The ultimate guide to set up a WordPress blog and promote it!

So, finally you want to be a part of the online business game right? Yes! Of course, that is why you are here! Well, before you plunge into creating a site, you need to have comprehensive knowledge of the internet world and how it works?

The internet has given many entrepreneurs opportunities to promote their products or services and reach out to a wider market. But having a website is not enough. You should know how to promote it too since there is a huge competition online and people find it difficult to gain visibility because of the existence of established websites.

In hunt of creating a blog – the real fact is that not everybody is good at programming and developing. So should you outsource your requirement to a web development company? In my opinion, a web development company may provide you an enticingly appropriate website but they charge a heavy amount to get the job done. If you really have a big budget set aside for this purpose, go ahead and get started today with a proper web development company!

But if you are not capable of spending much on web development stuffs, you’re probably looking for a way to create a website on your own. Today, I am here to help you set up a blog and promote it.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Buy a domain name


You need to buy a domain name in order to set up a blog. A domain name is nothing but an address of your website, which your visitors would be using to access your website. Make sure the domain name you choose is unique and appropriate for your website. You cannot build a website without registering a domain name. There are many websites available that provide domain name registration services at affordable rates. Some of the popular sites are,, and

Step 2: Get a webhost


You need to buy web hosting services in order to make your website accessible to anyone. You can either buy domain name and web hosting as a complete package from a single website or you can consider two different websites for the services.

Note: Don’t go for free web hosting services if you are serious about your online business. Read why?

Step 3: Install WordPress CMS


When you buy web hosting services, you will be given your private c-panel (Control Panel of your hosting) login credentials to get access to your hosting features. Login to your c-panel and install WordPress. If your host is of premier class, e.g., GoDaddy, WPEngine, Hostgator etc., you will be guided on each step while installing WordPress. Once WordPress is installed, you are all set to create your website. Login to your WordPress website using your domain name like “”, fill in your username and password you have set during the installation process.

You should see a dashboard with various options. You are now able to create pages, posts, images and gallery.

WordPress is a great open-source content management system that allows you to create a blog or website without having any technical knowledge. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3. All you need to do is follow steps as directed by WordPress.  

Done with installation? Let’s promote it!

Don’t expect people to find your website. There are hundreds and thousands of websites available on the internet, which offers quite useful and relevant information. You need to tell people you’re online now. This is where promotional part begins.

There are many things a blogger needs to do to establish a successful blog. You not only need to create relevant, helpful and well-written content for your target audience but also promote it correctly to improve your content leads.

Make your blog faster and highly responsive

No one will be able to read your content if your blog takes ages to load. Make sure that your blog loads fast and properly on all type of devices.

Respond quickly to trends

Always stay up-to-date! This is the best way to gain visibility on the internet. As an instance, build a responsive website design to attract users from different devices. Also, provide the latest content, which your visitors may not find anywhere else.

Make sure your blog is searchable

In order to get millions of organic visitors to your website, you need to optimize it for search engines. Find relevant keywords and promote them as much as possible. Use Google Webmasters tools, Yoast SEO and other tools to make your blog SEO friendly.

Build interactivity

Every website provides content. What difference are you making to stand out? Use infographics & other interactive content to grab the attention of your visitors and make them your fans. Allow your readers to comment and share your content to the world and to their friends.

Build relationships

There are probably millions of established websites available with the similar niche. In order to get exposure, you need to build strong relationships with these websites. Even Google prefers blogs that are recommended by established sites. You can write a guest blog for them or simply share their content on your website and ask them to do the same for you. Link building is an art, and you must learn it.

Make use of social media

Share your content on all social media networking sites to gain visibility and inform people about your blog. Learn how to get more engagement on Social Networks.

Make use of email marketing.

Email marketing sometimes works better than just sharing your content on social media. Send regular emails to your subscribers about your new blog posts.

Be on track

Make to-do list and stick to it. Also, make sure you are providing relevant content regularly to keep your visitors interested in your blog.

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  1. Thanks, y Gaurav, for the great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you

  2. Thanks, y Gaurav, for the great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you

  3. Hey Gaurav, You have shared very helpful tips for building a blog in WordPress and the Main thing is you have presented in a very easy way.

  4. Hey Gaurav, You have shared very helpful tips for building a blog in WordPress and the Main thing is you have presented in a very easy way.

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