15 Best CouchTuner Alternatives to Watch Free TV Online

All of us like to relax after a hard day at work or school and watch an entertaining film or TV show. Therefore, many people worldwide subscribe to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and so on. Today, it is quite difficult to find shows or movies which are engaging enough to keep us hooked until the end. Also, subscriptions for most mainstream streaming services are quite expensive, and many people cannot afford them.

Thus, many people look for streaming clients that provide free streaming and offer varied and quality content. CouchTuner is a relatively obscure but great platform that has served many viewers well in that regard. Unfortunately, CouchTuner occasionally takes down titles without warning, and many of its recent additions aren’t as diverse as we had come to expect.

Thus, in this article, I have listed fifteen properly working (as of June 2022) CouchTuner alternatives that offer a diverse range of TV shows and films for you to enjoy. Notably, you will be able to watch newly released movies online for free without having to sign up.

Couchtuner alternatives

Best 15 CouchTuner Alternatives

Given below are my choices for the fifteen best CouchTuner alternatives. They’re all legal to use because they simply provide a link to third-party sources.

Some of these links may not open/work without a VPN. Use a VPN to access these freely.

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Watch Series

Watch Series is an excellent CouchTuner alternative for people interested in anime, drama, and television shows. It offers a vast number of series and episodes from some of the most well-known anime and television shows out there. Apart from this, it also gives you access to a high-definition stream of all these shows. Thus, you will be able to watch your favorite shows in excellent quality – something that you may not experience elsewhere.

Watch Series is completely free to use. If you wish, you can sign up or simply log in with your Facebook credentials to join the community. There is a handy search bar on the website to look up your favorite movies or shows. Watch Series is undoubtedly an outstanding resource for entertainment and an excellent alternative for CouchTuner. It even allows you to subscribe to your favorite stream and catch up with every new episode on time. It is certainly worth checking out for dedicated fans of movies and series.

Visit Watch Series

Just Watch

This is a great alternative for CouchTuner, which features outstanding downloading and streaming services. It comes with a simplistic user interface with a colossal collection of well-known films from all across the globe. With the help of this platform, you will also be able to watch all kinds of TV shows from all around the world for free.

The library of film and television titles featured on Just Watch is adequately sorted and features thousands of movies and shows. You will be able to conveniently go through these titles to find your favorite film or show on the website.

Visit Just Watch

TV Muse

TV Muse is an innovative platform that has revolutionized the concept of free entertainment. It features a range of refreshingly diverse content that will cater to the tastes of all kinds of people, including everything from news to animated films. These titles are available to download for free, without even requiring you to sign up for an account on the website. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you will be able to navigate through TV Muse with ease and convenience.

Visit TV Muse


PopcornFlix is a multiplatform streaming client and is much more advanced than most other CouchTuner alternatives. It is available as a web application, and you can download its app for iOS and Android devices as well. Thus, you can use it to enjoy your favorite television shows and movies on both your computer and mobile device, wherever you are. At PopcornFlix, you will find titles sorted based on their genre. You simply need to choose your favorite genre and check out all the films that fall under that category for watching movies.

Open PopcornFlix Website

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a well-crafted platform that has been developed exclusively for streaming movies free of cost. It features a very user-friendly interface that allows you to conveniently navigate through the website to find your favorite shows or films. Although all the content featured on Tubi TV is free to access, you can create an account on the website to enjoy it without any irritating ads or popups. There are numerous genres of movies and TV shows featured on this platform. Also, you can classify content based on popularity or release date. It is truly one of the best alternatives for CouchTuner out there.

Open Tubi TV


Soap2day has grown to become one of the top movie streaming websites and CouchTuner alternatives today. It features movies and TV shows of various genres. By virtue of its user-friendly interface, you will be able to find the latest and trending material on the website with ease and convenience. It allows you to make requests and save content as well. Thus, you will be able to get access to your favorite stuff even if it is not listed on the website. However, Soap2day does not store any files on its own server; third parties offer all the content listed.

Open Soap2Day


Xfinity is especially well-known for its outstanding options for personalization. If you are a dedicated binge-watcher, then this could be just the website for you. It features various categories of films – everything from action flicks to family dramas. You will be able to select from over 20 genres of films on Xfinity. Like Soap2day, Xfinity does not mandate you to create an account in order to download your favorite movies from this platform.

Unlike a lot of other websites out there, the user interface of Xfinity features only a handful of ads. Thus, you will not have to deal with irritating, content-covering popups and ads while streaming films on this platform. It also harbors an exclusive, regularly updated section for news related to music; you will be able to learn about the latest events concerning the world of movies over there.

Open Xfinity


This streaming client website is one of the most popular alternatives for CouchTuner. It was primarily developed for streaming television shows from all across the world in several languages and genres. The variety of shows featured on this platform is immense – everything from FRIENDS to Game of Thrones. Also, you can enjoy new episodes of your favorite TV shows here as soon as they are released.

