12 Best Free Business Name Generator Tools

Sure about your brand, but not sure about its business name? In this article, we have listed some of the best free business name generator tools available online. Use these to create the name of your next successful business.

Business Name Generator Tools

Why do you need to use a business name generator?

If you want to start a business, it's vital to brand it properly. Choosing a brand name that resonates with your target audience and checking the available .com domain can be tricky. Because your brand name is not just a name, it becomes your association with all the products and services you offer.

However, you might have been thinking for hours about coming up with some good business name only to find that your favorite names are already taken by someone else or have a high price tag.

Plus, you cannot think of better names or the name you like — your business partners don't.

Thankfully, some business name generator tools online will help you come up with catchy business names during this process.

In this article, we're going to show the top 10 business name generator tools that you should check out.

Best Business Name Generators

Here are the best business name generators sorted by their rank.

Turbologo Name Generator 

Turbologo Name Generator is a simple tool for selecting a company name. Using this tool, you can generate a brand name for free and without restrictions.

You can pick up different 'genres' of company names: classic, intriguing, fun and playful. To generate a name, you need to enter a keyword that describes your brand. After that, the service will make everything itself and choose dozens of variants of the company name.


If you're looking for catchy business name generators, then the Shopify business name generator is the fitting tool for you. It'll give you options to choose the store types and, based on the information, suggests a ton of potential names with available domains. But choosing a name that suits your business the best is up to you. Once you select a domain name, you can sign up for a Shopify account and launch your first Shopify store in simple steps. Or, leave the page away.


Oberlo is a name generator that has a simple process of finding business names. You have to enter a keyword appreciate to the main concept of your company. And click on "generate names." You will get lists of unique business names to choose from. In this name generator, you have to enter different types of words into the search bar until you are satisfied with the result. Once you enter a specified keyword, the tool will generate limited options for you to choose from. This name generator is free and extremely easy, and great to search for small business names. 


BusinessNameGenerator.net is one of the fastest ways to automate brainstorming and create a unique business name for your company or brand in seconds. The simple-to-use yet advanced naming algorithm will help you find the perfect business name – or simply to jog your creative muscles as you explore naming options.

You can set your favorites as you search and choose between catchy one-word and multiple-word brand names. There are also specific, detailed naming guides for blogs, Youtube channels, and much more.

If you’re looking for a free way to start your business, look BusinessNameGenerator can be a great choice.

LOGO.com’s Business Name Generator

LOGO.com’s business name generator simplifies the process of finding a great business name. All you have to do is enter a keyword relevant to your company and click on “Generate.” You’ll get a massive list of unique and catchy business names to choose from.

Another great feature of this business name generator is it shows names with available domain names, making it easy for you to establish your online presence.

As if that wasn’t enough, LOGO.com’s Business Name Generator also offers logo designs to go with your new company name. Choose a logo template you like, customize it by changing its colors, icons, layout, and font, and download it for free!

Not only are you getting a free business name but an available domain name and a free logo to establish your business’s foundation online.

Lean domain search's Name Generator

Lean domain search is a name generator that makes it easy for you to find a perfect name for your brand. Once you enter the keyword, you will be directed to a page where domains appear. The Green ones on the top of the list are the available domains. Clicking on the domain name will show if the domain name and its Twitter page are available. That will ensure that you can create a social media platform with your Brand name. 


Namefind is a premium name generator and retail domain seller website. You will get dozens of quality names to choose from. Most of the domain names are costly. But if you are looking for an exact domain, you will surely get it here. You can even call or email the domain experts if you want to clean any doubt. They are available 24/7 to help you find the perfect domain names.

Namefind is perfect for established entrepreneurs who have enough budget to invest in quality domain names.

Name Mesh

If you have a particular keyword that you want to be present in your domain, Name Mesh is for you. This tool will provide you with domain names containing that keyword. Another great feature of this tool is that it divides name suggestions into different categories. Like, common, new, old, etc. You will have many name suggestions in a single category. The names for which domain is available will be in green text, and the names for which domain is not available will be in red text. 


Wordlab's name generator 100% free tool, easy-to-use, and gives you some suggestions without any user input. It has a wide range of categories, such as brand names, character names, team names, and many more. 

Once the user selects a category, word lab suggests over 7 million potential names to choose from, and it's up to you to choose any name from that list that fits your business.

So, you have to keep clicking the Get Names until you have found a perfect name for your company. Although it doesn't allow user input, name suggestions can be viewed one at a time, which can come as a shortcoming for this site.


Freshbooks name generator is very user-friendly. When you visit the page, the first thing the page will show you is a "Let's get started." Then it will ask you to select your industry. Types of Industries listed on the page are

  • Creatives & marketing 
  • Legal services & Business consulting 
  • Trade & home services 
  • Information technology. 

Once you choose your industry, you can enter your keyword, and this tool will suggest three names and see more. Just click on "Show Me More Names" to get more ideas. 


Getsocio's brand name tool generator will ask you to enter a keyword, providing you with thousands of names to choose from.

Even a random keyword you enter in this tool can provide you with an inspiring name.


Brandroot is a premium brand name generator tool. It is different from other brand-name generator tools. You can search your brand name by entering a keyword related to your business. Each name is handpicked, and then it's put up for sale along with a logo, and a price is assigned to that name. One great feature of Brandroot is that some of their suggested names will also show you a logo or a font design.

Brand names vary from a high price point to a low price point, and when you buy a domain name, a logo will be given to you for free. 


These tools are great and unique, but you are here to get a name for your business that can inspire people. We recommend you to search for names in any of the tools mentioned above and then finalize.

As a brand, you know how important a brand name is. Companies generally select brand names based on the customers they want to target. So, decide on the category of clients you want to target before choosing a brand name.

However, all these name generators have in common that they provide you with a load of brand names. So, take all the time you need before you make a decision, and remember you would need a domain name. So, consider the availability of domain names before making a final decision.