, fast and profitable for you to sell books. They even pay for the shipping charges for all the books you sell to them.


We have listed the best Chegg Alternatives. You can choose the best Chegg alternative for you and give your problem solving an extra top-up. Happy learning!

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