Decameter to Statute Miles Calculator

The decameter to statute miles calculator is a handy online tool that you can use to convert a value in a decameter (dam) into the corresponding statute miles unit. With the help of this calculator, you can receive fast and accurate results by simply entering an input value.

Before we learn how to use the calculator, let’s understand what these units actually are.

What exactly are decameters and statute miles?

In mathematics and science, a decameter is an SI unit of distance or length that is equal to ten meters. Although it is used relatively less compared to other units of length, it does find some important practical applications. For example, it is often used for measuring the altitude of geopotential heights in meteorology.

Similarly, the volumetric form “cubic decameter” is a convenient unit for describing huge volumes of water, such as lakes and rivers. In this case, a volume of one cubit decameter or dm3 is equivalent to a capacity of one megalitre (ML). Also, one “technical atmosphere” is defined as the pressure of one decameter of water.

On the other hand, a mile is a unit of length that is equivalent to 8 furlongs or 5,280 feet. It is commonly used in Great Britain and the United States. A statute mile is the definitive unit of measurement used in the United States and Britain; over there, the miles referred to on maps, road signs etc. are statute miles.

The statute mile originated in Rome, where people used a unit named “miles passum” (the measure of a thousand paces) for measuring long distances. Historical studies have revealed that there were discrepancies between the Romans and Saxons regarding the measurement of a foot.

That, however, was largely resolved by the Statute for Measuring Land of 1305, which made the foot quite close to its modern value. In 1593, Elizabeth I signed into law a statute titled “An Acte againste newe Buyldinges” that declared the mile to be 8 furlongs (40 rods, each rod being 16.5 feet long). Thus, the statute mile was a total of 5,280 feet long.

How to covert decameters to statute miles?

1 decameter = 10 metres

1 meter = 0.000621371 statute miles

Thus, 1 decameter = 0.000621371 × 10 statute miles = 0.00621371 statute miles


1 dam = 0.00621371 mi (US)

Decameter to statute mile table

Given below is a handy table featuring some common values in decameters (dam) and their corresponding values in statute miles (mi US) closest to three significant digits after the decimal.

Decameter (dam)Statute mile (mi US)

Calculate your own value

How to use the decameter to statute miles calculator?

Using the decameter to statute miles calculator, you can easily convert values in the decameter unit to their equivalent statute mile unit. For that, you simply need to follow the steps given below:

  1. In the given input field, enter the required value in the decameter unit.
  2. When done, click on the “Solve button”.
  3. Soon enough, the converted value in statute miles will appear in the output field.


Online calculators have made work much easier for us today. Whether you are a student, educator, or professional, you will find them useful and convenient in your work or studies. They are easy to use and provide solutions to complicated equations within a matter of seconds. In this way, you can save a lot of precious time and also avoid the risk of human errors.

The decameter to statute miles calculator is such an excellent online tool that will come in handy for professionals across various fields, including mathematics and physics. I hope you have a rewarding experience using it.

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