5 Innovative Ways to Use Google Classroom for Adult Education

With the advancement of technology, every aspect of our lives is inevitably transformed by it, and education is no exception. Now, incorporating technology in education is no longer a choice but a necessity. There are various tools and platforms available online that help us to do the same; however, among all, Google Classroom stands out as a game changer.

Banner depicting Google Classroom for Adult Education

Google Classroom as a platform is primarily recognized as a place for all sorts of online education. However, its flexibility and innovation have transformed teaching methods and taken them to the next level for adult education as well.

In this article, we will dive deep into adult education and how one can use Google Classroom for adult education.

In this piece, we have listed 5 innovative ways to incorporate in Google Classroom for smooth and easy learning. From interactive discussion forums that create a community to the modern flexible flipped classroom approach, we will see how Google Classroom is an innovation on its own.

If you want to make the most out of your Google classroom classes, try incorporating these 5 techniques.

Now, without further delay, let us check out these 5 innovative methods.

Interactive Discussions and Collaborations

With Online Forums and Discussions

When it comes to education online, having a community is of utmost importance. This is especially true for adult education. Adult education is solely dependent on interactive and engaging learning. No, how do you get access to such kind of education online? Google Classroom is your answer.

Creating online forums and discussion groups in Google Classroom will allow you to have one such community of like-minded adults. From exploring complex topics to brainstorming innovative ideas, online discussions in Google Classroom can transform the learning experience as you can learn and share from fellow adult peers. It can also be a place to share your doubts regarding any lecture or session or a place to find and share more study material on topics you are learning. Being an adult learner is all about helping each other out.

With Demos

Another great interactive activity to boost the productivity of your lectures is to incorporate projects and demonstrations in it. Adult learning experience often needs application and demonstration-based learning approaches. But, it may seem too hard to achieve it online. However, that is not true at all. Google Classroom has got a perfect solution for this. Through Google Docs or Slides, learners can make the experience more practical and thus make it easier to grasp topics and ideas.

Increased productivity, flexibility, and accessibility

With Pre-recorded Lectures

The concept of flipped classrooms is a relatively new topic, but without a doubt, it's one of the most effective ways to make studying fruitful and exciting. Students can study by watching pre-recorded lectures at their own time and pace. It is beneficial for adult education as being an adult with work and other responsibilities takes up most of the time. Thus, attending regular classes may not seem possible. So, pre-recorded lectures are a game changer as you can watch them after adulting for the day. Different from traditional classrooms, this also lets a learner revisit specific topics in one go in case they fail to understand.

Via Discussion forums for Q&A sessions

Now, in traditional classrooms, the teacher is always there to listen to queries and answer them. But what is the Google Classroom equivalent of it? It is where discussion forums for Q&A sessions come to help. Having a forum means you can interact with teachers and fellow students alike.

You can ask a question or answer anyone else's question and even start a discussion thread. This feature is especially helpful as an adult as you can keep your question posted and check out the answer in your spare time—no need to maintain any schedule to get in touch with your teachers. As an adult student, time flexibility is most crucial. Arranging a Q&A session is also possible with Google Classroom. These sessions create a collaborative space where understanding deepens with interaction and engagement.

Personalization on assignments

With Quizzes and Surveys

An innovative way that makes Google Classroom fruitful is by using Assignments and surveys with deadlines. As an adult, it must be hard to take an exam from 10 am to 12 pm as during the day; you must be busy with either your professional life or your home. But, to keep up with your learning, exams are also necessary. So, as a solution, Google Classroom has come up with assignments and surveys with a specified deadline. You can take your assignments anytime, any day you want, as long as they are submitted within the deadline. Do it at night or on weekends; it's easy.

With Personalized feedback on assignments

To optimize any course or class, it is essential to have a feedback system for students, and Google Classroom understands this. Google Classroom's feedback feature allows lecturers and teachers to evaluate assignments and provide personalized insights through comments on an assignment or quiz.

As an adult learner, it is very important. Most of the time, adult learners self-study without any tutor help. So, to understand what areas need improvement, they need personalized feedback on what assignment they already submitted. This way, they can easily self-learn and go about their course with ease. Also, since adult learners often have diverse backgrounds, the teachers must understand their requirements and give feedback so that they can improve.

Communication and Collaboration

With Announcements

Adult learners need an effective way to keep track of their course, as they need help to check and recheck constantly. Suppose you are doing your 9 to 5 job and simultaneously taking a course on Google Classroom. Now, is it possible for you to check for updates in Google Classroom throughout the day in between work? Not! This is where you can use the "announcements" feature of Google Classroom. Announcements allow you to put notifications for important reminders and updates so that you do not need to revisit the platform time and time. Pretty convenient, right?

With Practical applications

As adult learners, what we learn is not theoretical but practical. So, ensuring that what we learn can be applied in real life is essential. It can be anything: a personal skill or new technology to help you advance your professional career. With this in mind, Google Classroom introduced collaboration features on the platform. Google Classroom offers many collaboration features like Google Workspace, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Meet, and more. With these features, you can incorporate practically whatever you learned. Adult learners need practical skills; if you can practically implement your skills while learning, you will retain them better. This will not only save you time for studying but also will make you corporate-ready.

Professional Development and growth

Talk sessions and conferences

Adult education is all about professional Development and growth, and Google Classroom is the very essence of it all. Learners can engage in collaborative skill-building through talk sessions and conferences via this platform. The "Meet" feature on Google Classroom allows you to participate in insightful talk sessions and connect to professionals, guest lecturers, and industry experts worldwide. Participating in such sessions is a great way to advance my career and know what skills are most in demand in the industry.

Industry requirements and expert talks

As most adult learners join courses to upskill themselves for career growth, they must know they are taking the right path. Whether a skill is relevant or not in the current market scenario - only an industry expert can say this. Thus, talk sessions with such experts held on Google Classroom can help a learner understand that. Not just that, such sessions also discuss how to implement your newly learned skills in a real-life scenario. It is another way to use Google Classroom to get valuable insights into the industry requirements and use them to your advantage.

Taking Advantage of Google Classroom for Adult Education

When it comes to revolutionizing education, Google Classroom is at the forefront, without a doubt. Through interactive discussions, flipped classrooms, presentations, and virtual field trips, adult learners experience nothing less than traditional learning but in the comfort of their homes. For adult learners, it is essential to use their free time to educate themselves.

With all these features, you can learn and transform your career and grow professionally.

These extra tips are just a way to optimize the Google Classroom learning experience to cater to adult learners and fit it into their busy schedules. That said, try out these innovative ways on your own and see the magic happen! Happy learning!