Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing programs pay billions of dollars every year to their affiliates. There are thousands of such programs that you can join as an affiliate, but only the best affiliate marketing programs convert and pay better.

I have listed some of the best affiliate marketing programs to join in 2024 in this article. These affiliate marketing programs are both high-converting and high-paying. And, by following proper affiliate marketing strategies, you can earn thousands of dollars every month.

Why join these affiliate marketing programs?

Why join these affiliate marketing programs?

Affiliate marketing has been one of the fastest-growing digital marketing methods in recent years and is currently among the top 3 in payouts.

I know many bloggers and social media marketers, including me, who earn thousands of dollars every month promoting products, services or brands.

I have already written an article on affiliate marketing in detail. But to revise again, you as an affiliate will earn a commission when a reader/customer buys or performs an action (like subscribing or clicking on a banner or link that generates a visit/sale/lead) for the affiliate program.

Many SEOs and digital marketers make a living with the 'passive income' that affiliate marketing generates. You just need to create content, rank your content, and then you can reap all benefits even when you are sleeping.

Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Best affiliate marketing programs

As I wrote earlier, there are thousands of affiliate programs that you can promote. But choosing the best options is one of the most challenging tasks if you don't know where to look.

There are affiliate programs that offer you only a tiny percentage between 1 to 10%, while some others provide fixed commissions or above 100% (even to 300%) of the value of the product or service. Amazing, isn't it?

In this article, I have made a list of 25 affiliate programs that you can join. Along with the list, I have also described each affiliate program in detail so that you can decide whether or not to enter a program.

So without further delay, let's start with the list of the best affiliate programs!


semrush affiliate

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools that offers loads of features, functions and tools that can help you take your websites to a whole new level. It also offers one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

Learn more about SEMrush here

SEMRush affiliate is one of the highest paying in the market. It offers:

  • $200 for every new subscription
  • $10 for every new trial activation
  • $0.01 for every new registration (not trial)

You can join the SEMrush affiliate program on BeRush or Impact Radius.


cloudways affiliate

Cloudways is a Google Cloud-powered hosting service that focuses on incredible speed and excellent customer support. Its flexible pricing and loads of features are why hundreds of thousands of businesses and users have chosen Cloudways to host their business websites.

Cloudways offers $50 per sale if you make <5 sales and $125 per sale if you make 45+ sales per month, and other personalized commission rates in between. But this is not it; you can also earn passive commissions as long as your referred users continue to use Cloudways.

Click here to learn more about the Cloudways affiliate program.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is another web hosting service with the likes of Cloudways. Their focus is on hosting small and medium business sites, having more than 500k sites hosted on their servers.

Liquid Web is not as large as other hosting companies but has an immense potential to hit big. Maybe that's the reason why they offer a very high commission for every new customer you bring to their hosting.

liquid web commissions

Liquid Web offers a 150% commission with each sale or contracted plan. But wait, that's not it. They offer a minimum of $150 in commission no matter what is your sale amount. Say for example, if you sold a $30 per month plan, you will get $150, no matter how long the user stays. Plus, they have 90 days of cookies, which means if you referred someone 3 months ago and he makes a purchase today, you will still get the deal.

You can join Liquid Web affiliate using this link.


elementor affiliate

World's #1 page-builder Elementor offers 50% commission for every sale that you make. And that's not the only reason why you should join their affiliate program. Elementor plugin is one of the top-selling WordPress products right now. Thus it can convert more and with this 50% commission rate, you can make even more dollars. For hosting bloggers, Elementor has also launched the Elementor Cloud Hosting program that you can promote at a much higher commission.

To learn more about Elementor's Affiliate Program, click here.


One of the best shared hosting services right now, Bluehost is a bestselling hosting service that offers an array of products. It has one of the highest paying affiliate programs. For each referral that you make, you will earn $65 as commission.

You can learn more about Bluehost affiliate program by using this link.


Hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting sites for users in India and the world and since its prices are low and commissions are on the higher side, it has a great potential to help you earn more.

Hostinger offers juicy commissions of 60% for each annual sale of its hosting services.

To learn more about the Hostinger affiliate program, click here.

Host Gator

One of the "oldest" and most respected hosting service providers, Hostgator offers up to $125 per sale that you make under these conditions.

  • If you get between 1 and 5 referrals, you receive 65 dollars for each one.
  • Between 6 and 10, you receive $75
  • From 11 to 20 affiliates, you get $100 for each.
  • If you get more than 21 affiliates, you receive $125 from each sale.

To learn more about the Hostgator affiliate program, click here.


HubSpot is everything that an online business needs. This amazing marketing software is also one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the industry.

But what makes it more important to join is their per free lead commissions. Even if you refer free signup to Hubspot, you can make up to $20 at once. If the free signup upgrades to a paid plan, you get furthermore commissions. It is a quite expensive tool, that's why the commissions are very juicy.

You can earn from $250 per sale, up to $1,000.

If you want to know more about the HubSpot affiliate program, click here.


GetResponse is a multi-functional marketing platform.

The most prominent is the email marketing service, website builder, marketing automation, and also sales funnels.

Their affiliate program allows you to earn $100 profit for each sale made. If you are a fan of recurring revenue, you can opt for a monthly recurring income of 33% of your leads.

Another very good thing about GetResponse is that the lead cookie lasts 4 months. This means if someone clicked your link today and upgraded within 120-days, you will get your commission.

You can get more information about the program here.


The Teachable affiliate program offers very good commissions to its affiliates.

You receive a 50% commission with each referral you bring to this platform. The cookie lasts 90 days, and that is something that is valued, even more so considering that a course is not created overnight.

If you want to know more about this platform for creators,  I leave you this link.


AppSumo's affiliate system has great advantages and commissions:

  • You earn 100% of the sale for new users on AppSumo
  • 5% for purchases from existing AppSumo customers.
  • 30 days of cookies

You can become an AppSumo affiliate here.


What is the highest paying affiliate program?

SEMrush pays $200 per converted lead and is the highest paying affiliate program on the list.

Which affiliate marketing is best for beginners?

Starting with is the best for beginners. Alternatively based on their niche they can select affiliate platforms like Impact, and ShareASale instead of individually opting for individual programs.

Which is the best hosting affiliate?

Bluehost, definitely.

So, that's all for me. I am still analyzing more affiliate programs and will be updating this article accordingly. Please subscribe to my newsletter so that you can stay updated with any new changes.