20+ Best Chegg Alternatives in 2024

Are you looking for the best Chegg alternatives? If you are, you have come to the perfect place. Continue to read or scroll directly to the list of Chegg replacements here.

But if you're looking for my top pick for alternatives to Chegg, PaperHelp is the first website/app you should be using.

Let's go into detail about all the best Chegg alternatives.

Why Chegg Alternatives?

The Internet is becoming a boon for students' education, and so are online education platforms.

Chegg has been one of the most dominating names known for its extensive services to students, including Chegg Study, other learning resources, ebooks and homework help.

Although almost everything is perfect, you may need to find Chegg Alternatives from now and then. And that is where this article comes into play.

These alternatives to Chegg that I have listed here, provide a similar experience to the learners and give a tough competition to the champion brand.

So in this piece, I have shortlisted 20+ of the best Chegg Alternatives, from which you can pick one or two depending on your needs.

I have already listed PaperHelp as my favorite Chegg alternative at the start of the article. I'll now proceed to discuss all these in detail.

But before that, let's quickly review why Chegg is so successful and why you may need an alternative.

What is Chegg?


Chegg is an American educational company focused on study help. It assists students worldwide with their studies and offers them a variety of assistance that makes their learning hassle-free.

You have to pay a minimal fee to access its services.

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Services Offered at Chegg

Some of the noteworthy services that Chegg offers are:

Help with assignment homework and research papers

Chegg takes a monthly fee ($14.95 a month) from students to review their homework assignments and research papers for any mistakes including grammar.

Additionally, it also helps students who are struggling with maths to solve their problems.

  • Textbook Rent
    • Chegg also aids students to purchase new or old books as per their preference. It even provides a huge discount on the purchase of old books. students can also sell their old books and get cashback.
    • Moreover, it also allows students to rent a book for a semester.
  • Tutorship Faculty for Students
    • Chegg connects the students with personal tutors. Teachers charge their fees as per the help required by the student and their expertise in the field.
    • The students can either purchase a plan or can take individual tuition from the teachers.

If you can pay for Chegg, go for a month's subscription and you will understand why it is highly rated.

If you cannot pay for Chegg, keep reading to find other Chegg alternatives.

Top Chegg Alternatives

Chegg Alternatives


image 23

PaperHelp is one of the best Chegg alternatives and possibly the best Paper Writing Service. Its writing and paper-help services are rated very highly by the students. It allows students to choose the type of writing they want for their assignment while ordering for a project.

Additionally, PaperHelp aids you in producing unique and original content that has not been produced earlier.

Everything depends on the student's preference. Students can add a deadline and PaperHelp will make sure to submit the work before that time.

The student has to pay depending upon the type of preference he has adopted.

Moreover, PaperHelp assures privacy to students. All data and information are absolutely safe from third-party interference. What else do you need? PaperHelp is the best premium alternative to Chegg.


filo worlds only live instant tutoring platform 2024 06 004525

Filo is the world’s only instant tutoring platform which connects a student with a real tutor in just 60 seconds, live one-on-one video sessions 24x7, anywhere, even on a Saturday at 2 AM, 

Filo is loved by over 4.5 million students and has 60,000+ expert tutors in more than 15 countries.

It has been awarded by Google and Amazon for its services. Plus, Filo has an outstanding 4.8-star ratings on the App Store and Play Store. 

The target audiences of Filo are college and K-12 students in STEM subjects. Its tutors are highly knowledgeable and vetted by industry experts to meet the needs of the students.


Wyzant Expert Tutors at Affordable Prices 2024 04 004362

Wyzant is a fantastic alternative to Chegg for personalized learning needs. With Wyzant, you can easily connect with private tutors across a multitude of subjects, from academic courses to music lessons and even professional skills.

Unlike Chegg, tutors on Wyzant set their own rates and schedules, offering flexibility for both in-person and online tutoring tailored to your pace and style. The platform includes efficient tools to help tutors manage sessions and enables students to find the perfect tutor through a comprehensive rating and review system.

You can choose Wyzant for a customizable tutoring experience that adjusts to your specific educational requirements.

If you want to earn money rather than spend it, you can try out Wyzant's Careers at Wyzant section, which has an option to apply as a Tutor.

2U Get Smarter

GetSmarter Online Courses with the Worlds Top Universities 2023 11 003481

Get Smarter by 2U is an excellent alternative to Chegg for advancing your education and professional development.

Unlike Chegg, which primarily focuses on textbook solutions and homework help, 2U Get Smarter provides comprehensive, short courses in partnership with top universities around the world. These courses are designed to boost your skills in specific areas, ranging from business and management to health and technology, with a strong emphasis on real-world application.