Crave boasts of remarkably high streaming quality and provides a truly outstanding experience for viewers. It is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy a movie or TV series to the fullest.

Open Crave

Couch Tuner Hub

As its name suggests, Couch Tuner Hub is a popular CouchTuner alternative where you can go through your favorite TV shows and movies. Its features closely resemble that of the original CouchTuner platform, and thus it is a good choice for long-time users of the same. It features an excellent collection of movies and TV shows which you can conveniently categorize based on their genre to make it easier to browse through it and find your favorite titles.

Open Couch Tuner Hub

Prime Wire

Prime Wire is another excellent steaming platform that comes with a vast database of movies for you to enjoy for free. It doesn’t mandate you to create an account for watching movies either. You simply need to visit the website, choose the title you want, and start watching without any delay. It has a wide range of titles from all across the globe, in various genres and languages. For browsing more conveniently, you can categorize these titles as well.

Open Prime Wire

123 Movies

Initially, 123 Movies started off as a relatively obscure streaming platform. Today, it has grown to become one of the leading names in the world of online streaming. You will come across nearly a hundred proxies and clones of 123 Movies on the internet. Some of them feature designs very similar to the original website, whereas others differ significantly from the same. Either way, you will find a vast number of television shows and movies in high-definition over here.

Open 123 Movies

AZ Movies

Although AZ Movies looks like a paid online streaming website, it is actually free to use. It is run by a dedicated group of film and TV show fans who wish to share their passion for the art of film with everyone else. Remarkably, this platform features one of the oldest films in the history of the world – from the year 1915, directed by Charlie Chaplin.

Open AZ Movies

New Episodes

As its name suggests, New Episodes is an excellent platform for watching recent episodes of well-known TV shows right after they are released. Thus, it is a great choice for dedicated fans of television in particular. You can also conveniently browse through all other episodes of shows that you may have missed, using the search bar or categorizing the titles in alphabetical order. You can also join its active forum section and interact with other fans if you wish.

Open New Episodes


Putlocker has been a hot topic of discussion among journalists in recent times – not because of its vast and diverse collection of movies and TV shows, but because of the number of domains that are there. However, the website is still up and running, and you can watch your favorite shows or films over there. Make sure that you use the official site and not its fake clone, though.

Open Putlocker

Café Movie

Finally, Café Movie comes as a bit of a surprise. It allows you to browse movies, particularly by their genre, year of release, IMDB Rating, etc. You can, of course, search for movies by their names too. The content featured over here is balanced and adequately represents a wide range of genres.

Open Café Movie

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a free-to-use service that offers free streaming movies and television shows originally found on popular streaming clients like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and so on. However, unlike such paid services, it gives you access to all this material absolutely free of cost because it does not host any content on its own server.

Is CouchTuner legal?

CouchTuner has obviously been distributing copyrighted works without proper consent. So, technically it is illegal. However, works in the public domain are not protected by copyright laws and can be readily streamed, shared, and downloaded without any legal repercussions. Finally, the end-user is responsible for the content they access through streaming websites like CouchTuner.

What happened to CouchTuner?

Since CouchTuner was offering movies and television shows free of cost, the original owners of this content have the right to file a copyright claim against the service. Thus, it is possible that CouchTuner has been blocked by your ISP, shifted to a new domain, or gone completely offline because of the violation of copyright guidelines.

Is CouchTuner actually down?

Yes, CouchTuner presently appears to be down because of some copyright violations. However, it is also possible that your ISP has been blocking access to the website or it has migrated to an entirely new domain.

What are the best CouchTuner alternatives?

The best CouchTuner alternatives are Watch Series, Just Watch, TV Muse, Tubi TV, Xfinity, and many others I’ve listed here. Remember that all of them have pros and cons of their own. You need to go through the list, read about them in detail, and choose one (or more) that suits your needs best.

Are CouchTuner alternatives free to use?

Yes, all the CouchTuner alternatives listed here are available to use absolutely free of cost. You can readily access them and enjoy the entirety of their content without spending anything at all. They will keep you entertained endlessly without having to subscribe to any paid streaming service.

Are CouchTuner alternatives legal?

They’re legal as long as you are viewing movies and television shows within the public domain. However, if you’re caught using CouchTuner alternatives to access copyrighted content, you may have to face legal action.

Do you need a VPN to use CouchTuner alternatives?

Yes. Considering the legal ambiguity surrounding CouchTuner alternatives, I do recommend you to use a VPN when visiting them. Doing this will conceal your streaming activities and give you anonymity online.


CouchTuner is undoubtedly one of the most well-known streaming sites of today. However, if you seek CouchTuner alternatives, then the websites listed over here will serve you well. You can peacefully enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies on them after a hard day at work. What’d you watch next?

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