7 Best Marketing Strategies for Online Casinos

The online casino market has grown rapidly over the past years. And that happened at a pace only a few had predicted.

While the rules differ from casino to casino and place to place - the interest has become uniform all over the globe.

Some casinos offer casino bonus while others lure customers by offering the first few bets for free.

All these are actually part of the big plan called attraction marketing. But that's not all that there is.

There are other marketing strategies for online casinos too that are being followed by the top brands.

Best Marketing Strategies for Online Casinos

Here I will discuss what other best marketing strategies the best casinos are using to attract more customers and to beat the competition.


Every business out there, needs a website.

And casinos are no exception. Casino websites are more than just games now. They are packed with blogs and videos to help new players onboard and persuade the veterans to sign up for their games.

As an online casino owner, you can place a lot of information on your blogs and websites and make the readers engaged.

The process is simple. We, the internet marketers, use blog posts to lead organic search traffic to our websites and then try to convert the incoming traffic into customers by using lead magnets.

But a casino website should be much more than just blog posts. You should also add relevant information like "how to guides", privacy and terms pages, contact pages, lead capture pages and more. These help you build an audience and also improve your brand's name in the eyes of search engines.

You can also use the website pages to get first-time readers signup for something like a newsletter or freebies.

If they signup for an account, that is even better.

Also, make sure that your website is designed with accessibility and privacy in mind. These two are key things that get ignored a lot.


Building a strong mailing list can help your business in both the short and long term.

No matter what kind of business you own, create a newsletter campaign and make your readers sign-up for that.

I have written a detailed guide on newsletters about this, which you can refer to. But the summary is to offer your readers something they cannot resist.

Once they signup for the newsletter(s), offer them more. Throw freebies, bonuses and other valuables in their mailbox.

After a while, when you think they are hooked enough to become a customer, persuade them to sign-up for an account.

It is not that you have to do it manually. You can use any email marketing service that offers email automation, create an email marketing funnel, build a strong email list, and you are great to go.

Email marketing in general and newsletters in specific are one of the most converting marketing materials for casinos. 


I have talked about casino bonuses and how some casinos are already using them. So, what is stopping you from using it?

Anything that can help your lead opt for your casino is great. You can offer casino bonuses like exclusive bonuses, free spins, or deposit matches.

Exclusive bonuses are generally for first signups and are provided in monetary value. These work as freebies that the players can use in their first few games. If that is sufficient, you can try other combinations like free spins and deposit matches.

Bonuses make people more likely to sign up, more likely to add cash to their accounts, and more likely to come back. 

The types of bonuses you are likely to see used for marketing a casino are: 

  • 100-400% deposit matches on the first deposit
  • 50% deposit match on the second deposit
  • Free spins on the slot machines
  • Free room for beginners
  • Exclusive game rooms for new players

Free games

For inexperienced players who have never played a game in their entire life, a free game can be a great lead magnet to start. This lowers the risk for them and increases the odds of signing up.

Offering free games is a great marketing tactic most online casinos are using and so should you.

Social Media

There is no reason why you shouldn't be using social networks. Social media opens the gateway to billions of people and you can surely pull some as your customers.

Try to build a brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever you find. Share interesting content to make people interested with your brand.

The trick is to passively promote your casino. Don't go all in and start asking them to sign-up. Instead, let them make the decision for themselves.

You can, however, occasionally offer promotions on certain events. And in this case, you can be a little actively promoting your brand.

All this may take some time, but everything is ultimately worth all the trouble. Use paid social media marketing to build the audience in the start and then go fully organic.

Mobile applications

85% of people play games on their smartphones and that fact alone makes mobile applications important.

As soon as you launch your casino business online, hire a mobile app developer or convert your website into a PWA app to offer mobile users what they need. All casino companies should have a mobile app and that is a rule.

Since Google Play doesn't allow casino apps on Play Store, you can host the APK on your own website or to a third-party app store.

On the other hand, Apple has some relaxation in this case, but the best thing is to ask your customers to visit your casino website on their iPhone/iPad and bookmark it for regular use.

For both use cases, the mobile version of your casino website must be perfect. Hire a good designer to do it for you. Integrate a push notification service to keep your players coming back.


People like to connect with people who like what they like. When it comes to gaming, you can build one of the best communities.

Create a forum or community online and invite both readers and customers to join in. You can offer some exclusive perks and points to motivate users to post more content.

If possible, implement live chat rooms and help players communicate with each other as they play.


Marketing is evolving with newer methods and as a casino website owner, you should also evolve your marketing techniques.

The tips that I offered here are essential but don't limit yourself under these 7 marketing techniques. Experiment, optimize and improvise your techniques to achieve the best that is possible.