Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Amazon Affiliate Plugins can help you showcase various Amazon products on your WordPress affiliate site or blog to help you generate affiliate income easily.

By listing Amazon products, you allow your readers to click and buy the products they need from and other sites.

In return, Amazon provides you with an affiliate commission through Amazon Associates Central. To learn more or register for the Amazon Affiliate Program and Associates Central, see this page.

Coming back to the main matter, here are the 10 best Amazon Associates Affiliate plugins for WordPress blogs, affiliates and niche websites.

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This is an absolutely free Amazon Affiliate Plugin that helps you easily insert Amazon products into your WordPress site using the most recent version of the Amazon Product Advertising API.

With this plugin, you don’t need to worry about the availability of Amazon products, which are displayed on your site.

You can automatically show links/ads for new Amazon products that are rolling out today. The plugin supports 10 Amazon localizations and works on all JavaScript enabled/disabled browsers.

All links are tagged with your associated Amazon ID. With its help, you can search not only for specific categories but also for products.

This plugin works even when you don’t have an Amazon Product Advertising API key.

AAWP – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

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With AAWP β€” it is quick and easy to create an affiliate box and insert the product link, and it supports dozens of Amazon countries on which it is possible to make this type of sale (United States, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain and UK).

You can create not only boxes but also simple text links, which of course can also be opened in another window. In addition, you can also take the image from Amazon and make it an ‘affiliate’ link or create blocks with all the information you think is the best. There are also call to action buttons, so as to ‘entice’ the person who is reading.

Shortcodes for Amazon Affiliates

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Another very popular name is Shortcodes for Amazon Affiliates. It helps you easily merge the Amazon store with your WordPress site and allows easy promotion of products. The product will appear as normal content on your website and one of the best features is that it automatically updates the old products and prices if there is any change. It offers English and Spanish support thereby helping the users if they face any problem.

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The Amazon Link Engine is a useful tool as it allows your international site visitors to access their local Amazon storefronts from your affiliate links. It instantly localizes your affiliate links every time a visitor loads the page.

This plugin offers an immediate way to increase potential conversions while creating the best user experience for your website visitors. If you are planning to attract an international audience to engage in affiliate marketing, this plugin will get you started.

WooZone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates


Next on the list is WooZone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates, this plugin exploits Woocommerce to create a real eCommerce of affiliate products.

The user can also place the product in the shopping cart while on your site, but at the time of purchase, he will be redirected to to complete the payment.

The effectiveness of this system is the ability to easily integrate a large number of products with a few clicks, offering a truly complete purchasing platform. Additionally, the plugin provides a series of purchase statistics that can be very useful.

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Another name that will catch your attention is Auto Affiliate Links. This will make integration with your Amazon store easier and will help you monetize your website. You can select your keywords where you want the link to be added and modify the settings, the rest will be done by Auto affiliate links.

Amazon Products in a Post Plugin

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This WordPress plugin will help you easily add Amazon products to any page by using Amazon product ASIN. You must have an Amazon Affiliate Account and product advertising API keys to link the Amazon store with your website.

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This is another tool that will help you make money through your affiliate website. They have made your work as simple as possible. You can complete integrating your website with the Amazon store by following simple steps and within no time your website will be ready to give you money through Amazon Affiliation. Furthermore, you can add images to your affiliate link to make them look more attractive.


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AmazonSimpleAdmin lets you integrate and design Amazon products by offering you a variety of templates to choose from. All you need to do is to use your Amazon Associate ID and start making money.

Disclosure for Amazon Affiliate

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Disclosure for Amazon Affiliate plugin helps you automatically get your Amazon Affiliate site fully compliant with Amazon’s tracking and affiliate rules.

In this post, we listed some Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress that can help you successfully integrate the Amazon system with your WordPress site.

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