How to Earn Money with Chegg?

Looking to earn money with Chegg? The concept of working from home has gained a lot of prominence in the past couple of years. It provides a unique opportunity to people who did not have any other means to earn money, such as students. Today, there are a lot of platforms which will pay you for carrying out various tasks – everything from relatively simple data entry jobs to positions of administration or assistance requiring significant knowledge and skills.

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Chegg has been garnering a lot of attention lately amongst the students. This is a platform which allows you to earn by becoming a tutor for students and answering academic questions. It features a point-based system; basically, you will earn points whenever students like an answer posted by you. These points can then be redeemed in a number of ways. For example, you can convert them to dollars and transfer them to your PayPal account. Alternatively, you can get redeemable gift cards to stores like Starbucks and iTunes, or use them to ask more questions on Chegg.

Online education has grown tremendously popular following the COVID-19 pandemic. Chegg offers you a safe and reliable way of earning online by using your knowledge and expertise in a subject. In this article, I will show you how to earn money using Chegg in a straightforward and concise manner.

How to register as a tutor on Chegg

Earn money with Chegg

Chegg hires tutors who are experts in their field and have a significant amount of experience. They are given the privilege of answering the queries of millions of Chegg students, and are rewarded with points for doing so. In order to become a tutor at Chegg, you simply need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit and fill out their application form as an expert Q&A. Answer all the questions which you see in this form, and enter your marks or grades in GRE, SAT, or any other standardized examination.
  2. You will then have to choose your subject of preference, in which you will have to take a test in order to qualify as a Chegg tutor. Quite understandably, this serves the purpose of ascertaining your knowledge in the concerned subject. Also, you must list your years of experience in a particular field.
  3. You will now have to wait around a week for the approval process to be completed. You can check the status of the same by logging into your account or checking your Gmail account. Once your application is approved, you are officially a tutor at Chegg and can start answering questions related to your field. You will be able to think over and answer questions put up by users of all age groups. 


Given below are the official documents you need to provide in order to be eligible to join as a tutor on Chegg:

  1. Diploma photographs
  2. Scanned copies of your transcript
  3. Student identity card
  4. Tutoring or teaching certification
  5. Any other documents to verify your expertise in your subject


Given below are some of the most popular subjects at

  1. Accounting
  2. Business
  3. Earth science
  4. Engineering
  5. Finance
  6. Health care
  7. Inventory management
  8. Mathematics
  9. Science

How to Earn money with Chegg?

As mentioned earlier, you will earn points for answering questions on Chegg, which you can convert into dollars and transfer to your PayPal account. On average, you will be able to earn $20 to $30 an hour by answering questions at Chegg. You have the option of taking both written and live lessons for questions; during written lessons, you will have to solve a particular problem and explain it to the students. On the other hand, live lessons give you the opportunity of interacting with students via live sessions or messages.

In order to make as much money as possible on Chegg, you need to retain your students for as long as you can. For that purpose, you need to provide excellent answers and make sure that your students understand the lessons thoroughly. Thus, you will gain their trust and demonstrate that you are worthy of receiving their money. It will motivate them to keep coming back, thus keeping you in business. It is a much more effective method than marketing yourself to new, potential students out there.

Apart from this, you can also earn money at Chegg by selling textbooks that you don’t require anymore. If any of these books are costly, in high demand and have significant long-term value for students, then you have an especially good chance of earning a lot.

Alternatively, if you have a well-functional website that you can use to promote Chegg, you can also consider joining Chegg affiliate program. You can use text links, banners, and other similar methods to promote Chegg on your site. In return, you will be rewarded with a commission. If you are looking for more sites like Chegg, see this article.

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