Snow Day Calculator

Use this Snow Day Calculator to get predictions about whether or not your school will be open on weekdays. Insert US or Canada ZIP code to get the required results and find out if your school will be open this winter. It is free and easy to use.


What is a Snow Day Calculator?

School Snow Day Calculator or Predictor is used to calculate the chances of getting a snowstorm or other extreme weather conditions that may result in school cancellations.

It is designed to help parents and students anticipate the odds of their school getting closed/delayed because of snow.

Discovery of a Snow Day Calculator

The origination of such a calculator dates back to the year 2007, when MIT student, David Sukhin started it as a middle school project. At that time, the users were required to enter weather information and statistics about their locality and the calculator would predict whether it will snow the next day. 

Updates that Followed

Advancements in the calculator algorithm allowed it to automatically gather weather data from the National Weather Service and give a prediction according to the ZIP code entered by the user.

Now, with such an improvement to the whole process of giving feeding in weather data by yourself, a number of users of the snow day calculator shot up drastically and several more companies started launching their own version of this calculator.

The main difference between the calculator and its predecessors was that it used a more advanced method to calculate the chances of school closure.

The tool uses weather statistics like temperature, ice forecasts, timing & magnitude of a snowstorm and historical data on users’ location and school to provide predictions that are correct with an accuracy of up to 100%! To be exact, the factors go like this:

  1. Snowfall: Goes without saying, the greater the snowfall, greater chances of getting a snow day.
  2. How Ready Are You?: The more frequently an area receives snow, the more prepared they will be for such cases and vice-versa.
  3. Is it just the snow?: Often a snowstorm may bring along partly ice partly snow kind of fall and since ice is pretty difficult to shove off the roads, more ice means better chances of snow day.
  4. Temperature: Now, even if a lot of snow falls in, a warm weather the next could help in melting the snow faster thus clearing out the roads and surroundings. That goes the opposite for a cold weather.

Using a carefully developed formula, the Snow Day Calculator will predict snow days or delays for schools using just your zip code in the US and Canada.

Using the Snow Day Calculators

The calculators are now used and trusted by millions of users and receive constant appreciation from those who trust the science behind such predictions. As the model learns about more regions and schools and is fed reports by users about what actually happened, the calculator keeps on getting better, both in terms of accuracy and the region covered. It is now available on websites as well as Android and iOS applications. 

You simply need to enter your ZIP Code and that’s it! 

You get snow day predictions with utmost accuracy.

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