Intermediate Value Theorem Calculator

The Intermediate Value Theorem is a popular concept in Calculus, often studied together with the mean value theorem. Here I will state the theorem and help you understand this with the help of the Intermediate Value Theorem calculator.

Intermediate Value Theorem

Let f(x) be a function which is continuous on $[a, b]$, $N$ be a real number lying between $f(a)$ and $f(b)$, then there is at least one $c$ with $a \leq c \leq b$ such that $N = f(c)$.

The IVT is also known as Bolzano's theorem and Weierstrass Intermediate Value Theorem by some mathematicians. Bolzano provided the first proof of the theorem, but at his time the nature of real numbers wasn't well-defined. The detailed proof was later done by Karl Weierstrass.

The Weierstrass proof of the Intermediate Value Theorem can be found here.

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Intermediate Value Theorem Calculator

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