Each course is created by university faculty and industry experts, offering a structured, immersive learning experience that includes live sessions, peer collaborations, and hands-on projects.

You can choose 2U Get Smarter for a focused and enriching educational journey that can propel your career to new heights.


image 11

Bartleby is a dedicated platform that helps out students with their homework. It presently offers four main services:

  • Bartleby Learn
  • Bartleby Write
  • Bartleby+
  • Bartleby Tutor

Bartleby Learn shares a lot of similarities with Chegg Study but, at merely $9.99 per month, it is a whole lot cheaper. If you aren’t enthusiastic about committing to an entire month, then you can get access to your first week for just $4.99. However, Bartleby Learn doesn’t feature a proofreading tool like Chegg Study. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re only looking for help with Q&A.

After subscribing to Bartleby Learn, you can ask up to 30 questions per month and go through a vast collection of previously answered questions. You don’t need to sign up for Bartleby Learn to browse textbook answers; the platform offers numerous free answers as well. The Bartleby library also features more than five million textbook solutions and explanations.

If you want help with writing essays, then you can subscribe to Bartleby Write. It’s reasonably priced at $9.99 per month; however, keep in mind that you won’t actually have real humans write your essays for you. It is an online tool that uses an (efficient) AI to proofread and perfect your writing, build citations, and check for plagiarism. I recommend going for Bartleby+, which is priced at $14.99 per month and includes both Bartleby Learn and Bartleby Write.

As its name suggests, Bartleby Tutor allows you to get tutored one-on-one by experts online. It doesn’t mandate you to commit to lengthy contracts, and even provides a free 15-minute session after you first sign up.


PlainMath Website homepage screenshot

If you are specifically looking for math help, Plainmath is the website you should head to.

Other sites listed until now have more or less a general approach, but Plainmath focuses entirely on Mathematical Sciences. In addition, to help you find solutions to important math problems, Plainmath also allows you to ask questions for personalized help.

There are some free study tools and textbook solutions available as well.

Writers Per Hour

wph image

Writers Per Hour is another good Chegg alternative you can use. They are a reliable essay writing service that guarantees custom papers written from scratch.

Their team of subject matter experts is equipped to handle a wide range of writing requests from term and research papers to dissertations and essays. They also have a responsive customer service team and flexible refund policies in place.

What’s more, you can avail 15% discount on your first order.



Textbooks.com is a go-to site for college students to get their books - both used and new. It can be used as a Chegg Textbooks alternative.

They offer savings up to 90% off, free shipping on orders $25+, and have 10 million new, used and digital textbooks in stock.

With Textbooks.com, you can find the books you need for your courses and get them for less. With our huge selection of books, you're sure to find what you're looking for and at a great price. Plus they have a low-cost shipping offer and a stellar customer service team to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase.


image 21

Slader is now Quizlet – a freemium service. 😥😥😪

www.slader.com discussion question discrete mathematicians especially enjoy counting problems problems that ask how many here we consid

Book Finder

image 22

BookFinder has set a benchmark mark in the field of providing educational assistance to students.

The company was started way back in 1997 and since then it is known for the services it provides the students globally.

BookFinder has modified the way of finding books. Learners can search over 100,000 inventory booksellers around the world. Name the book and BookFinder will make it available to you with the exact edition. The price range varies as per your request.

Course Hero

image 6

Course Hero is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Chegg presently available. As of now, it harbors more than 60 million study materials. Apart from browsing textbook problems and stepwise solutions, you can also ask questions yourself and expect an answer within an average of fifteen minutes.

Moreover, Course Hero is much less expensive than Chegg with prices starting at just $9.95 per month. Although it does come with a free plan, you will have to pay a certain amount per question anyway. On the other hand, availing of a subscription will allow you to ask a specified number of questions per month.

Study materials are well-organized at Course Hero; you can find notes most appropriate for your present course by searching according to subject or school. The platform also features hundreds of excellent textbooks in various subjects such as accounting, chemistry, and biology. You can conveniently search for titles by author, title, or ISBN.

Apart from this, you will also have access to textbook solutions and explanations verified by experts. To help you sharpen your newly acquired skills and learn more, Course Hero offers comprehensive exercises with videos and useful hints. Like Chegg, it lets you put up questions and receive expert answers for them. The only difference is that you don’t need to pay for it.

Premium plans will not only let you ask a certain number of questions per month but also give you access to free questions by referring friends or uploading documents for the benefit of other students. Course Hero also features standardized practice tests of all levels – from high school to university. With their help, you can identify the areas you need to work on and prepare more effectively for your upcoming exam.

