Best Black Friday Deals on Education and Online Courses to Take Advantage of

Education, educational technology companies and online course providers partake in the Black Friday sale. Courses and other services will be available at lower prices during Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. Here are the best Black Friday deals on education and online courses that you can take advantage of.

There are massive discounts on the course fee, multiple free trials, and baskets of courses at half their prices. It is the best time to start learning a new skill and get certified. The certification is legit and adds a spark to your resume and a feather to your skill hat.

Many such education-related websites give out such Black Friday discounts. Here are some of the top brands’ best Black Friday Deals on Education.

Live Education Deals

Here are the latest and probably the best deals on online courses that you can try:

Best Black Friday Deals on Education in 2022

Datacamp Black Friday Deals


Datacamp is an exceptional online learning source that strengthens the coding and programming skills of students. The site has courses you can choose from and lessons you can carry on at your pace.

During the Black Friday sale, it will offer a week-long free trial for the courses and a free monthly subscription. Do not forget to mark the date on your calendars.

Codecademy Black Friday Deals


The New Education Policy is to turn the education system of our country around. It will make practical learning the key elements of a student’s life. Coding is to become a skill that will be taught to all to create a more skilled workforce. 

If you missed out on some classes, don’t worry. You can grab those lessons on Codecademy now at 50% slashed prices. Wait till the Black Friday to avail of the services and products at these reduced prices.

Coursera Black Friday Deals


During the Black Friday sale, Coursera will make many of its guided projects, courses, and other online learning projects available at lower prices. You will also be able to get discounts on Coursera Plus courses.

Though you will have to pay for the certificate and graded assignment, the prices are humble. If you do not already have an account, then create one to be notified about the deals. 

In the previous sales, the discounts had gone up to 50%. This year you can expect to get many free trials on different soft skill courses and nearly 20% discounts on most of the course fees.

Udemy Black Friday Deals


With the Black Friday Deals, you can save a put of money and get yourself something pretty. Next, let’s talk about the much-awaited discounts on Udemy.

The company has thousands of courses and is always under some offer, but during Black Friday, the discounts go as high as 75%. This year for the advanced ones, you will only have to pay 10% of the current price.

With offers this sweet, do not waste your money now.

edX Black Friday Deals


You can now grab lectures by Harvard and Oxford Professors and complete a course by paying almost next to nothing. The list of courses on edX is endless. You can keep scrolling, but you will not find the end.

You can find the promo codes that will let you purchase the courses at reduced prices on the website. Hurry and make an account right away on edX.

Rosetta Stone Black Friday Deals

rosetta stone

If you are tired of the repetitive questions on Duolingo, you should go to Rosetta Stone. It is one of the best online learning platforms for the languages of the world.

The platform has a simple and easy course for all the languages that you want to learn. You can spend a few minutes each day to master one. 

It offers up to 55% discounts on the language courses in the previous Black Friday sale. This time, too, the deals will be decent. You will be able to lessen the pressure on your wallets.

Skillshare Black Friday Deals

skillshare 1

Skillshare is another online learning platform and MOOC service provider. It participates in the sale and presents many offers like 30-50% off on courses, month free trials, and limited free classes. Do not let this golden ticket split out of your hands.

Use coupon code 2WFREEGOOGLEB if asked.

Chegg Study Black Friday Deals

chegg study featured image 1

Chegg Study is another emerging name that has a lot to offer to students. Its services are student-centric and assist school and college goers in several ways.

See also: The Best Chegg Study Alternatives To Try.

During the Black Friday Deals, it will let you get the Math Solver, preparation kit for international exams, and classes at 50% off. You can have free trials and get the monthly pack at a reduced rate. You can rent books for a longer duration while paying the same nominal charges.

Udacity Black Friday Deals


Udacity is a platform that offers you many kinds of certification and degree courses. It has an English course and even advanced Machine Learning courses that you can take. All these will have discounts during the Black Friday sale.

There will be special discounts on many courses on Udacity, 15% off on Machine Learning, and many others will be completely free.

Magoosh Black Friday Deals


It is an online test preparation site and provides counseling for studying abroad. It is like your personal career coach. 

Such career coaches in physical form strip you off of thousands of rupees. With the Black Friday sale, you can get the test preparation and counseling advice for free or at a 20% discount.

LinkedIn Learning Black Friday Deals

linkedin Learning

LinkedIn is a social media site apt for finding jobs, internships, showing off the certificate you earned, and skills you learned. It also provides courses, under LinkedIn Learning (earlier, that will brush up the soft skills much-needed for bagging the best jobs in town.

These courses are free or have discounts during the Black Friday sale. You can even get the membership at a much lower price and then continue to enjoy it even when the Black Friday sale ends. LinkedIn gives discounts of up to 33%.

Learn Something New Now!

Above are some of the best Black Friday Deals on education you can get. You can create an account on these sites and get notified of the offers or to know more by searching online.

The Black Friday Deals are posted online before the sale, and you can prepare your list beforehand to have smooth sailing through the sprinting week. It’s a once-in-a-year offer, so set your clocks so you don’t miss out on this sale of the year.

Disclaimer: In full transparency, I am an affiliate for one or more products listed on this page. If you click a link and complete a purchase, I might make a commission at no extra cost to you. Please see the full disclaimer and FTC disclosure here.