Great old and new strategies to build backlinks

In the language of SEO, a backlink to your site is an HTTP URL from any other site which points to one of your webpages. Backlinks help bloggers and webmasters meet more traffic, better search engine reputation and gain better algorithmic parameters like Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Moz Rank, Domain Authority & Page Authority. All your SEO strategies are wasted until a large number of websites link to your site.

There are two types of backlinks:

  1. Follow or do-follow backlinks
  2. No-follow backlinks.

The former, do-follow back-linking is achieved by simply creating links with or without any relationship tag (tag ‘rel’ in HTML)  within links’ HTML code, except the tag rel="nofollow" . Inserting rel=”nofollow” tag inside link’s HTML code creates a ‘nofollow’ link. For example, <a href="" >A link</a> is a do-follow link until a rel="nofollow" tag is inserted, that is to say <a href="" rel="nofollow">A link</a> is a no-follow link.

Relationship tags are not humanly readable, but they guide search-engines to whether or not to follow a link on the page. Followed links are natural and don’t contain a ‘nofollow’ relationship tag. The followed links pass link juice to linked sites.

Link juice can be regarded as the power of a ‘followed’ backlink, which depends upon the number the Page Rank of the site passes it.

More ‘follow’ links mean more ‘link juice’, i.e., more power.  If compared to ‘nofollow’, link juice (or follow links)  affect nothing except the Google Page Rank. However you must choose these relationship tags wisely.

Technically, you must point a ‘dofollow’ backlink to a webpage with better content and no-follow only those links which you don’t trust.

One must not be concerned about the type (follow or nofollow), but the number and quality of backlinks. A ‘no-follow’ link pointing to your site is much better than none.

There are several old and new ways of building backlinks, as discussed below.



All major commenting systems, like WordPress, Jetpack, Disqus, Intense Debate, input ‘no-follow’ tag with each and every link on comments you make. You should not avoid commenting just for the reason that it does not affect your site’s Google Page Rank. Commenting profits in other ways too. It engages your site with other sites and their readers. In other words, your Alexa Rank improves as you get more readers on your own blog. Since Moz Rank, DA and PA factors are independent of type of backlinks – those are gained too.

There are a few commenting systems like ‘CommentLuv’ , which backlink to your site with a ‘follow’ relationship tag. You can use the sites with such systems to gain more follow backlinks.

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Buying ‘follow’ backlinks from webmasters is somewhat like buying trust from them. If you are able to afford some money for buying awesome quality backlinks, you can buy them by directly contacting the webmasters. These kind of links are permanent and pass much better ‘follow’ juice to your site. It is always recommended to buy backlinks from the sites with higher reputation instead of the ones with lower. You should consider all reputation parameters like ‘Google PR’, ‘Alexa’ ‘Moz Rank’ and ‘DA’ including future predictions & uptime for the site.

Additional Resource: How to Steal Backlinks from your Competitors and Increase Organic Traffic?

Social networking


Some social networks, like Facebook & Twitter are the largest sources of referring traffic to sites but very poor than none of both provide ‘follow’ backlinks. Even, Google+ prefers ‘no-follow’ backlinks for all external URLs. Certain sites like StumbleUpon, YouTube, LinkedIn and Foursquare give ‘follow’ backlinks from user profile pages. You can get several ‘no-follow’ backlinks on other social networks like ‘Quora’, Pinterest and

For more see:How Social Media can Boost SEO Strategy?

Guest Posting


Writing guest posts on other sites may help you get a lot of follow backlinks, it’s however a very risky work now. Google has officially declared guest blogging a spam back-linking strategy, you should avoid it or publish their post in a way so that it don’t look like ‘guest-post’ to the search engines. For interested people, Outreach Mama has compiled a list of more than 700 sites that accept guest posts. Forum logo

Unlike Support Forum, forum pays for your knowledge you share. As a forum user, you can create & answer unlimited number of threads to gain the same number of ‘follow’ backlinks. forum threads range within PR 0 to 7 and getting backlinks from them means a lot for your site. All you need to create a account, edit the profile wisely and start sharing your knowledge, ideas and site issues on . This forum yields awesome possibilities for link juice and if you’re serious on your blog, you must join the discussion.



The craziest place of internet, Reddit is very different than its rival social networks. In addition to unbelievable traffic, it also passes ‘do-follow’ backlinks to all the URLs you submit to sub-reddits. Most of the sub-reddits have Page Rank with the range of 4 to 6. Therefore, reddit-submission can be considered as the best way to gain more link juice. Try submitting your own links at .



Digg is social network cum news-reader that helps users to connect with other sites. It works on almost the same principle ‘reddit’ works. Submit a link to ‘digg’, let people read and like it — and you get do-follow backlinks plus a lot of traffic (usually). Digg your links at .



Well, didn’t I write above that Google+ doesn’t provide ‘follow’ links? Actually it does, if you use our simple tip. You can get a backlink from your Google+ profile/page by editing the about tab’s Story section. The introduction element in Story section allows basic HTML, so putting a ‘do-follow’ backlink to your site in there will surely pass link juice. Edit your own profile at .

Do-Follow Directory Submission


Directory sites like Technorati, indiblogger, blogadda, squidoo & ehow have great Page Ranks. As your links are followed, you can join them and submit your blogs for better exposure and quality backlinks. Sites like indiblogger & sport juice-passing forums too. Therefore, joining such sites is highly appreciated for better search engine optimization.

Submission sites and their URLs:

That is it for today! Which one is your favorite strategy of building backlinks? Did I miss one? Your thoughts are welcome as comments.


Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
  1. Hey Gaurav,

    Sorry for late comment, Just a Min. ago i checked this post on your blog. So, after all i just joined to BlogAdda and may be they will approve my blog soon.

    SO, I can say this post helped me a lot to make high quality backlink.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. According to my opinion, the content is the king but the backlinks are the army. So building quality, relevant and diverse backlinks to an EPIC content should go hand in hand! That post is the true example of how content should be presented! Thanks for sharing with us Kristi!

  3. Hmmm. Unfortanately until recent, my backlink strategy was only getting as many links as possible everywhere. Just lately I am documenting every link I gain and hoping to get better feeling about good link and good link acquisition method in the future.
    Until now, I found blog commenting on subjects that interests me, far easiest one. Although not sure of exact impact on rankings. Matija

  4. Well, I must say- You compared as well as explained old & new strategies in a very simple manner to build backlinks. I think you did a really great job.
    Well done,
    keep posting & share valuable info with us…

  5. Its about quality and not quantity when it comes to the creating backlinks, or anything in general.They should be relevant and be posted in relevant websites as well. Thanks for sharing the information.

  6. Great!!
    Quality Stuff is important rather than the Quantity Stuff
    As Quality Backlinks is on high priorities rather than the Quantity Backlinks.
    Thanks for sharing this info..

  7. Very useful post for generate quality backlinks. You can also coupon submission and dead link building strategies in your list.

  8. hello,thanks for this article,really a good stuff you put in this article.
    really in a perfect or simple manner you describe old and new strategies for making backlinks.
    Backinks tooks main part to rank a website or in SEO of a website.
    Hope in future we will get more article like this.

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