Lastly, Course Hero has an excellent scholarship program that offers a generous scholarship of $5,000 per year to eligible students. It is truly a wholesome platform for every dedicated student out there.

Stack Exchange

image 7

If you are seeking Q&A help, look no further than Stack Exchange. It features more than 170 websites and subdomains in its network, with each of them dealing with questions on a separate topic. Thus, it is one of the choicest places to visit for answers on any topic. It also features a much wider range of topics than Chegg – from simple topics like travel to advanced engineering and science.

For example, if you’re seeking answers to mathematical topics, you can visit math.stackexchange.com. Over there, you can either ask a new question by yourself or search through questions asked by other users. Unlike Chegg, Stack Exchange charges no money to ask questions. However, the questions aren’t peer-reviewed; anybody can freely answer questions even if they aren’t an expert. Thus, you shouldn’t rely solely on the answers you get there.

That said, Stack Exchange does award badges to users for providing answers that others find useful.  As of now, there are three kinds of badges available – bronze, silver, and gold. These medals serve as pretty reliable indicators of the possibility of an expert’s answer being correct. For example, the expert earns a badge when one of their answers is bookmarked by 25 users. You also earn badges and reputation points when people upvote your answers to questions.

Just a reminder: Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow are not the same.  Although both of them are parts of the same network, the latter is a different domain that deals with programming Q&A.


image 8

Answers.com is widely recognized as one of the best alternatives to Chegg for Q&A.

Apart from its generous free plan, it also offers a premium one named Answers+, which is much cheaper than Chegg Study. You can also avail of other plans starting at merely $1.99 per month (billed annually).

Paul’s Online Math Notes

image 9

Do you require help with university-level courses in mathematics? If yes, then you should definitely check out Paul’s Online Math Notes. The website was created by Paul Dawkins, a professor of mathematics at Lamar University. Although you cannot actually ask questions on this platform, you will find answers to the most common questions asked by Paul’s students in the notes.

Unlike Chegg, the website is absolutely free to browse and doesn’t even require you to create an account for that purpose.

Paul has generously chosen his notes and explanations freely available to everyone. Also, since the platform solely deals with mathematics, you won’t find yourself getting distracted by other topics like at Chegg.

Apart from notes, you will find helpful assignment problems, practice problems, and cheat sheets at the site as well.

24 Hour Answers

image 10

Established in 2005, 24 Hour Answers is one of the vintage alternatives to Chegg. 

Before asking a question, you can search for your query across nearly 25,000 previously answered questions that other users asked. You will have to pay a one-time fee for revealing an answer, which is different for each answer.

Apart from this, you can also be tutored by experts at a fixed rate per hour. Although tutoring can be expensive, you can be assured that you’re getting knowledge from a highly qualified expert. Moreover, you can find them quickly without committing to studying with them for several weeks or months.

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image 12

Although Chegg provides answers to questions, it doesn’t actually get anyone to do your homework for you. This is where the DoMyHomeworkPaid subreddit comes in – over there; you can find and pay tutors to personally complete your essays, assignments, and much more. You simply need to browse the recent threads there to find tutors who’re offering their services.

There is a wide variety of tutors at this platform – from physics experts to skilled writers. You can get in touch with them by using the contact information they will provide over there. Don’t worry about their authenticity; the platform is quick to ban scammers who are reported by students. However, ensure you visit the 2.0 version of the subreddit because the original subreddit has been restricted.


image 13

Tutor.com is an excellent micro-tutoring Chegg alternative offered by The Princeton Review – a leading test prep company that hosts books, courses, tutoring, and much more. However, Tutor.com isn’t meant for test prep alone; if you’re a student requiring help with any subject, you will find the website extremely helpful.

Most importantly, Tutor.com boasts of eminent faculty – professors, PhDs, Ivy League graduates, and experts on numerous topics.

You can easily find tutors at the website by choosing your subject and browsing tutor profiles.

You will find every tutor’s biography, degrees, education, and reviews/ratings received from students there. You can then message them the topic you require help with and begin a study session. If you’re a parent, you can also find professional mentors for your elementary school ward.

If you like a tutor after your session, you bookmark them and request them for more sessions. The platform also allows you to replay your tutoring session or read a transcript of the same to consolidate your understanding of the lesson.

