How to do Comment Backlinking to boost Rankings?

Commenting on blogs is a great way to get backlinks on your website and to increase traffic on your blog. This process is called comment backlinking and is very popular among the bloggers nowadays.

Using an effective comment backlink strategy, you can make your backlinks graph grow and rank better in search engines. Blog commenting helps you establish relationships between blogs and readers. It is a great way to build backlinks to your blogs and attract immense traffic to your website and make your website social.

Blog commenting is quite important to build backlinks as comments are fuel for the blogs and it is a manner in which blogs start becoming viral. It helps soar the popularity of the blog as the backlinks you leave on blogs redirect the traffic on your website. Comment backlinking can help you gain authority in the industry as you will get new traffic through organic links.

What are Comment Backlinks?

Comment Backlinking to boost Rankings

Comment backlinks are those backlinks that you create by commenting on other blogs and websites. Every blog has a comments section that asks for your name, website URL, and email ID along with a comment. All you have to do is fill in all the fields and hit the submit button. Once your comment is reviewed and approved, it goes live and you can see the link of your website published there. There are numerous types of commenting backlinks that you can get by doing blog comments:

  • Simple comment backlink
  • Commentluv enabled comment backlink
  • Anchor text comment backlinks

“Links made from these comments can be either dofollow or nofollow. It is better to go for dofollow links as it will pass link juice to your site in addition to some extra traffic to your website.”

— Gaurav Tiwari

Factors to consider when doing Comment Backlinking

  • There should be fewer OBL links in comments and you must avoid making links on pages with more than 50 comments.
  • The URL must not contain spam links
  • Check the DA of the website, it should be above 30
  • Sites with user login are better as they are not spammed

How to find sites for comment backlinking?

There are several ways of finding blogs for comment backlinking. You can collect the sources by checking the link profiles of other blogs. All you have to do is make a list of logs with the top 5-6 rankings and start checking their backlinking profiles. You can also use tools like Semrush, Ahrefs,, and OpenlinkProfiler. Profiles need to be searched using keywords. You can also find websites for comment backlinking using Google Dorks. It helps you filter out websites that are not needed. All you have to do is copy-paste the Google dorks in Google Search and you will get 10000 results to create comment backlinks.

How to create comment backlinks?

There are three ways in which you can create comment backlinks:

  • By using manual blog commenting
  • By using blog comment services from Fiverr or SEO Clerks
  • Through tools, but they are not very good.

Creating Comment backlinks manually

This is the most preferred method as it gives you the freedom to comment on any website you wish to. If you can comment on relevant websites, then you can get great traffic from it. This relevant blog commenting will help to establish relationships with bloggers and authors. All you have to do is collect the list from the above-stated sources and comment on those websites using that link. Write a good comment and don’t use spam comments as they will get filtered out.

Here is the process of comment backlinking:

  • Make a list of 50-100 relevant blogs
  • Start commenting on 10-15 blogs daily
  • Track your rankings on Google daily
  • If your ranking is improving then continue with comment backlinking
  • In case your rankings are stuck, you need to switch your strategy
  • In this case, you can try the Skyscraper technique, Guest blogging, and other outreach techniques

Buying blog comment backlinks from marketplaces

There are several marketplaces from where you can buy backlinks and SEOClerks and Fiverr are the most used among them. Many good services can help you buy blog comment links and the quality of these links are good. They can help you rank high on Google search engine. You can buy about 100-200 comment backlinks for $5 and this is a great deal if you can outsource your SEO strategy. These links on blog pages are the ones where first you have to sign up and then comment and this filters out a lot of spam.

Tips to get more SEO traffic with comment backlinks

We advise you to make your comments organic, helpful, and relevant. Here are some tips to follow to drive more SEO traffic to your website:

  • Post comments on high-quality websites: When leaving a comment with a link, it is better to do so on websites that are high-quality and authoritative in their niche. Choose a website with a domain authority of 60+ and high page authority.
  • Make your comment and link relevant: your comments and links on the blogs must be relevant to the information provided in the blog as no one will read irrelevant comments. The link to your page must also be relevant.
  • Use your name: It is better to leave your name in the comments so that the audience knows who they are dealing with.

Final words

Comment backlinking is a highly beneficial strategy if done in the right manner. They can drive immense traffic to your blog, website, or business. However, if they are overused and spammed, Google might penalize your website. They will only give rewards if your comments are genuine and well thought of. It is the basis of building authority in the community. Comment backlinking should be done on high DA sites carefully to lure the audience to your website.

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  1. Hey Gaurav Tiwari ,

    Awesome and well-explained post. You have explained key tips to do comment backlinking for boosting the rank. You have explained very nicely along with all the vital information that are so easy to

    Yes Blog commenting is one of an effective and genuine way to build backlinks. Doing blog commenting allows user to get connect with other great people, blogger & personalities by sharing the ideas, knowledge & opinion. Doing blog commenting generate more traffic to blog and also build trust upto some limit. As a blogger it is
    really essential to create backlinks to get higher traffic and good
    ranking. The list of factors while doing comment backlinks that you have included are so important and they must be considered. Your tips to get more seo traffic with comments backlinks are also important and must be focused. Yes i completely agree with your words that comment backlinks are truly a high beneficial strategy if done correctly and in a proper way.

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