Graphic Design

When you start a business, you want people to know about it, right? And you need a great branding strategy to not only get the word out but to sustain your business initiative.  In the context of creating sustainable marketing strategies, your branding is like your ongoing guide to forming a body for your business goals. Your branding must give birth to clients that trust you.

Charts and graphs are highly effective when it comes to conveying information. They help people understand data with just one look. Unfortunately, making effective charts isn’t that simple. Apart from choosing the right type, it would be best if you also had the right tools, like a graph maker, to present your data accurately. To help you nail your next charts and graphs, check out the

The face of your company, also known as your logo, is an essential piece of branding and is how your business is recognized in the vast sea of competition in your industry. Sometimes, though, the original logo you choose to be the first impression of your business is outgrown or becomes an outdated element. If you are expanding, or if your vision has evolved, it might

Designing a logo should be easy, right? Just choose a font for your company name and draw a couple of shapes and you’re set. If only it were that simple. Much more thought needs to go into your logo than you may have initially realized, because your logo is going to serve as the official symbol for your business and how people recognize it. If you

As Anne Gelbmann, founder and owner of the travel planning service Cuisine, Culture and Conversation indicated in a recent interview with Deluxe, the process of designing a logo took longer than expected. I learned it should take more time than that. It is extremely important to spend that time because what I have now is a fantastic logo. Especially when I look at what I started

The success of any business is ensuring that your brand is well known and respected, meaning that you continue to attract new clients or customers. If you are looking to build a strong brand, then you will need to make sure that your own workforce first understands how your brand is benefiting your business. Take time to explain to colleagues what your company brand means for

Originality is the cornerstone of an exceptional brand. It is a key element which will keep consumers returning, by time and time again. However, there are also other crucial foundations that must not be overlooked when defining your company’s image. After all, it takes more than just a great logo to connect with your customers. Here are the five further essentials of building a powerful brand

Regardless of whether you’re a new company that’s just getting started, or a more established one that has never paid much attention to its brand or would like to revamp it – the first step is to develop it. Right from the start it is important to be aware that your brand is more than just a few isolated elements, but rather a complete identity of

Every business is going to need graphic design work at some point or another; in fact, for startups today, the majority of this work should actually be done before the grand opening. While the necessity of graphic design in business is common knowledge, less well-known is the fact that professional design solutions aren’t just the best solution, they should be treated as the only solution. Here

From a creative individual to multi-billion dollar companies: everyone needs an icon or symbol to represent their brand. These icons/symbols represent companies’ work philosophy, commercial attitude, and future vision. Some people call these symbols a trademark & others term those as logos. Every company has a logo: from simple text-based G–text logo of Google to the sliced apple of Apple Inc. Creativity apart, these logos are extremely simple, distinctive

Who doesn’t want to create logos which can make a big impact and assume a permanent place in everyone’s heart? Unfortunately, designing a truly impactful logo is not as easy as it seems to be…You might have seen many artists spending sleepless nights over creating the ‘perfect’ things for their clients, and often ending up with frustrating results. But let that not be the case with