Tutor.com is up and running 24/7 regardless of your time zone, except for four days a year – Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

If you’re seeking truly quality one-on-one tutoring, then Tutor is undoubtedly a much better alternative to Chegg. It utilizes a pay-as-you-go model and allows you to browse through tutors’ profiles even before signing up.


image 14

Quora is a great Chegg alternative that’s free to use. It allows you to ask as many questions as you want and gets expert answers to the same, even on controversial topics. The only issue with Quora is that you can’t be sure how accurate these answers are. Thus, checking the answerer’s profile is important to ascertain their background and qualifications.

You shouldn’t take answers on Quora at face value since anyone with an internet connection can freely answer questions. It especially holds if the answerer lacks a properly filled-out profile. You also need to beware of people who copy and paste their blog posts as answers to generate traffic for their blogs.

Fortunately, you are likely to get multiple answers from various people on every individual question. You can compare these answers and evaluate them for accuracy. It also helps you learn about different perspectives and viewpoints. Like other platforms listed over here, you can also browse through existing questions on Quora to check if your query has already been solved. Since Quora supports multiple languages, you can readily use the platform in your language of choice, even if English isn’t your mother tongue.

School Solver

image 15

School Solver is a Chegg alternative that allows students to ask single questions and get them answered at single-use rates.

When you post a question on School Solver, you decide exactly how much you’re ready to pay for it.

After that, an expert viewing your question will decide whether it’s worth their time or not. They’ll simply proceed to a question with a higher price tag if they find it unacceptable.

Nevertheless, you will get an expert willing to answer your question sooner or later.

At School Solver, you will find students willing to pay a wide range of prices for an answer – from as low as $0.50 to $100. Obviously, paying more will help you get an answer much faster.

Unlike Chegg, the platform doesn’t mandate you to sign up for a monthly subscription. Since you have to pay per question, it doesn’t matter even if you ask just one question a month or so.


image 16

Like School Solver, StudyDaddy is a Chegg alternative that follows a pay-per-question model and doesn’t demand monthly commitments. You just need to post a question on one of over forty subjects. Tutors will then submit quotes and proposals based on prices they feel are appropriate for that question. You can browse through these proposals, choose a tutor, pay them, and wait for them to answer your question.

The platform ensures that the tutor only gets your money after you have received your answer. If required, you can ask for revisions as well.


image 24

BiggerBooks is a popular online textbook and e-books seller providing up to 91% in discounts using their core technology. With BiggerBooks, you can buy or rent textbooks for all your needs and focus on studying by saving more.


image 19

Want to earn some money by selling your used books? You can do that by using SellBackBooks.com. Sell used books and textbooks to SellBackBooks.com using their easy-to-use website! They make it simple, fast and profitable for you to sell books. They even pay for the shipping charges for all the books you sell to them.

Overview of Top Chegg Alternatives

ServiceFeaturesPricingLearn More
PaperHelpCustom Papers, Editing Services, 24/7 SupportStarts at $10/pageLearn More
BartlebyTextbook Solutions, Q&A, Study Guides, Writing HelpStarts at $9.99/monthLearn More
PlainmathMath Help, Videos, Quizzes, WorksheetsFree (Donations accepted)Learn More
Writers Per HourCustom Writing, Editing Services, 24/7 SupportStarts at $11.99/pageLearn More
Textbooks.comBuy, Rent, Sell TextbooksVaries by bookLearn More
Slader/QuizletTextbook Solutions, Q&A, Study ResourcesFree (with ads), Ad-free starts at $1.99/monthLearn More
Book FinderBook Search, Price ComparisonFreeLearn More
Course HeroStudy Resources, Q&A, Tutors, Textbook SolutionsStarts at $9.95/monthLearn More
Stack ExchangeQ&A Community, Expert AdviceFreeLearn More
Answers.comQ&A Community, Expert AdviceFreeLearn More
Paul's Online Math NotesMath Notes, Lessons, Practice ProblemsFreeLearn More
24 Hour AnswersHomework Help, Online Tutoring, Custom WritingStarts at $25/hourLearn More
DoMyHomeworkPaid RedditCustom Homework, Writing Services, 24/7 SupportDemand BasedLearn More
Tutor.comOnline Tutoring, Homework HelpStarts at $39.99/monthLearn More
QuoraQ&A Community, Expert AdviceFreeLearn More
School SolverHomework Marketplace, Custom Writing, Study GuidesVaries by serviceLearn More
StudyDaddyHomework Help, Online Tutoring, Custom WritingStarts at $5/questionLearn More
BiggerBooks.comBuy, Rent, Sell TextbooksVaries by bookLearn More
SellBackBooksSellback Textbooks, Price ComparisonFree and Earning BasedLearn More

Here I listed the best Chegg Alternatives that you can choose from and give your problem-solving and homeworks an extra top-up.

Happy learning!