Best Online Math Solvers and Calculator Websites

Math can be tricky at times. When you get stuck, you reach out to your teachers, your classmates, and above all, the Internet. There are some online math solvers and calculators that can help you out. While I have several online calculators myself, some are even better.

There are over a dozen of online math solvers that can help you solve math problems either automatically or manually.

The automatic math solvers use your input to solve your math problems using pre-built data or using machine learning. Manual math solvers are actually assignment help services that offer dedicated one-on-one solutions to not only your math problems but also in other areas.

Traditionally, abacuses and calculators have been used for centuries to make mathematical operations simpler. In the modern age of technology, we have several useful digital tools for this purpose. Online math solvers,  such as number sequence solvers, are among such tools which can help students with various problems, conversions, and much more.

In this article, I am going to showcase the 18 of the best online math solvers and calculator websites that are presently available on the internet, along with their key details.

These can help you solve mathematical problems with speed and efficiency. Apart from helping you save time, they will also allow you to verify your manual problem-solving skills more efficiently.

Microsoft Math

Microsoft Math Online Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver is an excellent app and website to obtain stepwise solutions to mathematical problems. You will be able to see how to solve problems, show your work, and get definitions for mathematical concepts as well. Besides, you can immediately graph any equation to visualize your function and understand the relationship between variables.

Apart from this, the tool allows you to practice more by searching for additional learning materials like video tutorials and related worksheets. It can handle problems in various areas of mathematics, such as:


  • Exponents
  • Fractions
  • Greatest common factor
  • Least common multiple
  • Mean
  • Mixed fractions
  • Mode
  • Order of operations
  • Prime factorization
  • Radicals


  • Combine like terms
  • Evaluate fractions
  • Expand
  • Factor
  • Inequalities
  • Linear equations
  • Matrices
  • Quadratic equations
  • Solve for a variable
  • Systems of equations


  • Derivatives
  • Integrals
  • Limits


  • Evaluate
  • Graphs
  • Simplify
  • Solve equations

It works in a wide range of languages such as English, German, Hindi, Spanish, and many more.

Pricing – Free to use.

Link -

Wolfram Alpha

image 76

The Wolfram Alpha online equation solver can readily solve quadratic, linear, and polynomial systems of equations with ease. It is an excellent tool for finding polynomial roots in particular. It can also plot polynomial solution sets and inequalities, factor polynomials, and much more. You will promptly receive feedback and guidance with stepwise solutions and the Wolfram Problem Generator.

Wolfram Alpha uses the Wolfram Language’s Solve and Reduce functions for solving equations. These functions contain a wide range of methods for all sorts of algebra – from elementary linear and quadratic equations to multivariate nonlinear systems. It also uses linear algebra methods like Gaussian elimination at times, with optimizations for higher reliability and speed.

With the help of these meticulously designed methods, Wolfram Alpha is able to solve a broad variety of problems while minimizing computation time.

Pricing — Free to use. Begins at USD 5.49 per month (Pro) and USD 9.99 per month (Premium)



image 77

QuickMath was one of the first online math solvers to be developed. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Ben Langton, it allowed users to intuitively type in an expression and get the results almost instantaneously. In 2013, it was acquired by the Softmath company and employed superior technology to start providing step-by-step solutions to mathematical problems. It also displays context-sensitive explanations for every step involved.

QuickMath covers a lot of areas in mathematics, including:

  • Linear equations
  • Graphing functions
  • Absolute values
  • Roots and radicals
  • Exponents and polynomials
  • Quadratic equations
  • Complex numbers
  • Factoring polynomials
  • Linear inequalities

Pricing – USD9.99 per month or USD29.99 per year (premium Algebrator version)

Link -


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Mathway by Chegg is one of the most well-known platforms that give students just the tools they need to understand and solve mathematical problems. It aims to allow students to access quality on-demand math assistance with ease and convenience readily. Its handy online math solver comes with an efficient user interface and high functionality. Mathematical areas it covers include:

  • Basic math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Pre-calculus
  • Calculus
  • Graphing
  • Chemistry
  • Linear algebra
  • Finite math

You can get answers to problems free of cost. However, for stepwise solutions and explanations, you need to upgrade to the Mathway step-by-step subscription.

