Simple Things You Can Do to Boost Awareness of Your Product

Brand awareness matters more than many of us can imagine. Brand awareness and recognition could end up making or breaking a sale as consumers scan the shelves for the type of product you sell. Brand awareness also allows you to promote your product or service with an emphasis on its individual merits instead of trying to also share your brand’s story.

Boost Awareness of your product - An AyurStreet Product

Let’s take a look at a few methods you can use to boost awareness of your product.

Improve Your Digital Footprint

Digital footprint is a trail of data you or your users create while using the Internet. It includes everything you do online. Like the websites you visit, emails you send, and information you submit to online services.

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If you’re trying to build a digital presence, a branded website is only a starting point. You also need to apply branded search engine optimization to your website so that it ranks at the top of searches for your brand name. 

You need to set up branded social media profiles so that your brand comes up in searches on the social media site.

Create social media accounts on all of the major social media platforms and pay attention to the audiences and type of content that does well on each. For example, Twitter is designed for short text snippets, while Pinterest is ideal for visually rich content.

How to improve your social media presence?

Social media for a business organization has become a vital part of its development. In today’s world, the key to becoming successful in business is to apply the most effective measures through social media.

Use Technology to Tap into Human Psychology

We’re not talking about creating a viral video or addictive video game here. Instead, we’re suggesting the use of various tools to tap into various human impulses. For example, you can increase sales by creating a sense of scarcity, and one of the best ways to do so is by using flash sales.

Why is Conversational Marketing the Future of Digital Marketing?

Conversational marketing, a strategy whose name was coined by Drift and which has since been hailed by many to be the future of online marketing.

You should upgrade your ecommerce platform and use a tool like Launchpad to automate flash sales. This allows you to set up a variety of flash sales with relatively little work, and you can collect data on what terms, advertising channels, and times of day are the most successful.

Another great thing about flash sales is that you can use them to unload excess inventory. A flash sale (like Amazon, Flipkart) can also generate buzz among bargain shoppers who will spread the news about discounts, which will help you reach new customers.

Leverage Traditional Print Advertising

While digital marketing is rapidly growing, traditional print advertising continues to work. It is an excellent way to target hyper-local markets, such as when you mail flyers or coupons to everyone in a given neighborhood. 

Print media is a good way to reach certain demographics that may be hard to reach otherwise. You should first try to know what magazines your customers read and then place optimized ads in these publications.

A side benefit of this approach is that it can improve your social media reach since many of these publications will promote advertisers on their social media profiles.

Boost Awareness by Radio and Podcast Advertising

Radio remains one of the best ways to reach almost everyone, and it is still the default entertainment option for those driving to and from work. The most important thing is to know how to tie your ads to the interests and needs of this audience in order to build brand awareness.

Cute, funny, and informative ads are usually winners. Your ads also need to be something the audience likes, since they may hear it multiple times in an hour and dozens of times over a workday.

Brand awareness is the first step in the sales funnel. Do everything you can to increase brand awareness among potential customers, and build it into the rest of your marketing materials.