10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Want to watch sports without taking a TV cable connection? Don't worry; we have got you covered. We present to you the top 10 best free sport streaming sites of 2024.

Nowadays, sports streaming sites are famous worldwide. Millions of people stream various sports like Football, NFL, Cricket, UFC, NBA every day. People are getting busier day by day, and not everyone has the leisure to sit on the couch in your home to watch your favorite match live.

Live Sports Streaming sites have become highly convenient because of the same reason. Now you can watch your favorite match live on the way to work, on the bus, in the subway - wherever and whenever you want.

Sports Streaming Sites

The best free sports streaming sites in 2024 to watch your favorite game are listed below:


Stream2Watch is one of the most popular and efficient free sports streaming sites available for you to use. The site lists almost all games, including baseball, boxing, cricket, golf, rugby, tennis, wrestling, basketball, WWE, and many more. All the live matches that you can watch are available on its homepage. You will also see the essential information regarding the matches on the same page.

You can also adjust the streaming quality like 4K, 1080p, 720p. The website is ad-supported, and you may need to disable ad-blocking before entering the website. There are also many match mirrors available that you can download and watch at your convenience.

See Stream2Watch alternatives for more options like Stream2Watch.

Fox Sports Go  

Fox Sports Network offers Fox Sports Go for its users to enjoy live sports. Fox Sports is already a live broadcaster of sports, so the online streaming platform Fox Sports Go also provides various sports matches. So even without a sponsor, you can watch your favorite sport live.

You can also download the mobile app version of the website for even more convenience. That way you can watch sports anywhere you want. But the downside of this app is that it is not free for all. It is free of charge only if you have a FOX Sports Go cable connection. Then, you simply need to subscribe to the cable or the satellite to stream live matches.


ESPN is one of the most substantial cable sports companies and famous worldwide. Their website WatchESPN.com offers plenty of streaming options. You can stream various sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, and many more on their website. You do not need to register to watch the basic streams available on it.

But ESPN only streams the matches on which they have broadcasting rights. So you will not find a variety of games on it. ESPN also offers a premium version that you can utilize only if you have the cable login credentials or join the ESPN+ subscription pack to get greater access. The price starts at $ 5.99 / month. Also, ESPN is available in a few selected countries, so most likely, you will need a VPN service to access the website. 


BossCast provides sport streams from channels like NBA TV, ESPN, TSN, Eurosport. It also offers a curation system that allows you to watch games directly on the site, making it convenient. BossCast also provides a 'live chat service' to interact with fellow fans and support the games. You can also set the website to your local time zone to access local sports streams and events.  

The two cons of the website are that there are too many pop-up ads on the site, which is incredibly annoying when focusing on a game, and many redirected links. Additionally, BossCast uses Flash for a few of its streams, and with the discontinuation of Flash by 2020, a few streams have stopped working. Still, overall, this is an excellent site to find your favorite games and the 'live chat service' adds a little twist to your experience. 

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a growing website where you can stream live game matches. Though Facebook restricts the number of matches, they stream Facebook users utilize the platform to stream various popular matches. In addition, you can watch sports such as soccer, women's basketball and surfing.

With this effort, the social media meg-giant is also trying to get into the streaming market. Since it is still at the early stages of getting into streaming, it does not offer too many games, but millions of Facebook users take this opportunity to stream what they desire. You can search through and watch your favorite sport on it. 

To watch live matches, you have to first log in to your Facebook account. Then go to Facebook, watch and filter for live streams. 


Reddit is the most sought-after website if you are looking for unofficial streams. Though the platform itself does not stream anything, its user communities post many stream links of popular sports matches every day on the platform.

You can watch many professional sports matches like baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and hockey on Reddit. Also, Streaming site owners post the links themselves to attract an audience. Reddit users themselves upvote or downvote links to filter out the good places to watch matches. 

Its users mostly support Reddit content so that you can find both good and bad in there. Make sure to downvote any link or content which is not working or inappropriate to make it easier for other users in the community. 


This site is also similar to Reddit. It does not host its streams of matches, but instead, it is a platform where the users provide various streaming links for easier access. You can watch sports like football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, cycling, and others. The only annoying part is that the site is filled with pop-ups which may emerge even with ad-blockers installed. 

When you choose a game you want to watch, it takes you to a new window and plays the game. If the game does not play, click on an option that says 'More links from this match,' and you will get more streaming links for the same match. Keep on choosing until you find a suitable link and watch your favorite game online live.  


Cricfree is a free sports streaming website that mostly streams cricket matches. However, you can watch other sports such as baseball, football, soccer, tennis, rugby, golf, motorsports, cricket, and more. Cricfree tries to ensure that every link present there is working, not to have to go around trying to find a good enough stream. Furthermore, Cricfree's user-friendly interface arranges the streams according to the type of sport for easier access. 

Cricfree also provides an Android or iOS app. So now you can watch the live stream anywhere you want and keep yourself up to date. But, again, just like most of the websites on this list, Cricfree users also have to deal with those annoying pop-up ads. Also, some streaming sites are geo-restricted. But you take the help of any VPN service to view those streams. 


LiveTV offers many features to its paid users. It keeps track of updates on tournaments, matches to be scheduled in the future, matches played in the past, live games, live streams, and many more. It is heaven for sports fanatics. It is an international website, so you need not worry about missing out on anything. 

This site also offers chat features amongst fans for sports-related discussions. You can watch matches even without signing up on LiveTV. It also provides an Android and iOS app for keeping track of every update in the sports world. This site also has streaming links on it while the actual streaming is done elsewhere. So, few pop-up ads may bother you while watching matches. 

Stream Sports

Stream Sports is another popular free sports streaming website. It offers football, soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, hockey, motorsports, and other live sports matches.

The most significant advantage of Stream Sports is that you do not have to deal with any ads interrupting your game. In addition, you can enjoy post-game highlight streams after any match in a high HD quality stream too. 

To use the site, create an account on it. It also helps you keep track of your favorite upcoming matches and scores to not miss out on anything. You can also blacklist any sport to stop it from being suggested to you. 

The major con of Stream Sports is that it is only available in selected countries such as U.S., India, Russia, Australia, and the U.K. But you can access it through any VPN if you are in any other country. 


These are our top suggestions for the best free sports streaming sites of 2024. Now you do not need to worry about missing out on your favorite matches. But a lot of these sites are geo-restricted. But using a VPN solves the problem. Also, keep in mind the guidelines regarding streaming any content in your country.

Some streams from these websites may not be legal in your country. So, make sure to check the laws on copyrights before using them. Also, beware of the links present on these sites, as many can turn out to be hostile links and third-party tracking programs. Using VPNs and antiviruses helps a lot in this regard. So, stay safe and stream the game of your choice.