Pricing – USD 9.99 per month or USD 39.99 per year

Link -


The Symbolab math solver is an efficient private math tutor that can readily solve any mathematical problem complete with steps. It is composed of more than a hundred of Symbolab’s most robust calculators, including the following:

  • Equation calculator
  • Integral calculator
  • Derivative calculator
  • Limit calculator
  • Trigonometry calculator
  • Inequality calculator
  • Matrix calculator
  • Series calculator
  • Functions calculator
  • Laplace Transform calculator
  • ODE calculator

Pricing – Begins at USD 12.99 for two months

Link –

Cuemath Online Math Calculators

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Cuemath’s Online Math Calculators feature easy-to-use interfaces for users and display results in a readily interpretable form. They also provide stepwise solutions to each problem to help users understand them better. Cuemath provides calculators on all prominent mathematical topics required by students, such as:

  • Absolute value calculator
  • Adding and subtracting polynomials calculator
  • Adding exponents calculator
  • Area calculator
  • Binomial probability calculator
  • Boolean algebra calculator
  • Coefficient of determination calculator
  • Definite integral calculator
  • Elimination method calculator
  • Fibonacci numbers calculator

Pricing – Free to use

Link –

Gaurav Tiwari's Calculators

image 80

I am a hobbyist and I have created several online calculators that can help you out in certain things. My Calculators page is relatively new compared to all these services but it's still worth the try.

Here is the list of top calculators and solvers that I have:

Pricing — Free to use

Link —

E6BX Advanced Math Calculator

E6BX’s advanced online math calculator is primarily intended for people in the aviation industry. However, you can use it to solve simpler calculations. As you know, aviation engineering involves highly intricate calculations that require pinpoint precision. After all, the lives of those aboard the aircraft depend on them. Therefore, E6BX’s online math solver is fast, efficient, and accurate.

The calculator allows you to perform various mathematical operations like grouping, factorial, modulus, and much more. It features various advanced functions dealing with areas of mathematics such as:

  • Construction
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Combinatorics
  • Geometry
  • Matrices
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Strings

Apart from this, the calculator deals with specialized calculations in aviation such as mach speed, speed of sound, wind components, pressure altitude, indicated air speed, true air speed, and so on.

Pricing – Free to use


Maple Calculator

image 81

It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with simple calculations or university-level math problems. Maple Calculator is a robust math learning tool that can help you with every aspect of the subject. It can perform matrix manipulations, solve algebra problems, explore 2D and 3D graphs, calculate the derivative or integral of a function, and much more.

Maple Calculator allows you to conveniently enter, solve, and visualize mathematical problems from precalculus, calculus, algebra, and differential equations for free. It also lets you enter problems using your camera and check your homework with a button tap. For both classroom students and those learning from home, Maple Calculator is an indispensable resource for developing a grasp on math.

Pricing – USD 995 (single-user license)

Link -

MathPapa online math solver

MathPapa aims to help students learn algebra step-by-step. Developed by Robert Ikeda and Priscilla Pham, it allows students to understand the subject better by assisting them in mastering the fundamentals correctly. Given below are some of the functions it offers:

  • Fractions (addition, multiplication)
  • Exponents (multiplication, division, exponents)
  • Polynomials (addition, multiplication, squaring)
  • Graphing functions (parabola, inequalities, line)
  • Evaluating expressions
  • Solving equations
  • Solving inequalities

Pricing – USD 9.99 per month (for US customers)


Online Utility math calculator

This powerful math calculator can handle a wide range of mathematical functions, such as:

  • Arrays
  • Integrals
  • Polynomials
  • Inequalities
  • Numerical algorithms
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Exponential functions
  • Statistical and finance functions

With the help of this handy tool, you can solve a wide range of mathematical computational problems –from the very basic to the most complicated ones. It also allows you to strengthen your theoretical concepts and work out your homework worksheets. You can use it as a science student as well, both in study and in research.

Pricing – Free to use

Link -

Calculator Soup math equation solver

The math equation solver from Calculator Soup allows you to solve mathematical problems using order of operations like BODMAS, BEDMAS, and PEMDAS. It can handle equations that add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive, negative, and exponential numbers. You can readily include parentheses and numbers with roots or exponentials as well.

