Best Math Help Websites to Help You in Homework

Looking for a math help website to help you around with your homework? There are hundreds of such math help websites that are available online and each one is better than the other in one-or-another aspect. In this article, I have collected the list of the best math help websites in 2024 that you can use to finish your homework faster, accelerate learning, and gain more marks on exams.

Need of a Math Help Website

math help websites

A child’s academic performance in school and success depends a lot on his/her mathematical skills. However, mathematical concepts and problems encountered in higher classes can be quite tricky and difficult to deal with.

Unfortunately, a lot of parents tend to have forgotten most of what they learned about mathematics at school. As a result, students get frustrated and put aside their books when a chapter or problem proves to be too hard. If (or rather, when) they face these same problems in their examinations, their performance obviously suffers.

This is where math help websites come in.

Students can use these websites as a last resort after they have used up all other options to solve a problem unaided.

In this article, I have listed 15+ best websites where students can look for help with their math problems.

Best Math Help Websites in 2024

Let us now go through my picks for the 20 best math help websites for students.

24/7 Help

AAA Math

AAA Math is an excellent math website that features thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons that are absolutely free to use. It can be readily customized by topic and grade level (from K to 8th). It also offers detailed explanations of various practice problems and mathematical topics. There are also plenty of exciting and challenging games to keep children engaged and help them develop an interest in the subject.

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Buzz Math

Buzz Math mainly focuses on strengthening the math skills of middle school students with the help of quality practice problems, self-paced learning, and regular feedback.


DreamBox offers a wide range of useful resources to students as well as teachers. As a matter of fact, the website has especially been designed to serve as a quality complement to regular classroom instruction. As of now, DreamBox offers a 90-day free trial for users. If you’re satisfied with its features, then you can pay and subscribe to their service for the succeeding months of usage.


EdHelper is the platform that a lot of teachers regularly use to print out worksheets of practice problems on mathematical topics. You may choose the number of problems you want on any topic – from preschool through algebra II (high school level) and critical thinking – and prepare a sheet within no time. You will also receive an answer key to save you from the hassle of solving everything yourself.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is a unique math website that features seventeen original math-themed games based on car racing, soccer, and much more. A good example is “math baseball” – in this game, players need to score runs by giving correct answers to problems. Another exciting game is “operation order” where students can use their knowledge of algebra to build pyramids. It makes learning math all the more fun for children.

Math League

Math League is another great math website that has been designed for students studying in 4th grade through high school. It offers math books, contests, and computer software for the benefit of students. Its most notable feature is the Mathematics Help Facility – a handy reference guide for math topics that includes definitions, examples, and explanations on topics usually covered in 4th to 8th grade.

Paul’s Online Math Notes

Paul is a teacher at Lamar University and has designed this website to provide a complete set of free online and downloadable notes and/or tutorials for classes that he teaches at the university. He has prepared the notes ad tutorials in a way that is readily accessible to anybody interested in learning the subject, whether they have attended his classes or not. The content here is geared towards higher levels of high school mathematics.

Web Math

Web Math is a useful math help website developed by Discovery Education. The website covers a wide range of topics from elementary kindergarten mathematics through calculus for college students.

Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving comes with a wide range of content including math discussion forums and classes that students can join. However, the most remarkable feature of this platform is the helpful videos it offers. Video categories available on the website include pre-algebra, counting and probability, AMC (dealing with problems from American Mathematics Competitions qualifying tests), and more.

Cliff’s Notes

Cliff’s Notes have gained immense popularity among students who needed to review a massive book right before their exams. Today, it is widely considered one of the leading math websites in existence. It covers a wide range of math problems including basic math and pre-algebra, algebra, calculus, geometry, statics, and more. There are also fill, hands-on versions of these notes available to purchase online if you wish.


DeltaMath is an excellent math homework help website for students. It offers randomized math problems for students in 6th to 12th grades, giving them instant feedback on their performance as well. The platform features more than 1800 readymade math problems, and the premium version additionally offers instructional videos for each problem.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has gained immense popularity among students in recent times. It is loaded with educational videos that ably explain all sorts of math topics (and other subjects as well). After logging in, students can take a math pre-test for self-assessment. For math, the platform covers topics starting around 3rd grade and proceeds to tougher topics such as calculus, trigonometry, statistics, and so on.


MathPapa offers step-by-step solutions to help students with their algebra homework. It features a powerful calculator that allows the user to solve any algebra problem in a guided approach with lessons and various other useful resources. The platform also allows students to practice and improve their algebra with the help of systematic exercises. It can also solve graphical equations, quadratic equations, order of operations, and much more.


QuickMath has been designed to help high school and college students find answers to commonly encountered math problems in areas such as calculus, algebra, and equations. Users can get access to stepwise solutions to any algebra problem they need. Also, they can modify the details of the solution and learn how exactly the solution was reached.

S.O.S Mathematics

Established in 1995, S.O.S Mathematics has been consistently helping high school students achieve better results in mathematics. It provides explanations of everything from theory to problem-solving equations. It also features a page named “Cyberexam” that hosts quizzes and tests for each area of mathematical learning. The platform has received numerous awards for its efforts.


MathPlanet offers detailed explanations, lessons, examples, and everything else that a math student requires at some point in high school. The best feature of this platform is its comprehensive video lessons to help students grasp concepts better. It also offers ACT and SAT practice tests with complete answer keys that can be downloaded separately.


This article lists some of the best math websites that provide help to students in the form of problems, lessons, discussions, and much more. However, you must remember that these platforms are only meant to complement your own efforts to master math. Instead of relying on them, you should use them as helpful resources to aid your hard work and perform better in your academics.