The year 2014 was a big turn-around in e-commerce as it declared the fate of online shopping in India. Events, like aggressive TV/Media advertisements by Snapdealhuge funding plus creative marketing campaigns by Flipkart and the ultimate introduction of shopping giant Amazon to India, have boosted Indian e-commerce like never seen before.

Besides of these three mega-shops, dozens of other small and medium level e-commerce portals have entered into the business and even more are coming. Every shopping website has their own price structure and coupon codes. So, if planned correctly, a customer can surely save a lot of hard-earned money by comparing prices and/or using suitable coupon codes.

home zoutons

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Meet Zoutons: The Freshest Coupon Hub

There are several websites which can help you get high saving discount coupons and save hundreds of rupees. Zoutons is one of its own kind of portal having a bunch of discount coupons. This fresh-made website has evolved into a single stop for all type of coupon codes, from extremely popular Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal coupons to not-too-popular Peora and Trendmagnet. With such a great range of coupons and daily coupon updates, Zoutons has the appeal to go big in future.

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“Zoutons: The Loot is On” a deal-site, which forms a symbiotic relation with shopaholic by providing crucial information on discount coupons, closing sales, promo codes etc. from all the leading merchandisers of the Indian retail industry. [/wc_box] [/wc_column][/wc_row] : First Impression

Homepage of Zoutons

The homepage of Zoutons is really well made but inner pages won’t leave an impact — with lot of blank static pages. The complete website is poorly coded and I’d say that I was not satisfied by the design. I think, they are still preparing the portal and hope they’ll fix all issues sooner or later.

blank pages everywhere
Blank FAQ??

Let’s talk about the coupons they have collected. The discount coupons are indexed categorically on homepage under different titles like Popular Coupons and Latest Coupons. There is always a search bar on the top, if you are looking for a specific coupon. The search bar is supported by menu bar just down the search box.

deals listed

 Footer, however, has listed some hyperlinks which are of no use to the visitor.

Do these coupons work? Yes.

I tried seven coupons (or may be more) from Zoutons and luckily most of them (six out of seven) worked. So, definitely Zoutons is worth a try before you plan for an online purchase through any of the Indian e-stores.

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