PUBG Mobile Alternatives: 10 Free Games Like PUBG

PUBG Mobile's ban in India shattered the hearts of each and every proactive mobile gamer. This was the most shocking revelation that the government has made since banning TikTok. PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were on the list of 118 banned Chinese apps and games. The move was in favor of Indian sentiment, but it still left a large blank space in the hearts of PUBG fans. For them, hunting for PUBG Mobile alternatives became a dire need.

While PUBG Mobile is back with a new name "Battlegrounds India", this article is still relevant if you are looking for PUBG Mobile alternatives or Battlegrounds India alternatives.

Well, I am here with a list of Top 10 PUBG Mobile alternatives with similar gaming experiences.

Free Fire : Battlegrounds

Free Fire — One of the best PUBG Mobile Alternatives

This is by far the best PUBG alternative where players have to follow the same concept of collecting loots and killing their opponents. The only difference here is that the game has only 50 players on a remote island, and the size of the map is smaller than any PUBG Map.

Free Fire is currently available on the Play Store and Apple App Store for free, which you can easily download and play.

Call of Duty Mobile

Next on the list is Call of Duty Mobile, also known as COD Mobile. While COD is an old and popular PC/XBOX game — COD Mobile was launched just to compete with PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. It is free to play and has gained immense popularity after PUBG mobile.

Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival

Hopeless Land was launched by Hero Games, it has maps similar to PUBG and most importantly its graphics are astounding. Such Graphics are rarely seen on Android mobile, so you will be entering an altogether different world while playing this game.

Knives Out: No Rules, Just Fight

This is a good PUBG alternative. Knives Out turns out to be the closest competitor of PUBG in terms of Graphics. This game has similar gameplay as PUBG where you have to be the last person surviving in the game. Over 100 players can participate at one time. The best part is you don't have to spend a single penny as this game is available on the Google Play store for free.

Scarfall: The Royale Combat

Scarfall game is a unique game and is way more similar to Free Fire than it is to PUBG Mobile. It is a shooting survival game available both online and offline. You have to prevent yourself from being shot while killing your enemies on the battlefield.

You will get 3 chances in order to be the conquistador. You can play solo or in a 4v4 squad mode depending upon your preference.

Pixel's Unknown Battleground

This is also an amazing Pubg Alternative, you can play this game on any of your Android mobiles. If you are fond of playing Minecraft Games then you should try out this wonderful option.

Pixel's Unknown Battleground has a similar battleground like PUBG and you will not regret trying this game. You can feel the adventure in your nerves by playing with your friends. You are required to knock your enemies out if you want to win this game.

Cyber Hunter

Next on the list is Cyber Hunter. This is a High Graphic Android Multiplayer game, which allows 100 players to participate at a time. The gameplay is similar to PUBG and the one who survives till last is the winner. The players are left off the plane in a battleground and then the journey to the adventure begins.

Hopeless Land Fights for Survival

Hopeless Land is another very enjoyable PUBG Alternative. It has received rave reviews from the mobile gaming community. The ultimate theme of the game is survival. You can play against 121 players.

Be it driving a helicopter, landing in new places or facing battlegrounds, you can do anything you want. You must possess the required skills if you want to stand out in the crowd.

Grand Battle

Grand Battle is that name which always catches your attention when you sit down and think of the most amazing game to play. It is an online multiplayer game that proffers surviving the battlegrounds, improving shooting skills and develop new PVP tactics, that too for free!

No doubt, Grand Battle is one of the best games to play if you need a thrilling experience to add some chill to your spine.

Danger Close

Danger Close is another very interesting PUBG Alternative. The best part is that Danger Close now features a new map which is much bigger when compared to PUBG map. Moreover, it has added new mechanics like recoil, looting, and a brand new inventory system.

One of the perks of playing this game is that you can choose your own destination to play such as alien planets or a pirate-infested island.


This was a minor attempt to let you know that the game is still on. You can search for these PUBG Mobile alternatives on Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download them for free.

You can use these PUBG Mobile alternatives for the time being to fill your void with zeal and amusement that was in the original version and is in the international version. Still want to play PUBG Mobile's international version? You can use a VPN to do that.

Read VPNpro article on how to do that:

Happy Gaming!