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How Great Writers Write Great Headlines?

Headline writers in newspapers tend to use tried and tested formulas for headlines – they have been around for decades and for good reason – they work! So what is it that underpins a good headline?

5 Copywriting Tips to Make Your Words Sell

When you write content for your emails, adverts, websites or brochures you’ll want the copy to be powerful enough to convert readers (prospects) to customers. That’s not easy but here are 5 top tips to help you.

Content Creation Checklist

Content Creation Checklist for Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Emails, Presentations, Case Studies and much more. Use these to start your blogging experience with a boost. Trusted by 100s of bloggers and marketers and one of the most downloaded files.

35 Rules Of Blogging For Beginners

The world is highly competitive, and so is blogging. There are millions of blogs, all competing for the #1 slot. So you need to be among the best in the world to beat others. Here are 35 rules that will help to be a good blogger and stay in the game

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Step by step guide to start a blog, grow it and start making money in 2024

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Learn blogging from the best

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Try Blogging Hacks

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Tools for topic ideas


Tools to Create Blog Graphics and Videos

  1. Canva
  2. Videvo
  3. Visme
  4. Adobe Express