Other features offered by Calculator Soup include:

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Finance
  • Conversions
  • Geometry
  • Time and date

Pricing – Free to use

Link - features over 200 simplistically designed but highly efficient mathematical calculators. They are highly varied in terms of operation, such as:

  • Scientific calculator
  • Fraction calculator
  • Random number generator
  • Binary calculator
  • Ratio calculator
  • Root calculator
  • Matrix calculator
  • Probability calculator
  • Permutation and combination calculator
  • Pythagorean theorem calculator
  • Age Calculator

All these calculators have been developed individually after rigorous testing. The site aims to provide comprehensive, fast, convenient, and free online calculators to benefit both students and professionals. It can quite possibly become your one-stop, go-to website when it comes to quick calculations. However, I should mention that some of the calculators are only available in specific countries.

Pricing – Free to use

Link -

Domyhomework123 Math Solver

image 3

The Domyhomework.123 math problem solver can help solve equations and math problems that you find challenging. Powered by Mathway software from Chegg, which I mentioned earlier - Domyhomework123 is more of a service than software.

As the automated solutions don't offer anything extra than Mathway, you can take human help to solve complex problems. Domyhomework123 provides a homework assistance service and writing service to help any student with their school assignments. If you are feeling the pressure of an upcoming deadline, it is a reliable service you can refer to once you are truly running out of time.

Pricing – Free


Onlinecalculator Guru

This reliable website can readily solve all kinds of mathematical problems involving concepts like algebra, geometry, and much more. It features several versatile calculators, such as:

  • Maths calculator
  • Physics calculator
  • Chemistry calculator
  • Algebra calculator
  • Conversions calculator
  • Statistics calculator
  • Fraction calculator
  • Polynomials calculator
  • Calculus calculator
  • Geometry calculator

It provides comprehensive answers to mathematical questions along with a step-by-step learning guide. Whether you need help with your math assignments or preparing for your annual or competitive exams, you will find this online calculator extremely helpful. It is an excellent resource for students, teachers, and parents alike.

Pricing – Free to use

Link - features a wide range of online calculators to help students complete their assignments. It can solve everything from determinants and standard deviations to income taxes and dates related to pregnancy. Moreover, it provides explanatory steps to solve the equations as well. Thus, you can readily use it to check the accuracy of the equations in your assignment solutions.

The calculators featured on this website are versatile and can work independently on all commonly used browsers. Some of them include:

  • Standard deviation calculator
  • Determinant calculator
  • Slope calculator
  • Inverse of matrix calculator
  • Pregnancy calculator
  • Shear modulus calculator
  • Income tax calculator (India)
  • Mortgage length calculator

Pricing – Free to use

Link –

RapidTables online math calculator is a helpful website that contains handy tools and quick reference information. Apart from mathematical theory, it features many useful online calculators as well. Some of these include:

  • Adding fractions calculator
  • Antilog calculator
  • Binary/hex calculator
  • Complex numbers calculator
  • Pythagorean theorem calculator
  • Root calculator
  • Scientific notation calculator
  • Standard deviation calculator
  • Trigonometry calculator
  • Variance calculator

Pricing – Free to use

Link – - Easy Online Calculators offers a wide range of free online calculators covering the most
basic calculation needs and helping with more complex scientific and math problems. They are very useful for both students and professionals alike.

All of the calculators are written in javascript and most of them are
universal multi-functional (all-in-one) calculators.

The calculators on this site are covered under the following categories:

  • Algebra Calculators
  • Chemistry Calculators
  • Date & Time Calculators
  • Financial Calculators
  • Geometry Calculators
  • Health Calculators
  • Math Calculators
  • Percentage Calculators
  • Statistics Calculators
  • Text Tools
  • Unit Converters

Pricing – Free to use

Link –

The online math solvers and calculators that I have listed on this page are all highly efficient, fast, and useful to beginners and professionals alike. However, keep in mind that they are not a substitute for a manual calculation.

If you want to excel in your field, you need to continue putting in the effort to make your calculation skills stronger. However, when you are short of time, this article can help you find a good online calculator to get the required results with speed and accuracy.

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