Remove Links & Other Spam from Comments in WordPress

Some bloggers, link-building muddleheads may spam your comment area with multiple URLs. You can get rid of those by putting this code in your child theme’s functions.php file:

function gt_comment_post( $incoming_comment ) {
  $incoming_comment['comment_content'] = htmlspecialchars($incoming_comment['comment_content']);
  $incoming_comment['comment_content'] = str_replace( "'", ''', $incoming_comment['comment_content'] );
  return( $incoming_comment );

function gt_comment_display( $comment_to_display ) {
  $comment_to_display = str_replace( ''', "'", $comment_to_display );
  return $comment_to_display;

add_filter('preprocess_comment', 'gt_comment_post', ’, 1);
add_filter('comment_text', 'gt_comment_display', ’, 1);
add_filter('comment_text_rss', 'gt_comment_display', ’, 1);
add_filter('comment_excerpt', 'gt_comment_display', ’, 1);
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